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6 weeks, 4 days pregnant

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Livvy84 Thu 18-Jun-15 15:41:58

Hi ladies,

I am at home very upset and would like, if possible, some advice please.

I have been estimated at being 6 weeks, 4 days pregnant by my gestation sac which is measured at 21 mm.

I have a healthy looking gestation sac and a healthy looking yolk sac but NO fetal pole. ��

I can't stop worrying and crying. My boyfriend has cried too and he has now left to go on an 8 day holiday.

My blood hormone test measures 8146. That test is being repeated on Monday, as well as another scan being done that day.

What do I do? Accept that there is no baby? The sonographer has said she expects to see something at 6 weeks.

Any advice welcome. X

bakingtins Thu 18-Jun-15 19:23:04

Hi livvy I'm so sorry you are in limbo like this. Unfortunately early scans are often inconclusive. Can I ask why you were scanned in the first place? Have you had bleeding or cramping? How far along do you think you are - do you know when you ovulated. Although they are expecting to see a foetal pole at 6 weeks with a HB detected between 6 and 7, it would only be a few mm. If you are less far along then things might have changed by next week.
It depends v much on your personality how you handle the limbo, whether it seems easier to assume it's a MC or if you hold on to hope until proved wrong, it's not easy either way. flowers
I hope you get better news on Monday.

stoatystoat Thu 18-Jun-15 20:21:14

Hope you get good news on Monday, fingers crossed for you. I Was in limbo when my mmc was being diagnosed, it seemed to go on for weeks. It was really hard. I really sympathise, please feel free to PM or vent here, especially as your boyfriend is away. Have you got anyone else who can look after you?

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