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HCG levels

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Ashleyjane14 Tue 04-Aug-15 13:00:15

Hi everyone. I recently discovered I'm pregnant (about 6 weeks gone) but had brown spotting so was sent for an early scan. Scan showed something dating at 4 weeks but they can't quite tell what it is yet (if it is developing I mean). So I had some bloods done on thurs for my HCG levels which came back at 1053. I had them repeated on sun and they came back at 1500. Doctor isn't happy as they aren't doubling so I'm having more done today. He said if they don't hit 2500 after this test, then we'll have to see what to do next. I know everyone's levels are different but surely they should wait at least two weeks and scan me again before saying I've miscarried?! I've read so many stories on the Internet that people's levels don't start doubling till 6-7 weeks, how can they say I've miscarried at 4 weeks when the levels are slowly rising?! It's not like they're staying still or dropping. Has anyone ever been in this situation? I am also convinced I should be 6 weeks due to the dates of my last period. I'm going mad and don't want them to give up after a third blood test and one scan sad

bakingtins Tue 04-Aug-15 16:43:11

Being in limbo, unsure if a pregnancy is progressing, is very hard. flowers If the news from your blood test is not positive, it is still entirely your choice if you 'do anything' or wait it out. Most hospitals would not be offering surgery so early on anyway so the choice would be medical management or expectant management (wait and see). I would hope most places would be sympathetic to a request for a confirmation scan for your peace of mind before any active management. IME they tend to err very much on the side of caution and be reluctant to do anything unless there is no progress over a period of weeks. I hope your results start to rise more positively and you are not facing any decisions.

Ashleyjane14 Tue 04-Aug-15 17:51:56

Thank you! I've had my third lot of bloods, just waiting to see the results. Doctor said if they are less than 2500 then we'll have to 'make a plan' but in my eyes if they have risen at all surely I shouldn't give up yet? It hasn't even been a week since they started testing, there's still time for them to double right?

addictedtosugar Tue 04-Aug-15 17:59:31

Slowly rising HCG and brown spotting can be indications of an ectopic pregnancy. So they will keep an eye on you, I hope.
Any severe pain, please go to A&E, but otherwise rising HCG means some form of ongoing pregnancy, but it may not be viable. The levels of HCG you currently have don't indicate anything is likely to be viable on a scan yet.
If they "give up on you" and your pregnancy is viable, its not a problem. Your body will grow a baby grin

Ashleyjane14 Tue 04-Aug-15 18:16:34

They have ruled out ectopic. On my scan there is a tiny black area (in the right place) but it's so tiny they can't tell whether it's developing. The way I'm looking at it, if levels are rising even if they're slow something is obviously growing. They could shoot up over night in a couple of weeks couldnt they?

KittyandTeal Tue 04-Aug-15 19:44:35

I'm glad you've had some helpful answers over here. I knew these ladies would be able to help you out thanks

Ashleyjane14 Tue 04-Aug-15 20:15:18

Thanks again hun smile

BottomleyPottsSpots Wed 05-Aug-15 00:56:02

Generally speaking hcg values should double every 48 to 72 hours early on in pregnancy. As the levels rise (over approx 6000) the rate of doubling slows down. It would be unusual to see a sudden 'catch up' increase but of course unusual is not impossible and everyone is different. Have you been to - women submit their early pregnancy hcg values corresponding to how far along they are. It sounds like your gut is telling you that you want to wait a while and see how the situation develops, and the hospital should be completely fine with this (I agree with a pp that expectant management tends to be their default). So sorry you find yourself in this position, I have been there myself twice and it is horrid. Fingers crossed for you.

kbbeanie Wed 05-Aug-15 11:28:08

They will usually use expectant management for a while. At the beginning of last week i had 2 hcg's taken 2 days apart these were 298 and then hadnt quite doubled but risen quite a good amount so they scheduled me to come back the followng friday which would have been over a week since the 535.

I ended up going back before that exactly a week after the 535 result with brown spotting at that point my hcg was only 1100 which after a week it should have been a lot more. they did a scan and could see a small sac and sent me home to return again on the friday for another.

Unfortunately for us i was rushed in and admitted on friday. My hcg rose again from 1100 to 1220 and i had severe lower right pain. they did lots of scans etc (they started to think the sac they were seeing was just a clot) and then i was rushed to theatre for suspected ectopic due to the pain and slow rising hcg levels. They didnt find an ectopic pregnancy

I was discharged and have to return again this friday for another hcg. I am certain i have miscarried now so my hcg should be dropping down now
but this is what they tend to do for a while before they will do anything else.

Its so hard as well my last pregnancy it was over 2-3 weeks that they were constantly checking hcg levels before i miscarried myself sad

I really hope you get good news...fingers crossed x

Iggi999 Wed 05-Aug-15 11:36:09

They won't force you to have an operation, you can give your little bean every chance to grow so don't worry about that.
I have had one that continued to grow, but slowly, and after a while it had reached its potential I suppose and just stopped growing. If your levels are going up it's right to wait as something is currently happening, and for most people all will be well, but for some it can mean that the baby isn't developing as it should and eventually the levels will drop again. I hope you get the best of news: it is awful waiting.

Ashleyjane14 Wed 05-Aug-15 13:00:59

Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and advice. It has really helped me. HCG has gone from 1053, 1532, 1835. Going back tomorrow for more bloods and if they have risen again they're going to do another scan. In the mean time I'm slowly starting to feel more nauseous - fingers crossed I'm one of the rare cases!

Kbbeanie - I hope it all works out for you x

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