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Suspected miscarriage

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Tashadilly Wed 17-Jun-15 20:32:17

I'm really super confused. I found out I was pregnant on Monday with a positive test about 5 weeks. By Tuesday evening I had cramps and started bleeding so went to docs to have bloods. Today I was sent to hospital for a vaginal scan that didn't show anything. I had continued to bleed Tuesday throughout the night and today with the same cramps. The doctor said results of my bloods were positive from Tuesday but if we did another pregnancy test then we will know. It was negative there so he confirmed it was a miscarriage. By the time I got home they phoned and said they had a bad batch of tests so I have to go back tomorrow for more bloods to check my levels. In the meantime because I lost faith with the hospital I took another test that came back positive.

I'm so confused - my bleeding has become slight and I feel I should have hope but worry that I have defo had a miscarriage or its ectopic pregnancy. Is there any way that a miracle may happen?! sad

bakingtins Wed 17-Jun-15 21:20:26

Oh Tasha what a head f***! As if suspected miscarriage wasn't hard enough without having your hopes dashed and raised over and over.

Impossible to say if it will be ok. It is certainly possible to bleed even quite heavily and for everything to be fine. It's also true that pregnancy tests can remain positive for some days after the pregnancy has stopped progressing (can be for weeks later on when levels were high to start with) A scan at 5-6 weeks can often be inconclusive.
I wasn't clear from your post if you have had bloods for HCG levels already or only positive urine tests. The best indicator at such an early stage is HCG doubling over a 48 hour period, there is a big variation in actual levels for a viable pregnancy (it going up means more than the absolute numbers)

I really hope you get some answers (and good news) tomorrow, the limbo is very hard. flowers

Tashadilly Wed 17-Jun-15 21:36:58

Thank you. It's very difficult and I've just spent time non stop reading to try and ease my mind.

Yes I had bloods taken to check my levels on Tuesday evening and they were normal but go back tomorrow to get more done. They told me if they are normal then they think it's ectopic sad

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