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Recurrent Miscarriage Support Thread 26 - tests, treatment and trying again

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bythesea82 Wed 17-Jun-15 14:40:09

Tea, hugs, a wealth of collective knowledge and lots of hand holding as we try again. This thread moves like lightning so hold on to your hats!
Previous thread here

Marchgirl Wed 17-Jun-15 14:46:15

allthereis: 29. DC, 2MC
anniehoo: 42. TTC#1 for 2.5yrs, 4MC
barkingtreefrog: 36. TTC#1 since Dec 11, 2MC
bettybutterchops: 40. DS, 3MC, pg
bootles: 41. DS, 1TFMR, 4MC, pg
boozle80: 34. 3MC, pg
brummiegirl: 38. TTC#1 since Apr 14, 3MC, pg
bubblybubbles80: 34. TTC#1, 3MC
bunnymad: 40. DD, 2MC
bythesea82: 33. TTC#1 since Dec 12, 3MC, pg
cheesymash: 29. DS, 2MC, pg
cloudjumper: 43. DS, 4MC, pg
confu3ed: 39. DS, DD, 5MC, pg
enlightenedbunny: 34. TTC#1 since '10, 1TFMR, 3MC, pg
erica21: 32. DS, 2MC, pg
extrablessings: 33. DS, 6MC
fififolle: 37. DC, 2MC, pg
flen: 36. TTC#1, 3MC
floweroct: 34. TTC#1 since 11, 3MC
frecklefire: 40. DS, 3MC
girliesaints: 37. DD, 4MC (1 twins)
girlinoz: 32. TTC#1, 3 MC
Ifinishedthebiscuits: 37. 2DS, 4MC
inamaymaybewrong. 37. DS, 2MC
jady77: 37. TTC#1 since Sep 14, 2MC, pg
kazz2112: 31. TTC#1 since Feb 14, 3MC
lauren83: 31. TTC for 7yrs, 2MC (1 twins)
leah1984: . TTC#1, 2MC
loopyaboutmy2boys: 38. 2DS, 5MC
lovemylittlebear: 29. 1 ectopic, 2MC, pg
marchgirl: 37. DD, 5MC
maverick79: 35. TTC#1, 2MC, pg
me2me2: 2DC, 2MC
mimidoddrioni: 35. TTC#1, 2MC
minnie74: 40. DS, 3MC
monten: 37. TTC#1 since Apr 13, 1TFMR, 1MC
morganlefey: 29. DD, 3MC
mrsconfusion: 36. DD, 3MC
mrsdiddlydoo: 34. DS, 2MC, pg
notspartacus: 39. 2DD, 2 ectopic, 3MC
onestep2015: 39. TTC#1 since May 13, 3MC
patienceisvirtuous: 37. TTC#1 since Mar 14, 2MC, pg
peqpit: 33. TTC#1 for 2yrs, 3MC
portmoon: 43. DS, DD, 5MC
sallywade: 36. DS, 1TFMR, 5MC, pg
sashakerr: 37. DS, 3MC
sebsmummy: 40. DS, 3MC, pg
sizethree: 35, TTC#1, 3MC, pg
snoopysimaginaryfriend: 29. TTC#1 since Sep 14, 3MC
spamminit: 25. 2DS, 2MC
strubidooo: 34. TTC#1 since Sep 12, 3MC, 1 ectopic
sunandrainbow: 38, TTC#1, 4MC, pg
texta: 32. TTC#1, 3MC
thepopandcry: 38, DS, 4MC
thornfield38: 34. TTC#1 for 2 yrs, 2MC
tomcat81: 34. TTC#1 since Oct 14, 2MC
twilightstruggle: TTC#1 since Nov '12, 5MC
wadsy: 36. DS, 1 ectopic, 4 MC, pg


Thread babies
bakingtins: 40. 2DS, 4MC. Faith born May 14
tannyloo: 42, 2DS, 5MC. Bertie born Mar 15
tinytear: 41. DD, 5MC. Alice born Mar 15
justonemoretime: 39. 3MC. Scott, born May 15
purplefrogshoes: 38. 2MC, 1CMP. John born May 15
longestlurkerever: 34. DD, 3MC. Beth born Jun 15
catlover2014: 35. TTC#1 since 09, 3MC. Louis born Jun 15

Marchgirl Wed 17-Jun-15 14:50:43

Now 21 pregnant and 7 thread babies (since we've been counting them). Woohoo!

bythesea82 Wed 17-Jun-15 14:53:21

Thank you for the stats March

My stats:
Me 33, DH 31
No DC, TTC since Dec 12.
MC 1, 8+6 Nov 13, MC2, 10+6 Mar 14, MC3 10+6 Sep 14.
All testing clear, last MC chromosomally abnormal. Currently 23+6 weeks pregnant, no additional treatment.

It sounds like there are a lot of people having a tough week this week. Thinking of you all.
onestep will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Marchgirl Wed 17-Jun-15 15:05:01

Me 37. Dh 44. Dd born Aug 12. Normal pg

5MC in 17 months <Sigh>
Jan 14: MMC @12w (measured 6). Med man x2
Jul 14: NMC @8w (measured 5)
Oct 14: MMC @8w after hb seen at 7.1, Failed Med man
Nov 14 to Jan 15: testing and karyotyping of me and dh, all normal. No result on chromosome tests on embryo
Feb 15: V early MC @4.5 (on progesterone)
Apr 15: Coventry testing for uNK came back high (7.9%)
Jun 15: v early MC @4.2 (today)(on progesterone and pred)

Feeling a bit defeated with ttc at the moment (though a hundred times better than yesterday). Just want to know we'll definitely make it in the end, then I think I could put up with a bit more of this shit. As it is I feel like I might be doing all this for nothing.

sebsmummy1 Wed 17-Jun-15 15:15:19

Just a quickie to mark the thread. Will be back to update later xx

tannyLoo Wed 17-Jun-15 15:28:00

5 MCs between Dec 13 and Feb 14. Blood tests and scans normal. Thin lining and super fertile according to my consultant. After Coventry I had positive test before results were back so was prescribed prednisolone, heparin and progesterone.

Baby Bertie born in March.

Now, feeling overwhelmed with emotions and worried (or hoping) I have PND. Thank you all for your kind words. I've cried at every post in the middle of soft play. Like a twat. I need to talk to DH about it all but he's bearing the brunt of my anger/upset at the moment and I'm worried about making things worse. I could happily take the kids and run at the moment...

Frecklefire Wed 17-Jun-15 15:40:12

Woohoo kitten's here!!!! Well done cat**, and i LOVE the name! Xx

March** this stuff really puts a strain on relationships. Poor men - they're just so...disappointing. I recon most have the emotional intelligence of a dog, and an average one at that. Every time i've told dh that i'm pregnant i've never got the reaction expected - less excitement than for a pack of kit-kats. He's not 'my rock', he's lovely and i love him, and we have a brilliant laugh together, but i don't seek that deep level of emotional fullfilment from a man any more - that's what my old mates are for. I just don't think most have the same heart/soul capacity. God knows how much time, emotion, emergy, money i've thrown into relationships in my life. Sometimes i think i would have ended up happier if i hadn't focused on trying to get some stupid sod to love me and just cracked on having kids on my own!

And on a similar note, tanny** i reiterate what everyone else has said, you really do come across as kind of fuckinamazing. But you don't have to be. Here if you want to crumble...x

Boozle, was it u that was interested in hcg? Prof walker's points were, it makes the body produce it's own progestetone, you know exactly how much is absorbed, it doesn't cause any irritation with skin as the suppos' do plus it means you have to go there once a week until week 14 to have it injected, so they can keep an eye on you and check out other things as you go along. I felt like i had thrush at times last month with the sup's - and i got bleeding, really irritating. He says take prog from 7 days post ov and when i get bfp phone him and i can do either/or, whicherver i choose.

sebsmummy1 Wed 17-Jun-15 15:49:09

Tanny there just be an overwhelming build up of emotions after the journey you have been on. Maybe it's going to take a while to process everything and get into the routine of the new life you now have - with no constant TTC and a baby!! Do you genuinely think you and hubby have grown apart or is it more like you just don't want to be near anyone right now and need your own space with your children?

If it's the latter I could totally understand that. Almost a 'fuck off leave me alone' mentality where just being in their presence is immensely irritating I could be projecting here lol

Erica21 Wed 17-Jun-15 15:49:58

Here's me...

Me 32, DH 34, DS born June 2012

MMC at 12 wk scan July 2014
MC at 9.5 wks due to hematoma Oct 2014

Currently lurking big style, am 11+3 wks preg, waiting for 12 wk scan next tues, feeling v hideous but in a good way and generally keeping under the radar panicking that it will all go wrong again at the 12 wk scan...

Cat congrats on safe arrival of little Louis, very happy for you.

Tanny am thinking of you. We had some probs with DS at birth and midwife at the time told me I was high risk for PND, and then promptly left me to it. Make sure you get the help you need, it's hard to accept that things aren't all rosy and perfect, you're doing a fab job whatever life is throwing at you flowers

Hello to everyone on the thread x

inamaymaybewrong Wed 17-Jun-15 16:13:54

Marking new thread too....

Marchgirl Wed 17-Jun-15 16:14:23

tanny, it's just a thought, but perhaps your dh would feel relieved to hear that there may be something very specific and understandable causing things to be difficult between you. It's a totally different thing, but i think my dh copes better with my depression/tearfulness at the end of each cycle now he knows it is the hormones. Things will get better. Just keep holding on. X

cloudjumper Wed 17-Jun-15 16:25:10

Marking my place on the new thread.

Congratulations cat and welcome baby Louis! Great news xxx

Tanny - sending big big hugs. It's so tough, I'm sure! Do talk to your DH, it will help him as well, knowing that PND might be an issue here. You are doing absolutely the right thing, talking to your GP. Wishing you good luck.

Sorry for the silence from my end - we're in France, with rather ropey Internet!
Passed the 12-week milestone on Monday... Scan on the 29th.

Sunandrainbow Wed 17-Jun-15 16:42:56

tanny - hugs hugs lovely. sorry to hear you are going through such a difficult time - completely understandable though that there are such a rush of emotions after everything you have been through to get here. It is absolutely the right thing to do to talk to your doctor - really hoping they can offer you support. And please do offload here - that's what we are here for. x

Sunandrainbow Wed 17-Jun-15 16:46:36

Can I ask a quick q to anyone using progesterone and/or aspirin (aspirin for just in case, rather than an identified problem). At what point were you told to stop taking these if pg successful? And do you have to reduce gradually or just stop completely. I will (hopefully and can't quite believe it) be 12 weeks at the end of next week, but haven't been told when to stop. I've emailed the consultant but no response as he's on hols... Thank you. x

Brummiegirl15 Wed 17-Jun-15 17:02:43

Sun I was told only on Monday that I would stop progesterone as soon as got to 12 weeks. I'm not that daft and will reduce gradually from 12 and probably be done by 14 weeks. I've still got some 200mg so can ease down gently.

I am not on aspirin but was told by Mr Watts I was on the clexane for the whole pregnancy. Yay - what fun. Got my first bruise today

Will post stats when i get home - thanks for the new thread Bythesea 21 pregnant peeps and 7 babies. That's amazing!!!

Sunandrainbow Wed 17-Jun-15 17:04:58

Thanks brummie - yep think i'd be quite scared to just stop the progesterone. Might cut the remaining ones in half so doing 200 x 2 for last couple of weeks which seems to be what some people are prescribed anyway. x

Flen Wed 17-Jun-15 17:35:58

Just a little note for tanny to add my voice, you have been so wonderfully supportive, thoughtful and wise to so many of us, please know that you can say whatever you need here. Having a baby is so complex emotionally and rmc only adds more layers of complexity. You are going through a huge life change compounded by loss and that is a lot for any relationship to weather. Don't stop talking, to us or to your partner or to whoever you need.

Thanks for the new thread bythesea

And some hugs for you march. Thinking of you often.

barkingtreefrog Wed 17-Jun-15 17:46:37

Thanks for the new thread, bythesea they really so move so quickly!!!

Just catching up on the last thread and the start of this one (I posted before work, can't believe how much I've missed just while I've been in the office!!).

may I'm very out, completely overshare whenever it's relevant. Even put it on fb as my DH is doing an ironman and he's getting sponsorship for Tommy's so I put the justgiving link up and explained why it mattered to us...

floweroct thinking of you today thanks

cat congratulations !!! grin

brummie I like your occupational health! Also agree with the bad news thing, all my 'news' is bloody depressing!

onestep sorry it wasn't better news, have a hand to hold on to until tomorrow <hugs>

tanny you are NOT a failure. I think that point has been made pretty well!

cloud Wow, 12 weeks! Everything crossed for your scan on the 29th. And Erica almost there as well, hope you can find some distractions between now and Tuesday. thanks And sun approaching 12 weeks as well! So much hope here on this thread smile. Looking forward to watching you all sail through happy 12 week scans (I can keep the positivity going for you here as I'm not trying to cope with it myself wink)

My stats:
Me:36 DH:34
Ttc #1 since Dec 2011
Unexplained infertility (but very short LP)
Clomid bfp then mc @7 weeks summer 2013
IUI bfp then mc @7 weeks summer 2014
Failed IUI Jan 2015. Failed IVF April 2015.
Factor V leiden thrombophilia diagnosed at the rmc.
Awaiting nk cells results

inamaymaybewrong Wed 17-Jun-15 17:56:57

On progesterone, I took it from embryo transfer until about 8 or 10 weeks with my successful IVF pregnancy. (In IVF you produce no progesterone naturally.) My clinic's protocol was to stop it after a successful 6/7 week
scan but I was nervous so asked for a few weeks more. Then I stopped when the pessaries ran out. Was terrifying at the time but thankfully all turned out well that time.

OneStep2015 Wed 17-Jun-15 17:57:08

Thanks for the new thread bythesea

bootles Wed 17-Jun-15 18:05:22

Thanks bythesea and march (thanks for putting tfmr in too march)
Me 41, dp 47

DS born 2011 - straightfoward
Mc 1 2012, mmc @ 11wks, died 7 wks
loss 2 TFMR 2013 @ 13wks after crap 12 wk scan
Mc 3 2014 @10 wks, anembryonic,T22
Mc 4 2014 @ 8.5wks, hb seen, slowly died over several scans
Mc 5 2014 10wks died at 9, looked good at scan few days before.

Combo of erpc's/natural/medical

No's 2,4 chromosomes normal
No 3 trisomy 22
No 5 couldn't get results

Rmc tests normal
Coventry after no.4, diagnosed with high nk cells at 6.1. On their protocol for loss 5.

Currently 8+4 by dates, but 8 by the scan I had last week (O'd late). Feeling the fear in a big way.

mrsdiddlydoo Wed 17-Jun-15 18:05:51

A new thread already! Again!

I think if we can support each other from testing and the 2ww to actual real life babies post rmc, we can keep going and get each other through the perils of dealing with newborns and pnd. And partners... And... Bring it on! Tanny hold on in there. Gp is the best first port of call (after us obviously!!) We're here for you x

34, dh 33, 1ds 28 months. Ttc#2 since Oct 2013. Natural mc end April 14 @ 10 wks. Eprc end Nov 14 at 11+5. Will be 14wks pregnant tomorrow!!!!!! Got here following the Coventry protocol for normal unk cells, i.e. progesterone and heparin. Still weaning myself off progesterone.

Heard the heartbeat today at a mw appointment. For me after endless scans over the last year or so it made it feel so much more real. Mw predicts a girl.

Flen Wed 17-Jun-15 18:06:44

Is anyone entering TWW by the way?

CheesyMash Wed 17-Jun-15 18:07:17

Thanks for the new thread bythesea and updated stats march
Me 29 DH 32
DS born aug 13 - straight forward, no problems
Mmc1 sep14 at 12 wks (medical management) baby measured 8+5
Mmc2 jan15 also suspected ectopic 7-8 wks but sac measured 4-5wks (could have been pseudosac as no yolk sac or pole seen) natural mc

Had clotting screening tests - have factor v Leiden, and uNK cells tested - have elevated levels at 9%

On coventry protocol of progesterone, heparin and steroids when next pg - got a BFP yesterday so suppose that's now!

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