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Bleeding, on off cramps for 7 days - no clots.

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Ginger01 Wed 06-May-15 10:10:12

Hello Ladies,

I have found a lot of solace and comfort over the last few weeks on this site. From the 2ww until now.
This is my first post here despite being a member for 7 weeks. I am posting about my recent experience in which I am convinced I have miscarried, but 7 days after starting spotting I have still not been seen by EPU. It is a very long post - sorry. However Dr Google hasn’t been much help.

My cramping began last Thursday at 8 weeks and 2 days and increased.

Then at 8 weeks 2 days I spotted after sex. I still had sore bbs (my ONLY pg symptom since day 1).

Day 3: At 8 weeks and 4 days I began to spot more heavily. We were in London that day and the option to rest wasn’t there. The cramps were the same as they are at the height of AF, very painful and I could feel the blood falling into the sanitary towel (sorry), I was still able to walk around but the cramps were bad – just like before AF. on the journey home the cramps were so painful I could not sit comfortably. It was whilst on the train that the sanitary towels became soaked through within 45minutes – leaking through to my jeans.
There was no clotting.
Thankfully this was just before we reached home.
At home i went to the bathroom and felt something small pass , I looked and it was not tissue, and it wasn’t very large – maybe the size of my little finger - it was a deep red.
The pain eased almost immediately, but it was still there only mild.
My bbs were still a little sore but less than they had been.

Day 4: I woke expecting a lot more blood but there was only light red spotting in the middle of the sanitary towel and when I wiped.
I still had cramps – but they were much milder, occasionally getting worse then passing to nothing.
The spotting continued all day – still not clots and nothing really heavy. I wore a sanitary towel but I could have worn a panty liner.
Called EPU for advice they said they could not see me unless I was seen by a GP and that my symptoms did not YET warrant an emergency. They said if I’d been bleeding for that many days but my PG test was positive I should also be positive!!
This was Sunday and the following day was May day so not able to see GP.
Day 5: Cramping was very mild but still spotting a little. Another HPT was still as strong – but I was still telling myself that it didn’t really mean anything – but I still found it reassuring. I rested all day as much as I could and by the evening the cramping had all but gone – just twinges by now. Woke in the early hours to dark blood in the middle of sanitary towel. Thought that this was it and mc would start soon. Nothing else happened.
Day 6: I should be 9 weeks today. Woke with no fresh blood and no cramps. Booked emergency appt with GP in order to get GP refer for EPU. EPU will not see me for 2 days (I go tomorrow at 11.30) so GP apologised and sent me home to wait. No cramps at all in the morning, I had very mild cramping on and off all day, by 5pm the cramps had gone and the spotting was minimum. My only PG sign (sore bbs) was gone. I was expecting the worst and hoping for the best by this point. I just wanted to know what had happened and to get the mc over with. But I had to wait two more days to find out.
I had googled and googled ‘cramps, and bleeding but no clots’ but the only results were from those who had experienced bleeding with NO cramps OR who had, had bleeding cramps AND clots. Neither fitted me.

Day 7: Today Woke at 3am with cramping, dark blood – but only a little in the middle of the towel. This morning I have no pain and I’m only spotting a little. My nerves are now pretty much frayed I’m angry, confused and sad. I feel guilty because now I just want something to happen. I am utterly convinced I have miscarried but that my cervix is closed and therefore will not release the foetus. I have now been Googling what to expect when you miscarry at 8 weeks.
There is a slim chance it is a ‘threatened miscarriage’ but I no-longer have symptoms and a positive PG test means nothing.
I am not holding out any hope – I just need the scan to confirm what I already and to get the advice I need. I can’t understand why - if my baby has died - it won’t release, but I understand that it is very common and many of us go through this cruelty of nature.
Now I think my only choice will be D&C or natural m/c. After 7 days of emotional upheaval I just want what will help me move on the soonest.

I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility many years ago – and it just never happened for me. Until now at the improbable age of 44 and with my amazing new partner (8 months – after my long-term relationship failed more than a year prior to us meeting) – I fall pregnant naturally twice – one month after the other, both ending in mc. I miscarried in March at 5 weeks and fell PG straight away and now this MC at 8 or 9 weeks.
This is obviously my last chance of being a mother. At my age the chance of a successful pregnancy is slim – I had hoped I would finally be one of the lucky ones – but it’s obviously not to be. I knew the chances when I conceived and did everything I was supposed to in order to encourage a healthy pregnancy. Prenatals, pure foods, starch, carbs no caffeine/alcohol/green tea etc.
All I want now is to move on, start grieving and move on.
I will update tomorrow with results. I’m not sure why I am posting this – I think I just need to get it out. Sorry that it is so long!

GinPleaseThankYou Wed 06-May-15 10:17:43

I'm so sorry you're going through this. It's shit that you've had to wait so long to be seen. I hope you get answers very soon. thanks

Erica21 Wed 06-May-15 16:11:42

Oh Ginger I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I MC last year at 12 wks and then fell pregnant again two months later. This time at 8 wks I started bleeding the day after my booking in apt with the midwife. The bleeding was heavy enough that I went to a+e and sat there waiting for an hour in agony and with heavy blood loss. I was taken up to the emergency gynae ward where I was told it was a threatened miscarriage but they wouldn't scan until the following morning. To my utter surprise there was a heartbeat, but also a large blood clot (subchorionic hematoma). All went quiet for 3 days and then much more blood loss with cramps, clots and just heavy blood. Had another heartbeat on the scan. The stats for a positive outcome with bleeding in early preg if you see a hb at 8 wks is 98% chance of baby being ok. Sadly for me this time the hematoma ruptured the sac.
You may have a small blood clot, you said you'd passed some material, which may have been the clot, please stay positive, I have my fingers crossed for you for the scan tomorrow. I can see how much you want this, and I know what you're going through.
I find it very sad and upsetting that your EPU wouldn't see you straight away, and I have experienced that with one local and massively oversubscribed hospital, but also found my other local hospital with just an EPU and scanning dept to be much more receptive and approachable. Will be thinking of you. Please let me know how you get on xx

Ginger01 Wed 06-May-15 19:26:11

Thank you Gin - I sometimes think that we are meant to be invincible.
Erica21 I'm so sorry for your losses and thank you for your encouragement. I suppose there is no way of knowing for sure until tomorrow.

After almost a day of no bleeding or cramping I had strong pain at 6pm and a little blood. The pain has just eased off. At least this time tomorrow I will know one way or the other.
I will update as soon as I can.
Thank you again.

Ginger01 Fri 08-May-15 11:39:39

I'm updating for the benefit of anyone who reads this in the future because I have found old posts to be immense support.
I had my scan yesterday and there was no sign of the pregnancy.
The think that it stopped developing at 6 or 7 weeks and the small clots that I passed were in fact the tissue (I was looking out for something that resembled 8 weeks).
The good (??) news is that I am completely clear and there is now nothing left behind. PG test is pretty much negative now and so I can start to move on and plan a different future.
I really think this was my final chance, I had reconciled myself to be being childless and then I fall PG twice once after the other and hope grabbed me by the heart again. But its time to let it go. I can't go through the emotional upheaval again. But who knows... maybe this old fossil will crop again in a few months with a better outcome ;-)
Good luck and happy outcomes to all - this website has been invaluable to me, never underestimate the power of posts!

Erica21 Fri 08-May-15 15:24:04

Ginger thanks for posting, I was thinking about you yesterday. I'm so sorry it wasn't a more positive outcome for you flowers I'm glad you don't have to have any surgical management and that you might even be willing to try again?? Keep positive, I know it's a tough thing to get through but I hope you might one day have a happy outcome of your own x

Ginger01 Fri 08-May-15 16:02:24

Thank you Erica- all the very best.

MustShowDH Sat 09-May-15 14:03:06

Thanks for posting.
I'm going through an 8wk mc at the moment and just reading others experiences helps take away some of the mystery and fear.
I'm 39 and can hear loud ticking.
I'm sorry for your losses.

Erica21 Sat 09-May-15 17:06:20

Sorry for you loss Must flowers x

Ginger01 Sun 10-May-15 13:44:58

Hi Must - I am so sorry for your loss. It is a very individual experience and if I have learnt one thing, it's there is no right or wrong way to be, think or react. We are not in control of what happens, only what we do next.
All the best x

MustShowDH Sun 10-May-15 23:39:11

Thank you.
This is my second miscarriage in a year.
I do have a 4yr old DD and really should count my blessings.

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