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Mifepristone and misoprostol miscarriage

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StephyJ Thu 21-May-15 23:32:34

Hi everyone,

I am currently going through a medically managed miscarriage and was wondering if anyone who has gone down this route could shed some light on my experience.

I had a scan this Monday gone at 10 weeks to confirm a missed miscarriage. Baby only measured 6 weeks. At the EPU they gave me one tablet of mifepristone to block the progesterone hormone and get things going but at this time I was already bleeding and having cramps.

By the time I got home I had to take the painkillers they gave me as the cramps were getting increasingly worse. If anything they felt like contractions coming every few minutes or so. I was literally writhing in agony so took some more painkillers till it began to subside. Then I was fine and was able to go to bed at a normal time.

The next day still had normal to heavy bleeding and slight cramps. Tried to keep busy and do some house work.. Then all of a sudden I felt a trickling feeling and pressure coming from the inside of my vagina. I quickly waddled off to the toilet.. Sat down and felt the trickling.. pressure and then I passed some matter of some sort. It looked sort of grey and hard not like a gooey blood clot. All this with no significant cramps at all.. Totally unexpected!

So two days later and I am meant to take the cytotec or misoprostol in the anus ( because I am already bleeding). I have done so, which was uncomfortable and felt like by butt was on fire for about at hour. However 5 hours later and still nothing and I could no longer hold in a number 2, I gave in and went toilet blush

So now I am wondering if I miscarried properly 2 days ago and maybe that is why I am not feelin anything or if I have just basically messed up and pooped out the medication before it had a time to work.

I know a lot of information but if anyone has an idea of what is going on with me please let me know.

Marvel101 Fri 22-May-15 08:09:17


They will likely do an ultrasound to check what's left in the womb

I went through a similar process to yours and they found a small bit to tissue left after the baby and the placenta passed - so gave me more tablets to make that pass too.

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