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Recurrent Miscarriage Support Thread 28 - Tests, Treatments, Trying again, Trying to stay sane and most of all TREMENDOUS support!

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Kazz2112 Sun 19-Jul-15 12:24:58

Tea, hugs, a wealth of collective knowledge and lots of hand holding as we try again. This thread moves like lightning so hold on to your hats!

Previous thread:

tannyLoo Sun 19-Jul-15 13:04:08

Marking my place. Survivor of 5 early MCs, mum to Bertie, born following treatment at Coventry. I'm here occasionally to see how everyone is doing...

Justonemoretime Sun 19-Jul-15 13:20:00

Thanks for the new thread smile
Marking my place. Age 39, TTC 3.5 years during which time 3# mmcs (1 and 2 a 6.5 weeks and #3 13 weeks. #3 was turner's syndrome). Tests at St Marys (septum removed) and Coventry, pg #4 resulted in Scott (born prem at 33.6 due to placenta failure). He's fine now smile

sebsmummy1 Sun 19-Jul-15 13:40:07

Hi Tanny <waves>. Hope you're ok lovely xx

Sebsmummy - 1 DS, born 2012, problem free pregnancy. MC1 - Feb 2014, 6 weeks. MC2 - May 2014, very long chemical. MC3 - DD with Downs, lost at 11+2.

Now pregnant, terrified, and due my next scan this Friday (should be 11 weeks). Taking progesterone supplements and daily aspirin, also Pregnacare vitamins.

sebsmummy1 Sun 19-Jul-15 13:40:43

I'm 40 btw, should have added that.

Marchgirl Sun 19-Jul-15 13:44:21

Link to the RMC investigations information

Stats update

allthereis: 29. DC, 4MC
anniehoo: 42. TTC#1 for 2.5yrs, 4MC
barkingtreefrog: 36. TTC#1 since Dec 11, 2MC
bettybutterchops: 40. DS, 3MC, pg
bootles: 41. DS, 1TFMR, 4MC, pg
brummiegirl: 38. TTC#1 since Apr 14, 3MC, pg
bubblybubbles80: 34. TTC#1, 3MC
bumblebee0: 29. DS, 2MC, pg
bunnymad: 40. DD, 2MC
bythesea82: 33. TTC#1 since Dec 12, 3MC, pg
casiopeia: . TTC#1, 3MC
chrystley: 41. DD, 5MC, pg
cloudjumper: 43. DS, 4MC, pg
confu3ed: 39. DS, DD, 5MC, pg
desperatelyhopeful: . DS, 10 MC.
emerald72: 43. DS, 3MC
enlightenedbunny: 34. TTC#1 since '10, 1TFMR, 3MC, pg
erica21: 32. DS, 2MC, pg
extrablessings: 33. DS, 6MC
fackinell: 44. TTC#1, 4MC
fififolle: 37. DC, 2MC, pg
flen: 36. TTC#1, 3MC, pg
floweroct: 34. TTC#1 since 11, 3MC
frecklefire: 40. DS, 3MC
genwah85: 29. DS, 3MC, pg
girliesaints: 37. DD, 4MC (1 twins)
girlinoz: 32. TTC#1, 3 MC
Ifinishedthebiscuits: 37. 2DS, 4MC
iloveyoubaby: . DD, 2MC
inamaymaybewrong. 37. DS, 2MC
jady77: 37. TTC#1 since Sep 14, 2MC, pg
kazz2112: 31. TTC#1 since Feb 14, 3MC
lauren83: 31. TTC #1 for 7yrs, 2MC (1 twins)
leah1984: . TTC#1, 2MC
loopyaboutmy2boys: 38. 2DS, 6MC
lovemylittlebear: 29. 1 ectopic, 2MC, pg
marchgirl: 37. DD, 5MC, pg
maverick79: 35. TTC#1, 2MC, pg
me2me2: 2DC, 2MC
mimidoddrioni: 35. TTC#1, 2MC
minnie74: 40. DS, 3MC, pg
monten: 37. TTC#1 since Apr 13, 1TFMR, 1MC
morganlefey: 29. DD, 3MC
mrsb0710: 29. TTC#1, 2MC
mrsconfusion: 36. DD, 3MC, pg
mrsdiddlydoo: 34. DS, 2MC, pg
notspartacus: 39. 2DD, 2 ectopic , 3MC
onedaymaybe1: 32. TTC#1, 3MC
onestep2015: 39. TTC#1 since May 13, 3MC, 1 ectopic /PUL
patienceisvirtuous: 37. TTC#1 since Mar 14, 2MC, pg
peqpit: 33. TTC#1 for 2yrs, 3MC
portmoon: 43. DS, DD, 5MC
sallywade: 36. DS, 1TFMR, 5MC, pg
sashakerr: 37. DS, 3MC
sebsmummy: 40. DS, 3MC, pg
sizethree: 35, TTC#1, 3MC, pg
snoopysimaginaryfriend: 29. TTC#1 since Sep 14, 3MC
spamminit: 25. 2DS, 2MC
strubidooo: 34. TTC#1 since Sep 12, 3MC, 1 ect
sunandrainbow: 38, TTC#1, 4MC, pg
teach3: 27. TTC#1, 3MC
texta: 32. TTC#1, 3MC
thepopandcry: 38, DS, 4MC
thornfield38: 34. TTC#1 for 2 yrs, 2MC, pg
tomcat81: 34. TTC#1 since Oct 14, 2MC
twilightstruggle: TTC#1 since Nov 12, 5MC
wadsy: 36. DS, 1 ectopic , 4 MC, pg


Thread babies
bakingtins: 40. 2DS, 4MC. Faith born May 14
tannyloo: 42, 2DS, 5MC. Bertie born Mar 15
tinytear: 41. DD, 5MC. Alice born Mar 15
justonemoretime: 39. 3MC. Scott born May 15
purplefrogshoes: 38. 2MC, 1CMP. John born May 15
longestlurkerever: 34. DD, 3MC. Beth born Jun 15
catlover2014: 35. TTC#1 since 09, 3MC. Louis born Jun 15
boozle80: 34. 3MC. Mhairi born Jun 15
belleende: 40. TTC#1, 2MC, 1 TFMR. Cissy born Jun 15

Marchgirl Sun 19-Jul-15 13:49:06

In case i'm ever not here (unlikely!), a cut and paste friendly version of the stats list is now in the same google sheets account as the investigations info (under email address, with the previously given password). I'm trying to keep it up to date as we go along but if anyone needs anything changed, feel free to log on to the account and amend yourself or post/pm me and i can change it

Marchgirl Sun 19-Jul-15 14:02:31

Me 37, DH 45, DD born Aug '12

Jan 14: mmc@12w1d (measured 6w)
Jul 14: mc@8w4d (measured 5w)
Oct 14: mmc@8w1d (after hb seen@7w1d)
Feb 15: v early mc@4w5d
Jun 15: v early mc@4w2d
No result from testing on embryo for mc3
All rmc testing and karyotyping on us normal.
Tested high for uNK at Coventry (7.9%)
Currently 4w5d pg on steroids and progesterone. Will start heparin after location scan. So strange to be adding the 'pg' to my stats. Another milestone today as i have passed the last two mc points.

inamaymaybewrong Sun 19-Jul-15 14:12:52


Almost 38 years old, DH same

mild PCOS but otherwise unexplained infertility

1 DC born 2012 from IVF first cycle after 2yrs + TTCing

1st MC Nov 2014 @ 6+ weeks after frozen embryo cycle, miscarried naturally at home

2nd MC June 2015 @ 9 weeks after seeing HB @ 7+ weeks, total surprise natural pregnancy, miscarried naturally at home

Now TTC naturally using metformin and Clomid. Possible further FET later this year, 2 embryos remaining.

Kazz2112 Sun 19-Jul-15 14:22:40

Yay! It worked! Buzzing! Fingers crossed for some new thread luck!

Me: 31, DH: 37. No DCs atm. 3mc between June 2014 and Jan 15.
1st: mmc at approx 7, 2nd: mmc at approx 6+4, 3rd: mc at 5+3.

Currently on 4th cycle ttc and signed up to the Response research trial @ St Marys Manchester. Finding it very frustrating as always caught easily before but not happening so easy this time. Had a smiley on Wednesday at cd11 and another smiley this am @ cd 15 so not a clue what is going on but massively finger crossing!!!

TinyTear Sun 19-Jul-15 14:50:52

Marking place, 5mc, 2dd (pregnancy 4 under St Mary's and pregnancy 7 under Coventry)

Not so active any more but pop in once in a while

Flen Sun 19-Jul-15 15:33:17

Hello all! I'm 36 and OH is 35, we are still trying for child number one. Three miscarriages, two of which were last year. Two have been missed miscarriages showing development stopped at about 6.5/7 weeks. All tests have been completely normal.

Currently pregnant and at almost 7 weeks so this is very much my scariest time. Next scan on Tuesday afternoon.

SashaKerr Sun 19-Jul-15 15:44:47

Hi all marking spot.

Me and Dh 38

1 DS born Spring 2013, easy pregnancy but hives, shoulder dystocia, traumatic birth!

MMC1 August 2014 @ 12 weeks (died 9)

MMC2 December 2014 @ 9 weeks (measured 6 ish)

MMC3 April 2015 @ 7 weeks (measured under 6 weeks)

RMC testing with fertility gynae, the lister and Dr shehata's team. Found: progesterone deficiency, high nk cells & last MC was genetic abnormality.

Now on: aspirin, pregnancy vits, vit D3, progesterone. Will be on clexane injections and Ivig for immune issues (steroids wouldn't work for me apparently). Also on chlomid this month to improve my ovulation - it worked and let me release 2 eggs, but made my lining super thin which means I think I'm not pregnant this month. imamay would love your thoughts on chlomid - did it thin your lining? Are you staying on it? If I stay on it next month I will need to take something to thicken my lining at the same time (sigh, more mess...) xx

Kazz2112 Sun 19-Jul-15 15:53:58

Good luck for Tuesday Flen!

Emerald72 Sun 19-Jul-15 16:24:32

Hi All marking my spot.

Me 43, DP 39, DS 2 normal pregnancy. Ttc#2 since July 14.

MC1- Aug 14. Naturally whilst on holiday, measured about 5wks

MMC2 - Dec 14. Found out at early reassurance scan 9wks(measured 6wk no hb) ERPC

MMC3 - June 15. Early reassurance scan at 7.5wks, measured 5/6wks no fetal pole, irregular shape gestation sac. ERPC

Good luck for Tuesday Flen
Thanks for new thread and updates Kazz and March

Emerald72 Sun 19-Jul-15 16:24:59

Thanks for adding me on the list March

Flen Sun 19-Jul-15 17:12:24

Some more very light spotting, brown but still. Agh. It's all so scary.

bootles Sun 19-Jul-15 17:29:22

Me 41, dp 47

DS born 2011
Mc 1 2012, mmc died 7 wks
loss 2 TFMR 2013 @ 13wks after crap 12 wk scan
Mc 3 2014 @10 wks, anembryonic,T22
Mc 4 2014 @ 8.5wks, hb seen at 7 but slow
Mc 5 2014 died at 9wks, looked good at scan few days before.

Combo of erpc/medical/natural

Rmc tests normal
Coventry after no.4, diagnosed with high nk cells at 6.1. On their protocol for loss 5.

Currently 12+6, harmony and 12 wk scan all good. Just stopping all meds (progesterone, clexane, prednisolone) and feeling fearful.

Thanks for thread and stats march and kazz

Thanks for your kind words march and glad to hear the lines are progressing - i always use ic's and find them reliable.

bumble I did lose symptoms before one of my scans, but they came back properly. The symptom spotting is so insanity inducing. Pred has changed my symptoms - I had it last time and this time. Last time I wasn't so ill (but it still got to 9 weeks so my symptoms were 'enough' for up to that time if you see what I mean). It is given to ladies with hg sometimes so it is supposed to mask symptoms to a degree. I have still felt pretty ill with this one, but the exhaustion has been worse since i started weaning off pred. You already know that symptoms coming and going is normal, but I know its hard to believe when you're in it. X

bootles Sun 19-Jul-15 17:33:54

Cross post flen..Yes scary but brown is old..good chance left over from previous bleed x

MrsConfusion Sun 19-Jul-15 17:36:26

flen hugs. Scary but brown should mean old rather than new. I wish things would be simpler for you flowers

MrsConfusion Sun 19-Jul-15 17:45:59

My stats:

Me & DH both 36.
DD born 2012, uncomplicated pregnancy until last couple of weeks (obstetric cholestasis).
Ttc #2 since Jan 2014.
MC1 August 2014 @ 13 weeks, bad 12 week scan then baby died couple of days later. ERPC
MC2 November 2014 @ 7 weeks, natural
MC3 March 2015, ectopic, lost right Fallopian tube

RMC tests all clear, testing after MC1 also didn't find any reason for the loss.

Currently nearly 8 weeks pg, next scan tuesday, bricking it.

Thornfield38 Sun 19-Jul-15 17:54:38

Me 34, DH 34
TTC #1 since July 2013
MC #1 @ 4.5 weeks July 2014
MC #2 @ 5.5 weeks April 2015
Currently 6 weeks pg

march and flen glad that things seem to be progressing well for you but hope you get some relief from the ms flen.

march I'm ok, but I'm another one worried about decreasing symptoms. Had a busy day at the in laws yesterday so thought that was why I hadn't felt too nauseous as was preoccupied and grazing all day which seems to have helped this week. But today I feel almost completely not pregnant and been able to eat pretty much whatever/whenever I wanted which has not been the case since last Sunday. Going to see what happens in next couple of days and see if I can get another scan if things don't change.

Good luck for scans this week Brummie and flen

Marchgirl Sun 19-Jul-15 18:02:03

Oh flen, i wish this spotting would bugger off for you! Echo what the others have said. Brown blood is old. Could just be that your cervix closed up again before the last few drops had passed and it's just now filtering through. Fingers crossed for goods scan on Tuesday.

Keeping everything crossed for all of your scans too mrsc, sebs and brummie

Just realised that my dh's son is coming up the week I'll probably be having my scan. Can't help worrying is going to be bad news. He has been up here visiting for 4 of my 5 mcs now. Whilst i know rationally that the presence of my stepson is not what is causing my mcs, I'm still struggling to not be a bit superstitious.

Marchgirl Sun 19-Jul-15 18:20:09

Sorry to hear you're worrying about waning symptoms too thorn. Why can't this be a bit bloody easier? Everyone has had more than their fair share of bad. Really hoping it's just a natural ebb and flow of symptoms but another scan doesn't sound like a bad idea if you're still worried. Hugs x

Emerald72 Sun 19-Jul-15 18:35:51

Although sad to read what everyone has been through its also good to refresh people's history on here, so many to remember who had what happen to them.

Good luck for others scans this week, such a scary time and keeping everything crossed too.

Oh no March it's like the magpie thing isn't it, you know it's not related but can't help make comparisons to before. I'm sure this time will be good news for you.

Feeling flat tonight after lovely spa time away, back to reality!

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