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My MMC experience...

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princessconsuelobananahammock Sat 08-Aug-15 10:47:24

Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience as this was the first place I looked when I discovered I'd had a missed miscarriage earlier in the week. I know others who have had miscarriages but I didn't know what to expect & this forum helped me to prepare myself. I also hope it might reassure somebody as the scariest bit for me was not knowing what would happen next.

I went for a private scan at 10+ weeks as my symptoms disappeared. I had convinced myself that I was being paranoid & everything was fine as I had no bleeding or anything but I wanted to check. I'd had a scan at 7 weeks and all was fine. I was right, the baby had stopped growing a couple of weeks earlier. I called my midwife who put me through to the early pregnancy unit. I saw them first thing the next morning. They had to rescan me to confirm. They wanted to do an internal scan initially but I refused, they were fine with a tummy scan. I saw a lovely nurse next who talked me through the options. I knew I wanted to have an ERPC as I wanted it to be over as quickly as possible. Very luckily for me they had a theatre slot that afternoon, I'd had bloods taken at my booking appointment the previous week & I hadn't had breakfast so I could have it done on the day. The next slot was 6 days away so I was very lucky.

I had to wait around quite a lot for a pre-op, to see consultant, to see anaethsatist and then I went in for the op at 4. It was totally fine, I went straight to sleep & woke up about 40 mins later feeling a little bit sore but ok. I had a sandwich & a cup of tea, they got me up fairly quickly & I was able to go home after a wee at about 6.30. I've had very, very little bleeding & feel ok. It was only yesterday but I feel ok today. They sent me home with ibuprofen that I've taken anyway to preempt any pain & I'm loafing on the sofa now.

I feel ok, I'm sad about the baby but I understand that it's very common & it's nothing I have done 'wrong'. I've got a 5 yr old daughter which helps a lot, I think I'd feel differently if this were my first pregnancy. I have a tendency to over rationalise things & block them out. I'm trying not to do that but I also don't want to dwell too much.

We're going to try again soon & hopefully all will be ok next time. I know it's very early days for me & I'm sure I'll be up & down.

Lots of un mumsnetty love to others going through/having gone through this. flowers

redannie118 Sat 08-Aug-15 10:54:39

How lovely of yoy to share something so personal. Be kind to yourselfflowers

HollyJenni Fri 14-Aug-15 17:46:17

Thank you for sharing x

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