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Is this early mc?

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Alayah Thu 28-May-15 08:24:07

I feel guilty for posting on here because I am not ttc, but I've never been through a mc before and not sure if that's what this is or if I should get checked out. I've been off hormonal contraception for around 6 months and started a new relationship 3 months ago, been very careful using condoms alone. 1 minor failure used MAP within hours and next period arrived as normal.

Anyway my period was supposed to start last Friday 22nd; and I did get a small amount of dark brown spotting then, like very thick discharge when wiping rather than bleeding, so put my mooncup in. There was basically nothing more. Just tiny bits of dark brown in normal mucous discharge, and most days nothing. I was away for the weekend and really don't want to be pregnant so tried not to think too much about it; but by Tuesday was so worried by the non-period that I bought some tests on the way home from work. I took two yesterday morning (so period 5 days late) and both negative, so I was very relieved, but then worried as to what was going on. Then last night I finally started bleeding, but it is very different from my usual period. I'm normally pretty light - I use a mooncup, normally would lose up to 7.5ml/day for first 2-3 days, then considerably less for the next 2-3, never have cramps or pain. Since last night I've had to empty the cup a few times and had leakage so having to wear a cloth pad as well, I estimate I've lost at least 40-50ml in 12 hours, and it's thinner blood than usual with lumpy clots in, rather than the usual mucoid consistency. It also smells a lot stronger- distinct fresh blood smell which I don't normally get. I've felt quite nauseated and weak/dizzy, and I've had horrendous cramps, constant severe ache across whole pelvic/lower back areas with some stronger tightening ones really low down, which even cocodamol hasn't really taken the edge off, took me hours to get comfortable enough to sleep and still woke up several times with cramping.

Could this be a very early mc? From the day of my last period it would be exactly 5 weeks that the bleeding started. Would a negative hpt 12 hours before be consistent with that?

Do I need to do anything about it or be checked? I have a GP appt in 3 weeks planning to get checked out as I've had repeated bleeding after sex. Only in work for 2 hours this morning then I can take the rest of the day at home. I'm really uncomfortable and tired.

Alayah Thu 28-May-15 11:40:56

Little bump in case anyone can offer any insight. Don't feel quite so worried now as the flow has slowed down a bit, just less than 10ml in the last few hours. Still horribly crampy and uncomfortable though, glad I can go home from work now!

It's just so unlike my normal periods, I feel really odd as I was very worried I could be pregnant and didn't want to be, and now I wonder if maybe there was a very very early one or something that ended naturally I just don't know how I'm supposed to feel.

Adventuregame Thu 28-May-15 13:24:45

Alayah I'm not too sure if I can offer any help but didn't want to leave you with no replies.

I understand you must be worried out of your mind !!! I would definitely go and see your GP. It would be unusual to get the negative test like you said so I doubt it is a pregnancy but if not then you need to know what it is !!

A friend of mine had bleeding after sex and it was due to erosions which were harmless.

Please see a doctor.

Alayah Thu 28-May-15 14:15:57

Thanks Adventure. I wasn't sure if I am just over worrying about seeing a doctor or not. I just rang the GP and they initially said no appointments available but when I described what was going on they
found me an appointment later. So I guess I should be checked then.
Still bleeding and cramping but not as bad as last night.

Hopefully it's nothing. I really want to talk to my best friend but she's going through fertility problems and doesn't need to know about this.

Adventuregame Thu 28-May-15 14:49:45

Let me know how you get on !

misscupcakes Thu 28-May-15 14:53:53

I had something very similar and was in a right panic thinking it was MC. My bleeding was incredibly heavy and (sorry for TMI!) thick with large clots and came outside of my normal period time. PG test at walk-in centre negative.

After being given tranexamic acid to stop the heavy flow, I had an ultrasound and a small growth was found - consultant said it was a polyp or cyst. This was about 6 months ago and it hasn't occurred again since.

You know your own period - if this isn't how it usually is, you've definitely done the right thing in getting an appt. There are lots of reasons for sudden heavy periods, including cysts, which are very common.

Alayah Thu 28-May-15 17:30:48

Well GP was reasonably reassuring, it was a woman I hadn't seen before. I am borderline for within the normal variations of periods she says and she did mention that it could possibly be very very early mc but it would be the same plan anyway- watch and wait. BP and abdominal exam normal. I have some mefenamic acid to help with the cramps and bleeding and to go back if the bleeding lasts longer than a week, then they would check bloods and scan, otherwise to keep appointment in 3 weeks as she wants to examine me when I'm not bleeding because of the post-coital bleeding.
Back to the sofa with a hot water bottle now. Hope the mefenamic works as 3 12hr shifts over the next few days won't be fun otherwise!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could keep our uteruses in a jar and just get them out when we actually need them.

Haydan7712 Fri 05-Jun-15 13:48:25

Hi I am an 5/2 weeks pregnant and I'm having a bit of a panic!! Yesterday at work I had horrible period type pains really low followed by sweating dizziness feeling sick and faint!!
Today I have still got period type pains and brown spotting. I am going to see my GP after work today.
Is this normal? I'm so worried something is wrong. Me and my husband really wan this baby.
If anyone can help if really appreciate it
Thank you

Adventuregame Fri 05-Jun-15 14:32:04

Haydan there are lots of women who have spotting and pregnancies are fine so don't worry until you have seen a dr - an EPU would probably be able to tell you more so don't be surprised if GP tells you to see what happens over the weekend ?

This thread may help you with the waiting...

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