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blood tests after 2 early MCs - results all 'normal' - what now? NK cells test?

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didwedotherightthing Fri 07-Aug-15 16:00:55

I've had 2 MCs in a bit less than a year. One was a natural conception, lost at 9 weeks after HB seen at 7, and the other was a pregnancy following frozen embryo transfer (IVF) which was lost at not quite 7 weeks (no heartbeat ever seen). I have mild PCOS but ovulate regularly. No issues other than that and DH all fine too. We had IVF for our first child after being diagnosed as 'unexplained' infertility.

Because we have fertility issues too, and I'm in my late 30s, the GP agreed to run a range of blood tests for us: thyroid function, thrombophilia / antiphspholoid antibodies and extended thrombophilia screen.

I've just called for the results and have been told all is normal and no action is needed. I've made an appt to discuss what next with the GP but that's not for two weeks. Would be interested in thoughts from here in the meantime. Thanks!

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bakingtins Tue 11-Aug-15 04:08:50

I would recommend the Implantation clinic in Coventry run by Profs Quenby and Brosens, which does a uterine biopsy to check for decidualisation and NK cells. It's self funded NHS treatment (£360) and you can self refer, but you have to be minimum 2 cycles post MC. I had success after 4 MC on their protocol of steroids, heparin, progesterone. They only find raised NK cells in a small proportion of the women tested but I know lots of cases on the RMC thread who have been successful on the progesterone/heparin after multiple unexplained losses. Come and ask on the recurrent miscarriage thread - lots of Pom pom wavers for Coventry there!

Cheerfulcharlie Tue 11-Aug-15 04:28:05

I had a similar situation to you, OP, with 2x MC and all those tests you mention normal. I also had reasonably mild PCOS. I then saw Dr Shehata for Nk testing which came back very high and had intralipid treatment during the next pregnancy (I was prescribed the steroids too but didn't want to take them). It resulted in my boy. I repeated the treatment last year and just had a little girl. Actually I did have a miscarriage in between babies too even though I did intralipids at 4 weeks but that pregnancy looked like it was failing v early - hcg not rising quite as much as it should.
The other thing i did was acupuncture after the first two miscarriages.

didwedotherightthing Tue 11-Aug-15 11:07:25

Thanks baking and charlie.

I think we'll try to get to Coventry this cycle or next.

baking I've joined the RMC thread (different nickname) but genuinely can't keep up with it. Sometimes when I post there my questions seem to get lost and other times I feel bad about only ever asking things. I just can't keep up and do personal replies etc.

So, have I understood correctly... Coventry finds v few women with raised NK cells but even if your NK cells aren't raised enough to warrant steroids they still prescribe heparin and progesterone for future pregnancies? Do Coventry recommend intralipids too? Thanks!

mrsdiddlydoo Fri 14-Aug-15 18:14:48

I've been to Coventry and yes, they usually still prescribe heparin and progesterone for future pregnancies even with normal uNK cells. There is also meant to be some benefit of improved fertility for about 3 months after having the biopsy.

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