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My lovely friend has just miscarried.

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Allstoppedup Mon 03-Aug-15 09:43:10

My friend has been ttc for some time. It will be her third but he first since an ectopic a few years ago. She told me she suspected she was pregnant about 5 weeks ago then she got her period and it transpired it was implanation. She has started bleeding and passed her baby this morning, naturally she is devastated but diplomatic as she didn't 'know' that she was pregnant for very long.

I've told her how sorry I am, it's not her fault (as she kept feeling guilt) and that I'm here if she needs anything. sad

Feel a bit useless though and am unsure if there is anything else I can/should do. It doesn't help that I'm 31 weeks pregnant myself so don't want to press/be too involved if that is difficult for her.

It's just so shit. sad

bakingtins Tue 04-Aug-15 08:40:13

I think the support you've already offered sounds perfect. Wine/chocolate probably wouldn't go amiss. The Miscarriage Association website has a useful leaflet/PDF on what not to say, and an appreciation she may find it hard to be overjoyed when your baby arrives will stand you in good stead if she's a little 'off'. I found everyone forgot about it very quickly, so if you can continue to check how she is over the coming weeks/months that would be great. Just be led by her, everyone handles it differently. You sound like a lovely friend flowers

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