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I think miscarriage #2 is about to start and I'm about to go on holiday

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Ahhhcantthinkofagoodname Tue 21-Jul-15 20:14:53

Hi ladies

Not sure why I'm writing this, maybe hoping someone could offer a glimmer of hope and/or practical advice would be good if my worst fears are realised....

I had a MMC in April this year, I found out at 9 weeks after some cramping and spotting that baby had died at 7 weeks. I am now 6.5 weeks pregnant. To be honest I never felt great about this pregnancy due to the regular cramping and relatively frequent but tiny bits of red and pink spotting since about 3 weeks. I've been to the GP a couple of times (the last time 6 days ago) but been told it's too early for referral to EPU.

Today I've been having persistent stomach cramps and also, for the first time this pregnancy, pain in my lower back and lots of discharge that's a pink/brown colour (sorry if TMI). My instinct tells me my body is gearing up for a miscarriage. On the plus side if there is one, I do have definite pregnancy symptoms, boobs have grown and are tender and I feel slightly nauseous.

We are meant to be going on holiday on Thursday. I guess I am wondering whether to go again to gp tomorrow and also wondering what to do if I am in this state still or if I am actively bleeding come Thursday morning. Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts or advice...

Snooksbury Tue 21-Jul-15 20:37:24

Sorry you are going through this again. Where are you going on holiday? UK or abroad?
I would call your GP for advice. Maybe they can arrange a blood test?
It wouldn't be the actual miscarriage that would put me off going on a holiday, it would be going away, it happening there and then you wouldn't get any tests/advice etc, and always better to get it on your medical records I think.
If you are going somewhere in the UK you could always book in to a different GP surgery or different hospital, if abroad then depends where you are going I suppose.
Am keeping my fingers crossed the bleeding stops and doesn't turn into a MC for you

Ahhhcantthinkofagoodname Tue 21-Jul-15 20:48:18

Thanks v much snooks, its in the UK, 2 days at a theme park, then a week in a cottage. Will try to contact GP first thing in the morning.

Snooksbury Tue 21-Jul-15 21:25:06

Ah if it's in the UK that's better at least, maybe Google the EPU at the local hospital of where you are going if needed. Hope the GP gives you some helpful advice.

I just had a MC at 6.5 weeks, apart from being horrible emotionally, physically it was just like a slightly heavier period and not too painful, I was on holiday (in the UK) for part of it and to be honest being away helped take my mind off it.

Good luck

Ahhhcantthinkofagoodname Tue 21-Jul-15 21:41:48

Thanks snook, that's reassuring to hear, tho I am so sorry you've been through the heartbreak of miscariage too. If this is it, I don't think it will be as bad as it was when I had the MMC and had medical management. Still the thought of miscarring at peppa pig world is pretty dire....

Snooksbury Wed 22-Jul-15 06:00:01

Thanks Goodname, it's horrible isn't it? I really hope it's a false alarm for you this time and it all goes to plan, how are things this morning, better or worse?
If it's any reassurance Princess Anne & the General Hospital in Southampton are both excellent if you should need them.
If you need any tips on PP world let me know as we go there all the time, I hope being away can take your mind off everything even slightly xx

Ahhhcantthinkofagoodname Wed 22-Jul-15 08:48:05

Hi snook, thanks for your last message, no further bleeding or spotting overnight or today so far but still have sore lower back and heavy achy feeling in my pelvic area. I have a gp appt at 10 so very much hope I can be referred straight to my local EPU. Not sure if I'll get a scan today tho, think that will be too much to hope for.

Thanks for offer of pp world tips, we've been a few times before! And nice to hear the Southampton hospitals are good. Hope you are feeling ok, thanks for your support.

Sleepybeanbump Wed 22-Jul-15 08:55:23

Op where do you live? If anywhere near Tooting, St George's EPU is self referral walk in.

Ahhhcantthinkofagoodname Wed 22-Jul-15 09:22:00

Thanks sleepy, I'm out in essex, sadly tooting would be a bit too much of a trek!

RiverTam Wed 22-Jul-15 09:24:34

Agree with finding out the details of the EPU local to where you're going on holiday. I had an MC whilst in abroad, which was an eye opener as they and the hospital were amazing in comparison to the UK! I was only away for the weekend so just took myself off to the local EPU when I got back.

Ahhhcantthinkofagoodname Wed 22-Jul-15 12:17:07

Wow I am reeling, just had scan at EPU which showed baby measuring 6+6 and heart beating away. I know I am not out of the woods yet but much better scan result than I was expecting. Thanks everyone for your support and advice

RiverTam Wed 22-Jul-15 12:55:51

That's great news, OP! Fingers and toes crossed for you.

sparklytree Wed 22-Jul-15 13:00:24

Hi OP. Just for a bit if added reassurance, I had spotting/bleeding from weeks 5-10 with both DC1 and DC2, and all was fine with them both. Fingers crossed for you, and hope you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Snooksbury Wed 22-Jul-15 20:05:31

Ah that's good about the scan, must have been a lovely feeling, I hope everything goes smoothly from now. Good you got a scan in before you went on holiday too, hope you have a good time!

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