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Pregnancy worry!!

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Haydan7712 Fri 05-Jun-15 13:52:41

Hi I am 5/2 weeks pregnant and I'm having a bit of a panic!! Yesterday at work I had horrible period type pains really low followed by sweating dizziness feeling sick and faint!!
Today I have still got period type pains and brown spotting. I am going to see my GP after work today.
Is this normal? I'm so worried something is wrong. Me and my husband really want this baby.
If anyone can help id really appreciate it
Thank you

bakingtins Fri 05-Jun-15 19:29:54

Hi haydan hope you managed to see your GP. Cramps and spotting could both be normal in early pregnancy. Most early pregnancy units won't scan you before 6 weeks but they can check blood HCG levels 48 hrs apart to see if they are doubling. unfortunately there really is nothing you or anyone medical can do to influence the outcome, it really is a case of sit tight and hope for the best. hope you get a good outcome.

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