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'Pregnant unknown location' and falling hcg

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Teakind Mon 15-Jun-15 20:10:23


Does anyone have any experience with 'pregnant unknown location'?

Please excuse the long story!

I had a miscarriage in December at 8 weeks and was obviously very exited to find out that i was pregnant again 10 days ago. I'm seeing a fertility specialist because of how long it took to get pregnant in the first place (haven't had any treatment yet) and so they called me to have my hcg measured. The results were very low and barely rose after 48 hours. I've had no bleeding but have had some stomach pain.

At the weekend, i got worried it could be eptopic (yes i did spend hours googling!) and so called up a different EPU as my local one isn't open on the weekends. They were really lovely and did more bloods and a scan. There is nothing in my uterus but she thinks she could see something in one of my tubes but she couldn't be sure as its so small. The bloods came back and my hcg and progesterone are now falling. I know it's not viable but i'm worried what will happen if it is in my tube. As the levels are falling, i presume nothing is growing anymore but could it cause a blockage somewhere or will it come out/dissolve?

I have no children and am very worried what two miscarriages in a row means. It's laughable how worried i was for years about contraception failing!

Thank you in advance for any help and advice.

bakingtins Tue 16-Jun-15 09:59:54

hi tea i'm sorry you are going through this. If the pregnancy is already failing then once levels drop low enough you will have a bleed. The risk to your tube is if the pregnancy keeps growing and damages or ruptures the tube, or from surgery to remove an ectopic which can cause scarring or necessitate removal of a tube. Your body is doing the right thing. Doesn't make it any less unutterably shit though flowers
I've had 4 mc and no 2 was particularly tough. You can accept the first as your share of bad luck, much harder to do that a second time yet nobody wants to help you.

Teakind Tue 16-Jun-15 16:05:55

Hi, thank you for the response. My levels are really low (only 80 now) but still no bleed. I just want it to happen quickly so that i can move on.

Sorry to hear you have had 4. That must be really tough. Have they found a reason?

Yes it's horrible having to potentially wait for a 3rd before they will do anything.

Some people make having a baby look so easy. My friend complained to me the other day that it took 'two whole months' to fall pregnant with her baby. In her defence, she doesn't know i'm trying but she has no idea how difficult it is for some people.

bakingtins Tue 16-Jun-15 18:03:04

Yes, I have high NK cells and I had a successful pregnancy when treated with progesterone, heparin and steroids smile

I would take a little comfort in your losses not following a pattern. I hope it is just really shitty luck and next time you'll be ok, but I know it's hard to believe that when it feels like the Universe is against you.

limon Wed 17-Jun-15 13:52:15

Hi sorry to hear this. I had the same in my first pregnancy in 2010. The epu scan never showed anything. We tried natural management and ECG levels dropped slowly. I had a methotrexate injection to resolve it.

a tubal potency test showed a blocked fallopian tube after that, however I fell pregnant again very easily. Doctors think the tube probably wasn't blocked. I had two early missed miscarriages and then fell pregnant just over a year after my first pregnancy - I was prescribed aspirin and now have a three and a half year old smile

Teakind Wed 17-Jun-15 20:33:32

Baking i'm very glad to hear that you have had a successful pregnancy. It sounds like quite a journey to get there!

Hi limon, thanks for your response. How long did you wait for natural management? Did you have to wait to ttc after the injection? I keeping feeling like AF is coming but it's just not. I'm glad your story has a happy ending!

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