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3rd missed miscarriage, would you complain about procedures not followed?

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bumbumbee Wed 17-Jun-15 19:31:47

Thanks for taking the time to read this, it might sound muddled but please let me know what you would do.
I had a healthy daughter then 2 mmc at 11 and 8 weeks then a healthy boy and am currently in the middle of mc 3. With my healthy pregnancies I get hyperemesis gravidarum, so when the symptoms didn't arrive and I started spotting at 6 weeks I knew something was wrong. I went to A+E last Monday at 8+1 and the triage nurse took details of my history and what was happening, she put a cannula in my arm and took bloods leaving the cannula there "just incase". I was called to the Dr who had not read my notes so I had to go over it all again. She felt my tummy, said she was sure everything was fine but I was to take my care more seriously (because my midwife is on holiday so I hadn't seen her yet, appointment on the 24th) Someone came in and said to the Dr, the pregnancy test you requested was positive. Then she told me I could go home or wait for hcg results. I chose to wait, they came back at 20886 consistent with 6 to 8 weeks. I was discharged with no follow up bloods no scan and no refferal to EPU, still with the cannula in my arm. I was to shocked I'd forgotten and had to go back to have it removed. I called EPU yesterday and they were shocked I had been offered no follow up and they got me in for a scan this morning at 11. Not good news. They saw sac and yolk but no foetus at 9+3 they're sure it's not viable but have to go through the motions. bleeding has stepped up a gear so I'm being rescanned next Wednesday. I was left feeling crazy for over a week and I'm thinking of contacting PALS because A+E didn't follow procedure. What would you do? And would it be worth it? thanks in advance.

bakingtins Wed 17-Jun-15 21:06:57

I'm v sorry you are facing another miscarriage. flowers Please come and join the recurrent miscarriage threads for some support in dealing with it. I would push to get some testing now although you might find that your successful pregnancy 'resets the count' wrt 3-in-a-row to qualify for testing.

I would complain about the cannula being left in place after discharge. I'm less sure about no follow up being advised - you had HCG bloods consistent with a healthy pregnancy at around your dates, it's not really A&E's responsibility to then follow it up. They could have communicated better that you needed to go to GP for follow up bloods or be referred or self-refer to EPU if you continued to have concerns but A&E is not set up to deal with miscarriage unless it actually is an emergency e.g. worryingly heavy bleeding or suspected ectopic out of hours.

bumbumbee Thu 18-Jun-15 08:34:07

Thanks for replying bakingtins I asked at the EPU and they said the A+E have a policy set out by EPU and they were supposed to refer me to them as you can't self refer. I didn't go to my GP because when I had concerns about my first mmc my Dr told me to "do a pregnancy test and use contraception so you don't have these worries" I suppose I just needed to vent. Thanks for pointing me towards the other thread, I may join you later, sorry you're there too flowers

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