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Ectopic Pregnancy Nearly Killed Me

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UnicornsAndRainbows Wed 29-Jul-15 15:52:31

I need a place to just surge my pain without people knowing my name, or who I am. So, here we go...

I got home today after a week long stay in hospital following the discovery an ectopic pregnancy that nearly killed me.

I'd been unwell for weeks, contacting my doctor because I'd gain weight for no reason, was overbearingly tired, moody, unhappy and had a barrage of tests done to see what could be wrong. When I first started to feel unwell, I'd done a pregnancy test as I was on the Mirena Coil and wanted to make sure. The test was negative. The GP tests showed nothing as well. So off I pottered feeling worse and worse, odder and odder until Thursday last week (23rd July) when my belly exploded in pain at 4am in the morning.

By 9am, unable to bear the pain, and of course having no idea what could be wrong, I was taken to A&E. It was clear that I was in pain. They were watching me trying to control my pain before crying out uncontrollably as I suffered what I now know to be shoulder tip pain, a classic symptom of internal bleeding. The pain was so intense that even oramorph didn't touch it. In the end, I was close to sedated while A&E worked furiously to stabilise me enough to get me moved to the emergency care wards where tests could be continued. One doctor and six nurses worked on me for two hours, pumping me with fluids, antibiotics and painkillers. My blood work showed infection, due to the coil, and the location of the pain, the doctor's suspected my gall bladder. I had x-rays and eventually an ultrasound.

The ultrasound detected something in my reproductive region. They could see a sac of fluid with some more fluid behind it. As my test results, blood and urine, specified no pregnancy, they believed it was a cyst. The plan was to pump me with pain killers, fluids and antibiotics and operate in the morning as it was late. I remained stable through the day, although I now recognise that I was on the very edge of consciousness.

When they operated, they found my abdomen full of blood.

What they thought was a cyst was actually an ectopic pregnancy that had terminated itself. It was a sack of fluid and clots. My fallopian tube had been obliterated. It was all removed, along with my coil.

I lost 3ltrs of blood, needing four units of blood to replace it all. I had additional palettes as well.

My lungs partially collapsed from all the blood. General surgery had to come in and check that I wasn't bleeding anywhere else.

The one good thing. All this was done as keyhole surgery, so my wounds are minimal.

They showed me the pictures. (They asked first, and I wanted to see as I am a curious mare).

I can't thank the doctor's enough for saving my life.

After, I spent two days in intensive care, but remained quite lucid while they worked to re-inflate my lower lungs. Spent a further two and a half days in a general ward.

This is where I'm going to be brutally honest. I didn't want another baby. We have two kids already and my hubby and I have always been clear and decisive that we want no more. I'm angry with my body for doing this to me. Not just doing it, per say, but for not being able to tell the doctors earlier what was wrong. It nearly killed me.

I've been patiently explaining to some friends that I haven't lost a baby, I didn't know I had one, and it nearly killed me. Pretty much see something a million miles away from a baby.

I'm emotional because I nearly died, and would never have seen my mum, my dad, my brother, aunt, husband or children again, and they'd have never seen me.

That is all.

GozerTheGozerian Wed 29-Jul-15 16:01:17

Bloody hell, that sounds absolutely terrifying. I have no experience even remotely similar but you have been through an awful time and you're perfectly entitled to feel as you do. But you're here, you got through it, so if I were you I'd try and spoil myself rotten (or get DH to do it!)

KittyandTeal Wed 29-Jul-15 17:15:15

Fucking hell. I have no words except you must be feeling very bruised and battered right now. I had no idea an ectopic could be so serious.

I hope you recover quickly x

addictedtosugar Wed 29-Jul-15 17:50:44

How very, very scary. I'm glad your now back home, but please don't underestimate the physical and mental recovery you will need to go through.

If you want help and advice from others who may have had similar in experiences (well, ruptured ectopics, not sure how many follow the torturous path you underwent) the ectopic pregnancy trust have a fantastically supportive talk board.

Take it easy flowers

StonedGalah Wed 29-Jul-15 17:55:13

Not quite the same but i didn't really see my 1st mc as a baby, but l was bloody upset my body had let me down.

I hope you recover quickly and glad it was diagnosed and dealt with flowers

Imnotaslimjim Wed 29-Jul-15 18:02:44

Wow what a turmoil you've been through, you sound utterly rung out

Can I assume that you have people thinking your strange for not being upset that you've "lost a baby"? Because you're not, not by a long chalk.

I can imagine that you're very angry at your body letting it happen to you. Who knew that our own organs could let us down so spectacularly?

I wish you a speedy recovery, but be kind to yourself for a few weeks. While it was keyhole surgery, you'll be sore for a while yet

UnicornsAndRainbows Wed 29-Jul-15 18:59:04

Thanks, and yes, it's been an ordeal.

KittyandTeal, you know, neither did I. I had no idea how bad it could be. You hear about ectopic pregnancies and think 'oh, serious but not that bad'. Even my surgeon was gobsmacked over it. There were five of them around my bed at one point discussing the rarity of my case post surgery.

AddictedtoSugar, thanks for the link. I'll look into it. I feel a bit nervous about it because I know a lot of women who do have ectopic pregnancies wanted those babies. I feel like I'm in a minority who really didn't.

Imnotaslimjim, yes, that is what I've been encountering by some friends. I've been horrified at the idea of having another child in the first place, and I've already been made to feel out of place by a few people (who I ejected from my FB page). The whole, 'it was a potential life', well, actually, no it wasn't cos it was attached to my fallopian tube so had no chance. It just decided to try and take me with it.

Argh. I am just angry.

Happy36 Wed 29-Jul-15 19:03:03

What a terrible thing to happen to you. A colleague of mine had the same thing three years ago. She is now mother to a beautiful three month old son and very much her healthy, happy "old" self. However, at the time, it was terrifying for all of us, not least her.

Take care of yourself; I hope you recover quickly.

addictedtosugar Wed 29-Jul-15 21:37:36

The ectopic talk boards will have a similar proportion of surprise pregnancies as any conception board. So if (and I'm making up numbers) 10% of pregnancies are planned, a similar number of ectopic pregnancies will be unexpected.

Don't let it put you off exploring the wealth of info there.

addictedtosugar Wed 29-Jul-15 21:38:34

Err, unplanned, sorry. flowers

Kittymum03 Thu 30-Jul-15 05:04:17

Hi OP.I read this earlier and put it on watch as I didn't feel I could post anything helpfull.
I had an ectopic last year.It was a much wanted baby,I was messed around by GP,Early preg unit,for a few weeks.I had 'It sounds like an ectopic,we will book you a scan' then 'Actually,it's probably fine,you don't need a scan' then 'Oh well maybe it was a miscarriage,come in for a scan' all through talks on the phone,nobody had actually seen me yet.This,with the outcome that followed,was extremely distressing for me.
I had emergency surgery the day I finally had a scan.They took the tube,and I saw the pictures.
To me it was a baby,my beautiful baby..I've spoken on here before about struggling to get through it,a year on..

What I wanted to say to you was,I understand that your upset about the experience,and not that it was a baby,I understand it wasn't known about or wanted,and that all you want now is to 'Forget' about it,heal and move on.
And I don't judge you for that.Not at all.
Your circumstances were very different to my own and sound horrific.
You are trying to get over something huge and frightening.
You feel however you need to feel,nobody has a right to tell you how you 'should' feel.
There's nothing 'wrong' with how you feel.
I'm still furious with my own body,just in a different way.
I hope you didn't mind me posting here,and I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
I would hate for you to need to talk and don't because your scared of being judged.
I wish you luck and send you love and a hug flowers

Helloall1 Sat 01-Aug-15 11:18:55

Hi unicorn, I'm so sorry about your experience.

My experience was exactly the same, apart from we knew we were pregnant. It was a horrific experience. That was in April and I'm still very upset about everything, the pain was indescribable and what I thought was trapped wind my stomach filling with blood.

It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't experienced it, so I haven't discussed it with anyone really.

I hope you get lots or rest and understand how shocking it must have been for you.

Take care x

NotSpartacus Sat 01-Aug-15 17:23:55

My ectopics were different, because we were trying for a baby and not so dramatic because they were diagnosed earlier, but with the first one, my primary feeling afterwards was relief that something potentially so dangerous had been stopped. Even though I very badly wanted that baby, the grief for it came a very distant second to dealing with the ectopic itself. I was very angry, but also relieved because the whole thing could have been so much worse. It's a lot to deal with.

UnicornsAndRainbows Sun 02-Aug-15 15:37:45

Helloall1 -

The pain, and the trapped wind feeling were things I experienced as well. The agony was immense.

To all who have posted here in support, the hospital called me and are launching an investigation as the misdiagnosis of an ovarian cyst put me down the list by some considerable scale, which nearly killed me.

Kittymum03 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:41:14

OP im glad things are being investigated and in time you can try to put the anger behind you.Its not good enough that it happened to you but hopefully at least now it won't happen to others.
I actually didn't get anywhere with my complaint as the hospital blamed Drs and Drs blamed the hospital.

I hope your feeling ok (you know,as good as can be expected)

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