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Will they help us

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tattooedmummy Mon 18-May-15 08:18:56

Will anyone help us now ? I had a MMC last year followed by an early MC at 6 weeks and u am currently 3 days post emergency surgery for an ectopic (lost my left tube )

Prior to the MMC I gave birth to my son now 3 years old but before that I had an early MC at 5 weeks

I am going to the gp today to see if anyone can help us ..,, what should I request ?

We have not been offered anothing not even counselling ..

babyangelbean20315 Mon 18-May-15 08:28:46

Request. Counselling and testing if they say no find another doctors

tattooedmummy Mon 18-May-15 10:21:53


bakingtins Tue 19-May-15 08:08:48

tattoo sorry for your losses. It's a bit of a grey area whether an ectopic counts as a miscarriage for the 3-losses-in-a-row rules, though it should for anyone with an ounce of humanity. You need to be referred to your nearest recurrent miscarriage clinic for testing ( usually part of the gynae department of a big hospital) and seperately for counselling if you feel that would be helpful. Come and join the recurrent miscarriage threads for some support and guidance through the process.

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