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miscarriage and hypothyroidism

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peaches4tea Thu 28-May-15 10:19:50

This is more of a "letting off steam" than anything. After 13 years of constantly telling the doctors that there was something wrong with me and it was probably my thyroid, I have at last been diagnosed with a thyroid problem. This has been going on since my DD was born 2002 and my weight went from 8st to 13st in about 6 months. I have two boys from a previous relationship and my DH and I wanted to complete our family so in 2006 we started to try for another baby. We had 6 miscarriages between 2006 and 2012 and were told that it was just one of those things that could not be explained.
I had an exploration op in 2012 as my periods were getting so bad I could not stand at times and I was diagnosed with blocked tubes, one caused by an etopic pregnancy and the other endometriosis along with scarring. One tube was unblocked and I was told that I should be able to conceive. There was no conception so off I went again to a new doctor who did blood tests which came back that I had extremely high prolactin levels. I was put on meds and told my fertility should return although by now I was 41.
We gave up trying and I went to uni to study a degree in History which I am now in going into my 3rd year. At a routine smear test the nurse asked me if I had tried to lose weight as I was overweight and at risk. When I told her I exercise every day and eat healthily to actually keep my weight from getting any higher and if I don't I can put on 4lbs in 2 days, she was alarmed and sent for the doctor. The doctor sent blood tests away and it has come back abnormal.
I have been called to see the doctor on Wednesday so do not know the extent of the problem but while I am relieved that something is now being done, I am also extremely upset that my chance of having another child was taken from me because nobody would listen. I am 44 now and about to become a grandmother in what can only be described as a very complicated scenario but I am advising anybody with symptoms of thyroid trouble to insist they get it checked and if the tests come back "average", keep on it.

Sorry for the long post but needed to get it off my chest smile

escorpion Thu 28-May-15 20:09:56

Peaches sorry to hear of this. I only actually got diagnosed with hypothyroidism after coming to live in a different country. In the UK I was always "borderline". I have had 2 MC, not sure if the thyroid played a huge part it in at my levels were under control by the second MC. In any case I totally agree with you, that it should be taken more seriously. x

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