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HCG under 0.1

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Claramoon Thu 23-Jul-15 21:40:50

I thought I was 8 weeks pregnant - last AF 27/5, positive urine test (clear blue 2 weeks ago) and symptoms I recognised (so I thought) fm dc1 and 2..nausea etc.

But just got blood results showing hcg <0.1. Lab guy (I'm overseas and different system here) said that means not pg. Does that mean it was false positive and I wasn't pg at all? Still feeding 1yo DS so perhaps my cycle not yet regularised hence delay in AF?

Or maybe I was pg but baby didn't develop and will have MMC? (Had once b4 so want to be prepared if so)

Does anyone know which explanation more likely with such a low HCG?

Thank you..

bakingtins Fri 24-Jul-15 18:36:08

I would think with HCG that low you'd have already started bleeding if it was a MC. It's v rare to get a false positive on a pregnancy test, though you can get one that ends fairly quickly in a chemical pregnancy. My first thought is could there be an error at the lab? Why were you tested? Are you having any symptoms of miscarriage? Can you POAS again on a home pregnancy test and see if it's positive?

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