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Maternity exemption certificate

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Mummageddon Fri 12-Jun-15 12:20:47

Hi, first of all sorry to everyone who finds themselves needing this board sad
I recently had a MC at 12 weeks and got my maternity exemption certificate through the door the next day. It says to send it back if you MC within 24 weeks of pregnancy but will I get in trouble if I keep it?
I don't want to use it, only to keep as a reminder with my scan picture.
What has anyone else done in this situation?

Brummiegirl15 Fri 12-Jun-15 12:59:26

Not at all. I kept mine. Keep it safe

Adventuregame Fri 12-Jun-15 15:24:11

I sent mine back but I can't imagine they would chase you up for it - you could always say you lost it ?

Mummageddon Fri 12-Jun-15 15:45:33

Thanks both, maybe I'm being a bit weird wanting to keep it but I have so little to remember this one with.
Thanks again x

MissesandMuddles Fri 12-Jun-15 15:57:58

I kept mine in exactly the same circumstances and never heard anything. I don't think it's weird. Sorry for your loss.

Adventuregame Fri 12-Jun-15 16:01:53

Not weird ! I kept my baby on board badge (hoping to use it next time) but it has always felt sad that I didn't get a scan photo to keep. We got a memory plant for the garden instead in the end.

frowner Mon 22-Jun-15 17:33:07

I cut mine up and binned it in anger last week :-(

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