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TTC following early miscarriage and Im lost. Please help?

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jwilliams7043 Wed 03-Jun-15 03:59:41

Okay this is kind of long..
So I had an early miscarriage on May 8th at 6 weeks. I went to the hospital for bad bleeding my HCG was 5. I stopped bleeding that day. The dr said everything had passed and that I could try again right away if I wanted. I had sex the 15th and ovulation type pains the 20s-a22nd lots of twinges on both sides so im not sure which of those days I actually O'd. I had just the slightest bit of blood when I wiped on the 29th. Which was9 dpo. For the last four or five days I have sooo many symptoms that keep getting worse each day. I got what I thought was maybe a faint positive today. I put the test on here and people dont seem to see it. My boobs hurt so so badly. My nipples are extremely sensitive. I can smell everything. Im utterly exhausted and have had a headache for 5 days that goes away only briefly with tylonal. I cry at the drop of a hat just in the last few days. Has anyone else gotten a negative test this late and still been pregnant? Ive never tried right after a miscarriage before. Idk what is normal for trying so soon after a miscarriage. I have been charting like crazy for two years and everything is always extremely on time and I o at the same time every month and now I dont know when anything is supposed to happen. Is it too late for a negative test to be wrong? Is there any way after having sex more than 2 weeks ago that it could still be too early. Please help. Ive never had trouble figuring out my timing before now. This is my third mc in a year and a half. Im just so overwhelmed because we want this so badly. I will attach a pic of the test. I dont think anyone sees a line as i do in person. am i just going nuts? lol
Thank you for any and all help <3

bakingtins Wed 03-Jun-15 12:09:36

I don't think there is a normal for the cycle after a MC. It's referred to as a WTF (what the f***) cycle on here because all sorts of weirdness happens. It's v possible you ovulated late and you are early pregnant. If AF doesn't arrive test again in a few days.
Have you not been referred for recurrent miscarriage testing though? You should qualify after 3 losses, but you need to have a break from TTC while they do the tests. Either way, you'd be welcome on the RMC support threads, plenty of people going through testing and pregnant again after multiple losses and understandably anxious.

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