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Sarah1992 Mon 08-Jun-15 17:07:22

His basically last Tuesday I had slight spotting no more then 10 mins too but I went to the dr just in case who sent me for a early scan on the Wednesday. At the scan they couldn't see baby or hear heartbeat I was supposed to be 11 weeks they also did an interior one with no luck too jus a six week sac . The lady said it looks like bad news but we have to rescan I. One week in case dates are wrong ... On sat I had slight spotting again and then Sunday horrific abdominal pain and felt like I couldn't pass the clots only one big one had come out so I went to the hospital they did a examination which only resulted in them giving me pain killers and that they could do nothing untill scan as my cervix was closed he was going to try help bring some out if I couldn't pass it .... So now next day I've felt exhausted and it's much heavier in in no pain because of the cocodomol but have felt dizzy and faint all day jus can't stand to be in limbo anyone has anyone else been through this and can shed light on how long it takes if I'm actually miscarrying anything ?

strawberrycrumble Mon 08-Jun-15 17:30:50

Hi Sarah1992 Im so sorry you are in this position, its very similar to mine so will share my experience. 11 weeks pregnant, started with light blood loss last Wednesday, this worsened with cramps on Friday. I went to the hospital on Saturday morning and they said to rest and wait and see as they couldn't scan at weekends. Im not really a 'wait and see' type of person so booked a private scan that afternoon which showed a completely empty sac measuring roughly 8 weeks.
The bleeding got worse on the Saturday and yesterday I passed the sac. I went to the GP this morning who examined me and said nature has taken care of it and no further treatment was needed. I have however booked a private scan for next week so I can see for definite that everything has gone that needed to.
I was 100% confident of my dates as the sonographer suggested it might be too early to see anything but I knew the pregnancy was definitely 11 weeks as anything less than that wasn't possible.
I hope you get you answers asap as the not knowing is awful x

Sarah1992 Mon 08-Jun-15 17:39:25

Thank you so much I would have done the same in your position I'm glad I've got the scan coming and if I haven't passed all of not by then I will want another one that is horrible they didn't offer I would hate this waiting game knowing I might not get to see if it gone for myself .. I don't know how to feel either keep crying every now and again and going from it's Definetely dead as my dates are correct to but what if they are wrong and hoping I want to hope but surely after this amount of blood it can't be :/ jus don't know hopefully I can have some closure wednesday thank you for sharing it is really helping me xx

strawberrycrumble Mon 08-Jun-15 18:02:32

I have found a lot of support on here, whilst Im sad that people have to go through this, it has helped me a lot knowing im not on my own. I consider myself 'lucky' that mine all happened pretty quickly and not sat wondering what was going on. The first 2 days I wasn't worried by the slight blood loss as I had this with my 1st pregnancy and she is now a delightful 5yr old. It was the Friday night I became very concerned and by Saturday afternoon I had my answer.
I hope Wednesday comes around very fast for you as I know the not knowing bit is torture because you go through every scenario in your head. I decided to prepare myself for worst case scenario and then anything else was a bonus but I understand that doesn't work for everyone xx

Sarah1992 Mon 08-Jun-15 18:22:13

Thank you and yes like you sed you wouldn't want anyone to go through it but the support and kindness that comes from others who have make you feel slightly normal again or positive that it will get better ... It jus hasn't stopped today I haven't got out of bed other then to sit on the toilet jus been in and out of sleeping so knackered jus want Wednesday to hurry up !! My husband will be in soon and he said he will cook me dinner I jus can't wait really for a cuddle jus want to curl up and stay in bed until it's over sad

strawberrycrumble Wed 10-Jun-15 10:24:36

Hi Sarah1992 thinking of you today, hope you are doing ok x

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