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Early Miscarriage and continuous pain and bleeding.

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prianca Wed 22-Jul-15 13:38:15

Hi I was bleeding for three months ( till mid june)continuously, sometimes it was fresh heavy bleeding and some times brown clotting and spotting. My GP prescribed me Northisterone medicine which stopped the bleeding. They also did blood tests and Scan. the Scan was all clear and normal and I had some vitamin deficiencies. On 11th July i started experiencing pain in my stomach and brown spotting also started. The doctor asked me to do a pregnancy test which came out positive. I was over the moon as we really wanted a baby. They did an urgent scan and HCG hormone level test in which the doctor could not see My sac developed yet but I was Four weeks pregnant. He said it could be ectopic or failing pregnancy. Last night i started suffering from severe pain in my back , lower abdomen and thighs. I was taken to the Emergency Hospital and after the blood tests I was told today that its a Miscarriage. After taking paracetamols also I am still suffering from severe pain. I am confused and anxious. Does it mean I had miscarriage earlier when I was bleeding for three months also. My periods had not been normal since February. Will i be able to conceive? Really tensed

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