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Cloggal Sat 13-Jun-15 21:43:48

i'm in the process of miscarrying, blood like a period for last two days, cramps and a very thick clot and some mucus this afternoon. I have to go to hospital on Monday for the scan and exam. I'm seven weeks gone.

I've accepted that this is happening and that I will just have to regroup, heal and try again, but I'm so scared. I had a loop diathermy earlier in the year and I'm terrified this will mean more mcs. It took me years to conceive my ds, but after the bfp all was well. This time, conceived straight away but didn't stick.

I don't even really have a question or anything, just needed to get this down. Feeling calm and accepting, but just vulnerable and worried that this will happen again.

flowers for everyone who has been through this. It's so sad.

andadietcoke Sat 13-Jun-15 21:51:20

I'm sorry for your loss.

Each pregnancy is very different, and a sad outcome this time is not reflective of next time. I struggled through my post-mc pregnancy and actually having a child (or children - I had twins) at the end of it was a massive shock. But someone on here told me a mantra they used - 'today I am pregnant'. It helped me get through the doubt and anxiety worrying the same thing was going to happen again.

Take time to recover though, emotionally as well as physically. My first period post-mc was worse than the mc itself. Take care of yourself but make sure you have someone looking after you too.

SerendipityDooDah Sat 13-Jun-15 21:54:16

Really sorry you're going through a miscarriage -- I have miscarried myself and remember well how painful, in all senses, it was. Sounds like you are taking a very good approach to it in terms of your mindset. I can understand why you feel vulnerable and afraid. There a saying along the lines of "once you've been the one in 1,000 you no longer find statistics comforting". After a pregnancy loss it's hard to have faith that you'll conceive again and carry a healthy baby to term. However, the fact that you conceived so quickly this time is a terrific fact to hold on to. flowers to you as you grieve, and very best of luck with the hospital appointment and your future TTC attempts.

Cloggal Sat 13-Jun-15 21:56:49

Thank you both, I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful words flowers

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