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What happens at a recurrent miscarriage clinic first appt?

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didwedotherightthing Wed 05-Aug-15 14:43:10

I've had 2 mcs in the past 10 mths. One was an IVF pregnancy, the other a natural conception. Both were 1st trimester. I have one child from IVF.
I'm awaiting an appt at a recurrent miscarriage clinic as GP was willing to refer me back in June after only 2 mcs due to my age and fertility history.
Hoping I won't have to wait much longer. Can anyone tell me what to expect when I get there? We're not doing any further fertility treatment until I'm seen there are can't take the risk of yet another, possibly preventable mc, especially at such expense.

Iggi999 Wed 05-Aug-15 15:02:11

When I went, they took blood from both myself and dh and took a full medical history. There wasn't anything else. I got a letter with results and then a follow up appointment to discuss them. (Which didn't lead anywhere - had further tests privately and then had a successful pg). Hope it all works out for you.

didwedotherightthing Wed 05-Aug-15 16:36:35

Thanks Iggi. What additional tests did you pay for privately and did they reveal anythng relevant please?

Iggi999 Wed 05-Aug-15 16:49:23

My NHS tests were positive for anti nuclear antibodies, and that (along with my hypothyroidism) made me suspect a natural killer cell issue. Where I live this wasn't included on the tests, so that's what I had done privately - I subsequently had steroids, progesterone, baby aspirin and a raft of vitamins prescribed.

Womble1975 Wed 05-Aug-15 17:17:37

I attended the one in Basingstokein June. They discussed my medical history and previous pregnancy and my 3 consecutive miscarriages. Then took a load of blood. I also went for an ultrasound. Took 6 weeks for results and was diagnosed as hypothyroid. Which is what I've told them was the issue from the start hmm
They did warn me that 90% of the time there is no reason found.

didwedotherightthing Sat 08-Aug-15 08:16:51


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