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Recurrent Miscarriage Support Thread 27 - Tests, Treatments and Trying Again

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BumbleBee0 Fri 03-Jul-15 07:26:08

Tea, hugs, a wealth of collective knowledge and lots of hand holding as we try again. This thread moves like lightning so hold on to your hats!
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Brummiegirl15 Fri 03-Jul-15 07:40:32

Morning all. Thanks for lovely messages. Bricking it.

Never ever had a good follow up scan and last time I jinxed it by saying "ooh this is the furthest I've ever got" - hmm that came to a crashing end didn't it??

I can feel the absolute panic in my chest. I've actually just got to work 1 hr. 15 early because a) I'm leaving early and b) I just couldn't sleep

Sun I'm so chuffed that you know you've got a boy! That's wonderful news!!! It only seems like yesterday you were getting on that plane to China and sadly losing another - and now you are this far along and you are having a boy!

Emerald welcome and I'm so so sorry for your losses. These ladies are amazing and are a real wealth of knowledge and support.

I'm not going to do my stats until after the hospital as don't want to jinx.

Appt is 2.40pm and Worcester has no signal. At. All so will update you all as soon as I can

Flen Fri 03-Jul-15 07:45:44

brummie keeping everything crossed for you... Hand-holding.

Justonemoretime Fri 03-Jul-15 07:46:40

Bumble, thanks for the new thread. Briefly, my stats are 3x mmcs (2x 6.5, unknown cause, #3 13- baby died at about 9.5- turner's syndrome). All tests normal, uterine septum removed October '13. No joy TTC for 3 months so uNK cells testing at Coventry implantation clinic by prof Brosens. Results normal, but heparin and progesterone prescribed. Took further 7 months to conceive pg #4, welcomed preemie Scott this May at 33.6 weeks after placenta detached and failed. All's well now, but, phew! What a journey!

IFinishedTheBiscuits Fri 03-Jul-15 07:48:52

Thanks for new thread Bumble.

March, I also find the progesterone thing confusing. I usually conceive quickly and haven't and I have read that in high doses progesterone can act as a contraceptive?

Sun, lovely news!

Brummie, good luck.

BTW, to those with morning sickness, I found ginger was quite miraculous. Which I know isn't new news but during my first two pregnancies I discounted it as an old wives tale after trying a couple of ginger nut biscuits (which I later found don't contain much actual ginger). But if you put a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger in boiling water and drink the water it really does seem to work for some.

Justonemoretime Fri 03-Jul-15 07:48:58

Brummie, everything tightly crossed for you. Good luck, and hope your anxiety doesn't take over your day (impossible, I know.). Xxx

IFinishedTheBiscuits Fri 03-Jul-15 07:53:44

Scrap the ginger advice!! Just remembered it's a natural blood thinner so shouldn't be taken with Heparin or aspirin!! Sorry...

Thornfield38 Fri 03-Jul-15 07:54:13

just popping on quickly before work to say good luck brummie. Hope all goes well today.

Also fab news sun and yay to little boy!

Welcome*emerald*, so sorry for your losses. You are definitely in the right place for advice and support here. As for coffee - I've been drinking Clipper organic decaf as it is made using the Swiss water method which apparently doesn't use the nasty chemicals. Have weaned myself off proper coffee but couldn't go without completely!

Justonemoretime Fri 03-Jul-15 08:04:11

I should add, for my mmc #3, which was turner's syndrome, I was on progesterone from bfp and aspirin 'just in case' for a couple of months prior to conception. No proof, but I am convinced that aspirin was part of the problem here; I believe that I implanted the dodgy egg because it messed with my lining preconception. That's my unsubstantiated opinion, anyway shock

BumbleBee0 Fri 03-Jul-15 08:11:42

Good luck with your scan brummie! Thinking of you and hoping everything will be fine. xxx

My stats..
Me 29 DH 32
DS born aug13
Mmc1 sep14 just under 12 wks but baby died 8+5- medically managed
Mmc2 jan15 7-8 wks natural mc but sac/hcg levels at 4.5wks
Had blood clotting screen and uNK cells biopsy (at coventry). Diagnosed with FVL and elevated uNK cells.
Currently 5+5 pg and following coventry protocol (800mg progesterone, 20mg pred, will take 40mg clexane if scan ok next wed)

mrsdiddlydoo Fri 03-Jul-15 08:13:23

brummie huge hugs for today. Will be refreshing like mental later on to hear how you get on. I'm feeling good about this one...

twilightstruggle Fri 03-Jul-15 09:09:43

Brummie - huge massive hugs and hand holding for today. Really rooting for you xx

March - sorry you didn't find the consult terribly helpful. If it helps he also pressed the point about avoiding early testing really hard when on the phone to me so I'm not sure it was personal and I'm sure not intended to make you feel bad. Hugs. Also no way I'll resist testing. I'm usually a 10dpo kinda girl!

twilightstruggle Fri 03-Jul-15 09:13:56

Morgan - I think I sound in a similar place to you. Looking at these options as possible future options. I am really amazed she offered but I don't know why really as I would do so if the situations were reversed. She's yet to complete her family though so it's definitely for the future there's one baby bomb I won't mind so much!!

bakingtins Fri 03-Jul-15 09:20:23

Good luck brummie that scan room will be crowded with well-wishers again!

Me, still lurking after having my DD Faith to complete my family in May 2014 after 4MC at 9-10 weeks. NK cells diagnosis and treatment on the Coventry protocol of steroids, heparin and progesterone. Updates about Faith for anyone interested are on the graduates photo thread.

TinyTear Fri 03-Jul-15 09:20:36

Marking place.
Not so active lately, 3 MCs, then all tests normal at St Mary's, then DD1, then two more MCs, then Coventry and now have DD2...

Glad this phase of my life is over but will pop round here to give support when I can

OneStep2015 Fri 03-Jul-15 09:33:10

Thanks for the new thread.

My stats:
Me 39 DH39
MC#1 at 6.5 wks Xmas Day 2013 after 8 mths of ttc. Empty yolk sac seen. Natural management.
MMC#2 at 12.5wks late Oct 2014. Died at approx 7wks. Natural management.
MC#3 at 4.3wks mid Feb 2015. Natural management.
MC#4 at approx 6 wks mid June 2015. Pregnancy in unknown location. Natural management.

Good luck for today Brummie xx

cloudjumper Fri 03-Jul-15 09:41:59

Good luck today brummie We'll all be in that scan room with you xxx

Marchgirl Fri 03-Jul-15 09:45:55

Stats update!

allthereis: 29. DC, 2MC
anniehoo: 42. TTC#1 for 2.5yrs, 4MC
barkingtreefrog: 36. TTC#1 since Dec 11, 2MC
bettybutterchops: 40. DS, 3MC, pg
bootles: 41. DS, 1TFMR, 4MC, pg
brummiegirl: 38. TTC#1 since Apr 14, 3MC, pg
bubblybubbles80: 34. TTC#1, 3MC
bumblebee0: 29. DS, 2MC, pg
bunnymad: 40. DD, 2MC
bythesea82: 33. TTC#1 since Dec 12, 3MC, pg
chrystley: 41. DD, 4MC
cloudjumper: 43. DS, 4MC, pg
confu3ed: 39. DS, DD, 5MC, pg
enlightenedbunny: 34. TTC#1 since '10, 1TFMR, 3MC, pg
erica21: 32. DS, 2MC, pg
extrablessings: 33. DS, 6MC
fackinell: 44. TTC#1, 4MC
fififolle: 37. DC, 2MC, pg
flen: 36. TTC#1, 3MC, pg
floweroct: 34. TTC#1 since 11, 3MC
frecklefire: 40. DS, 3MC
girliesaints: 37. DD, 4MC (1 twins)
girlinoz: 32. TTC#1, 3 MC
Ifinishedthebiscuits: 37. 2DS, 4MC
inamaymaybewrong. 37. DS, 2MC
jady77: 37. TTC#1 since Sep 14, 2MC, pg
kazz2112: 31. TTC#1 since Feb 14, 3MC
lauren83: 31. TTC for 7yrs, 2MC (1 twins)
leah1984: . TTC#1, 2MC
loopyaboutmy2boys: 38. 2DS, 5MC
lovemylittlebear: 29. 1 ectopic, 2MC, pg
marchgirl: 37. DD, 5MC
maverick79: 35. TTC#1, 2MC, pg
me2me2: 2DC, 2MC
mimidoddrioni: 35. TTC#1, 2MC
minnie74: 40. DS, 3MC
monten: 37. TTC#1 since Apr 13, 1TFMR, 1MC
morganlefey: 29. DD, 3MC
mrsconfusion: 36. DD, 3MC, pg
mrsdiddlydoo: 34. DS, 2MC, pg
notspartacus: 39. 2DD, 2 ectopic, 3MC
onestep2015: 39. TTC#1 since May 13, 4MC
patienceisvirtuous: 37. TTC#1 since Mar 14, 2MC, pg
peqpit: 33. TTC#1 for 2yrs, 3MC
portmoon: 43. DS, DD, 5MC
sallywade: 36. DS, 1TFMR, 5MC, pg
sashakerr: 37. DS, 3MC
sebsmummy: 40. DS, 3MC, pg
sizethree: 35, TTC#1, 3MC, pg
snoopysimaginaryfriend: 29. TTC#1 since Sep 14, 3MC
spamminit: 25. 2DS, 2MC
strubidooo: 34. TTC#1 since Sep 12, 3MC, 1 ectopic
sunandrainbow: 38, TTC#1, 4MC, pg
texta: 32. TTC#1, 3MC
thepopandcry: 38, DS, 4MC
thornfield38: 34. TTC#1 for 2 yrs, 2MC, pg
tomcat81: 34. TTC#1 since Oct 14, 2MC
twilightstruggle: TTC#1 since Nov '12, 5MC
wadsy: 36. DS, 1 ectopic, 4 MC, pg


Thread babies
bakingtins: 40. 2DS, 4MC. Faith born May 14
tannyloo: 42, 2DS, 5MC. Bertie born Mar 15
tinytear: 41. DD, 5MC. Alice born Mar 15
justonemoretime: 39. 3MC. Scott born May 15
purplefrogshoes: 38. 2MC, 1CMP. John born May 15
longestlurkerever: 34. DD, 3MC. Beth born Jun 15
catlover2014: 35. TTC#1 since 09, 3MC. Louis born Jun 15
boozle80: 34. 3MC. Mhairi born Jun 15
belleende: 40. TTC#1, 2MC, 1 TFMR. Cissy born Jun 15

Marchgirl Fri 03-Jul-15 09:46:45

23 pg and 9 thread babies. Wow. Hoping for a few more bfps in the next couple of weeks

Loopyaboutmy2boys Fri 03-Jul-15 09:49:53

Quick post from me as have a zillion things to do today as we are heading to the seaside tomorrow for a week.

Brummie I wish you all the luck in the world today, and hope you walk out of there having spent a rip off £10 for your scan pics (I still can't quite believe that charge, Hinchingbrooke was free most of the time, and I think it was something like £2 a photo the one time they charged us!). I agree with the lack of signal there, I just about get a signal in the car park, but the hospital is awful. Just hope they have better signal in the labour wards for you in February, have everything crossed for you.

March I have thought the same re progesterone, it's one thing that concerns me that they give it to everyone without checking what natural levels we already have, and so it's the worry of do we need it from 7 dpo, from BFP or not need it at all.....and never having any way of knowing what the alternative outcomes would have been if we had taken a different path. It's all just pot luck. At least that's how it feels. Take it and risk losing a baby. Don't take it and risk losing a baby. No obvious answer.

I think I might ovulate today, DH mega stressed and just resigned to move to a new job later in the year. We haven't DTD since approx 11.45pm Sunday night, was lots of fertile mucus so am just hoping they haven't all died off! Guess what's meant to be is meant to be, i conceived one of the MC's 6 days after DTD and ds2 was 4 days after DTD, so not impossible but don't feel like luck is on our side lately. Hopefully there will be plenty of others with bFp's in 2 weeks time though!

Best crack on with packing, but will check back later Brummie x

Marchgirl Fri 03-Jul-15 09:54:55

Me 37 dh 45 (today!), dd born Aug 12
5 mc:
Jan14 mmc @12w (measured 6)
Jul 14 nmc@8w (measured 5)
Oct 14 mmc@8w after hb seen at 7.1
Feb 15 early mc @4.5
Jun 15 early mc @4.2
All rmc testing normal. No result for genetic testing on mc3
Coventry testing in Apr 15 showed high unk (7.9%)
Now on prog and pred from bfp and heparin from location scan, plus taking phellinus linteum up until bfp to try it out. Also weekly acupuncture and now counselling too. Stressing that the benefit of the Coventry scratch is almost gone. Pretty fucked off with it all.
3dpo today <yawn>

twilightstruggle Fri 03-Jul-15 10:16:23

I'm not usually good at noticing when people are missing but in looking at stats list it occurred to me that we haven't heard from a few people in a while. Does anyone know how blessings is for example? Shout out to anyone lurking and hope you're doing ok. Xxx

My stats. Me 33, DH 33. Ttc number 1 since Nov 2012. 5MC
Feb '13 - mmc at 12 weeks
July '13 - mc at 6 weeks
Oct '13 - mc at 6 weeks
April '14 - mc at 6 weeks
Feb '15 - mc at 10 weeks (partial molar; triploidy)
All RMC tests clear with the exception of possible lupus anticoagulant (inconsistent across tests) and they found a septum which has been removed. Normal NK cells. Will be on Coventry protocol next pregnancy. Currently 2dpo.

OneStep2015 Fri 03-Jul-15 10:17:02

Sorry should have added to my stats: tested for uNK cells after 3rd MC, result 7.9%. To follow Coventry meds profile.

March happy birthday to your DH for today. X

twilightstruggle Fri 03-Jul-15 10:17:26

Oh, and I am also pretty fucked off!

Marchgirl Fri 03-Jul-15 10:43:28

Yeah, loopy, biscuits etc. He had previously said to me that in some people prog can have a contraceptive effect and that was what he was inferring was the reason he told me to just take it from bfp now, so just worried that these last two losses were 'contracepted' (don't even think that's a word! ) rather than bad eggs. But then he also said they would have been bad eggs and it's normal.
He made a comment that the only way to be certain to avoid losses like these is to take contraception (presume he wasn't suggesting I do that). Just confused about the whole thing and I know the prog has worked for a lot of people so i know it can't be too bad, but I feel better to take it from bfp given what's happened.

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