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Recurrent miscarriage support, tests, treatments and trying again.

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Monten Mon 27-Apr-15 10:11:51

Buckle up, the threads move like lightening! Tea, sympathy, information, support and combined wisdom to guide you through the maze of testing and treatment for recurrent miscarriage. Newbies always most welcome.

Please start with the traditional recap of your stats.

Monten Mon 27-Apr-15 10:13:07

Lifted from thread 21 (where it was lifted from thread 20)

andcounting, 33, ds, 5 mcs, pg
bakingtins, 40, 2 ds, 4 mcs, 1 dd smile
barkingtreefrog, 35, ttc #1 since Dec '11, 2 mcs
bettybutterchops, 40, ds, 3 mcs, pg
bootles, 41, ds, 5 mcs
brummiegirl15, 38, ttc #1 since April '14, 3 mcs
bythesea82, 32, ttc #1 since Dec '12, 3 mcs, pg
cloudjumper, 43, ds, 3 mcs
flen, 36, ttc #1, 3 mcs
floweroct 34, ttc #1 since summer '11, 3 mcs
flower29, 29, ds, 2 mcs
frecklefire, 40, ds, 3 mcs
girliesaints, 37, dd, 3 mcs
mimidoddrioni, 35, ttc #1, 2 mcs
Ifinishedthebiscuits, 37, 2 ds, 4 mcs
jady77, 37, ttc #1 since Sept '14, 2 mcs
justonemoretime, 39, ttc #1 since '11, 3 mcs, pg
longestlurkerever, 34, dd, 3 mcs, pg
loopyaboutmy2boys 38, 2 ds, 4 mcs
marchgirl, 37, dd, 4 mcs
maverick79, 35, ttc #1, 2 mcs
minnie74, 40, ds, 3 mcs
monten, 37, ttc #1 since April '13, 1 TFMR, 1 mc
mrsconfusion 35, dd, 3 mcs
mrsdiddlydoo, 34, ds, 2 mcs
sebsmummy, 40, ds, 3 mcs
sizethree, 35, ttc #1, 3 mcs, pg
sunandrainbow, 38, ttc #1, 4 mcs
tannyloo, 42, 2 ds, 5 mcs, 1 ds smile
thepopandcry, 38, ds, 4 mc
tinytear, 41, dd, 5 mcs, pg


Justonemoretime Mon 27-Apr-15 10:20:23

Thanks for the new thread, Monten smile
I can't do stats from here but will do when I can. Currently in hospital being observed as I'm 31.5 weeks pg after 3 mmcs over 3.5 years of TTC for DC #1 and I've been having bleeds for the last month or so, on and off. Babyjust and I seem to be fine, be we're being closely monitored.

SashaKerr Mon 27-Apr-15 10:21:48

Can I add moi?

Sashakerr, 37, ttc #2, DS, 3 Mcs

AllThereIs Mon 27-Apr-15 10:25:58

Marking my spot!

I'm off to phone EPU. My manager has just compared my pallor to a piece of paper.

Marchgirl Mon 27-Apr-15 10:37:25

Thanks for the new thread monten
Anyone got the stats in an offline format? I think it needs a few updates.

me 37, dh 44. Dd born aug 12. Normal pg
Jan 14 to Feb 15, 4 mc:
12wks, measured 6 med man x2;
8 weeks measured 5. Natural;
8 weeks after hb seen at 7.1. Med man;
Almost 5 weeks. Natural

Had foetus 3 tested but they couldn't culture the cells so no result.
Rmc testing and karotyping done after mc3. All normal. Went to Coventry 2 weeks ago and awaiting results.

Back ttc this month and absolutely shitting myself. Will follow Coventry protocol (heparin, progesterone, prednisolone) if high nk result or join RESPONSE trial (testing the drug nt100, but not allowed anything else confused) if normal nk result.

keeping fingers crossed for all the 2ww peeps x

bakingtins Mon 27-Apr-15 10:37:56

Thanks monten hope your thread-finishing being lucky theory works out for you wink

Update on us - I have 2 sons and my daughter, Faith, was born May 2014 on the Coventry protocol after a high uNK cells diagnosis which had caused/contributed to 4MC all at 9-10 weeks. Faith was diagnosed with infantile spasms, a form of epilepsy, in January. She is 11 weeks seizure free and off meds apart from replacement doses of steroids as the drugs have damaged her adrenal system. She is well and happy again. smile We remain concerned about her development as she is 3-4 months behind and a lot of children with IS have development issues even with a good response to treatment. The NHS moves at glacial speed, we were referred urgently by HV a month ago and still waiting for an appointment with community paeds (they are now booking for June) and will presumably then wait again if they refer us on. We are paying for a private physio assessment on Thursday and we have a slot with a neurodevelopmental charity in July and we're on the waiting list for our local SN toddler group. All the endless waiting for MC investigations, doing your own research and chasing things up has probably been good preparation for this.....
And now I'll shut up about her and focus on MC issues for the remainder of the thread blush

Marchgirl Mon 27-Apr-15 10:44:13

Good to hear an update on faith baking. Do please keep posting them. Glad she is doing so well, but it must be very frustrating now you're at the stage where things slow down in her care. Hope you get the appointment through soon and good luck with the physio on Thursday

sebsmummy1 Mon 27-Apr-15 10:52:49

Sebsmummy 40 - DS at 37, problem free pregnancy.

Breast fed for a year then conceived month after I finished, ended in MC at 6 weeks. Conceived again 2 months later - non viable from the start, HCG only reached 200. Conceived again 8 months later - no heart beat at 12 week scan, baby was found to have Downs after testing. Consultant said no pattern found and wants me to contact her if I fall pregnant again, open to Coventry protocol although would only suggest aspirin for future pregnancies.

On second proper cycle post ERPC and so far cd12 with no positive opk. My cycles seem to now be 27/28 days long after going down to 23/24 post MC2. Put this down to weekly acupuncture which I've been doing for about 6 months. Hoping to ovulate around cd14.

IFinishedTheBiscuits Mon 27-Apr-15 10:59:18

Thanks for new thread Monten.
Me: 37, DH: 48, DS1, DS2
MC1, Nov 12, approx 7 weeks
MC2, Aug 13, approx 9 weeks
MC3, Nov 13, approx 5 weeks
Attended RMC, Prothrombin G20210A mutation identified. Prescribed progesterone and Dalteparin from next BFP.
MC4, Aug 14, approx 10 weeks
Attended Coventry in March 2015, results clear. Currently nervously TTC.

Brummiegirl15 Mon 27-Apr-15 11:25:49

Thanks for the new thread Monten

Me 38, DP 45 been ttc'ing since April 14 - no dc's
Mc 1 at 5 weeks in May 14
Mc 2 at 8.5 weeks in August 14 ERPC
Mc 3 at 9 weeks January 15 after seeing heartbeat at 7 weeks. ERPC. Took baby aspirin for that one, didn't work.

Have seen my consultant Mr Watts at Worcester and all tests have come back clear. Have hystereoscopy booked for this Wednesday (29th April) which was rescheduled from last week. Mr Watts said I would require progesterone and heparin next time round

Have also been to Coventry where Professor Brosens prescribed progesterone and heparin - exactly the same protocol as my consultant. Mr Watts knows the Coventry guys really well which is reassuring so it's great they both recommend the same protocol.

Prof B also measured my lining and at 6mm was concerned it was a bit thin but as I'd has the scratch, he felt my hysteroscopy would do the same job and irritate the lining.

Am still waiting for my results to come back from Coventry, so hopefully after Wednesday, nothing will be be found during the hysteroscopy so we will be good to go from next cycle - which is due to start approx this weekend.

I feel that all my ducks are in a row. I've got my progesterone and we are ready to go but shit I'm scared.

I've also struggled with my pregnant colleague who sits directly opposite. Not through anything she has done I hasten to add - but I've found it incredibly distressing sitting opposite her and watching her bump get bigger. Her maternity leave starts in 3 weeks and I hope once she finishes it will ease the pressure. But it's been a huge struggle.

SashaKerr Mon 27-Apr-15 11:26:08

ifinished will you be doing progesterone and heparin next pregnancy?

baking so sorry to hear about faith. Do they know what caused this? Must be desperately worrying

Flen Mon 27-Apr-15 11:47:12

Thank you monten, here's hoping it is lucky for you...

me 36, oh 34. No children.
MC1, mmc at 13 weeks in 2007
MC2, natural miscarriage at 11.5 week in April 2014
MC3, mmc at 9.5 weeks in October 2014.

RMC tests all clear, Coventry tests all clear. Last baby was chromosomally normal. Now ttc again and prescribed progesterone and heparin.

Am really struggling today, I am 10 dpo and cd 25. I find the run up to testing or AF so, so challenging. Tearful today and feel preoccupied. Trying really hard not to test until towards the end of the week because in the last few months I have found that uncertain test results increase my anxiety rather than help it. Am second guessing my body (I am emotional = PMT, I have tender boobs = pregnant, I am tired = pregnant, I am taking progesterone = unknown impact etc etc etc) and then trying to tell the second guessing to shut up. Want to just hide in a ball until Friday.

Marchgirl Mon 27-Apr-15 12:18:36

I feel for you flen. Such a stressful time coming up to testing. Really hope this is your month. Hand holding for you and jady for the next few days. Not looking forward to being where you are in 2 weeks time

Brummiegirl15 Mon 27-Apr-15 12:26:30

Oh Flen

If I hadn't had to wait for my hysteroscopy this month I'd be in exactly the same position so I really feel for you.

Friday will be here soon.

Pop good luck for you today too!!!

Looking at my dates, I will be doing the progesterone when I'm overseas for work so I am hoping I can distract myself enough to not think about it. Plus it's not as though I will have any tests to hand either!

The only thing for me is that this event last year, I was pregnant for the first time and came home and promptly miscarried the following day at 5 weeks. I then went to the sister event in November, came home and found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time. Having lost another one in between.

So these overseas events I attend are very bitter timing for me. As I'll be away and remembering 12 months earlier I came home and then lost my first baby with absolutely fuck all to show for the last year apart from heartache and sadness

Catlover2014 Mon 27-Apr-15 12:49:26

Thanks for starting the new thread Monten

Me 34, DH 35. TTC DC#1 since 2009 - many years of failed treatments and tests with suspected progesterone issues. Mcs at 5, 9 and 11 wks in 2013 and 2014. Expecting baby boy on 2 July 2015 following follicle tracking with progesterone and aspirin support.

Baking pleased to hear Faith has been fit free for 11 weeks, I stay hopeful her development will progress and you�ll get the help you deserve. As always we�re all here for you (as you have been for all of us) so please keep us updated.

Flen that 2ww is just the pits and all the stress of miscarriages only adds. I always found that the extra progesterone made me all the more hormonal too. Keeping fingers crossed for your BFP and sticky bean very soon.

Brummie I think that they can give you things to thicken uterine lining so maybe ask Prof B if it doesn�t measure thicker after your hysteroscopy? Hope pregnant colleagues leaves soon, it�s so hard.

Praying to god that all the lovely ladies on here get their rainbow babies very soon. Have gone from hopeless to hopeful and believe that if I can make it then anyone can. Hugs to you all.

Jady77 Mon 27-Apr-15 13:02:22

Me 37 no DC, DP46 1xDS 14
MC1 Oct '14, natural 6 weeks
MC2 Jan' 15, ERPC after seeing hb. Measured 6+1

Saw consultant who tested for blood clotting issues, came back normal.
Tested normal for thyroid antibodies for TABLET trial.
Currently awaiting results from Coventry.

I'm OK thanks March. Just back from counselling session which is always nice. Feeling the same as you though Flen. Feel really knackered, had a sore throat last 3 mornings, spots popping up, I even had one on my rib, who ever gets spots on their ribs?!
CD24 (AF arrived this time last month) , 8DPO (or possibly 12DPO). Haven't been able to stop myself testing even though I know it's way too soon. All negative so far. No tender boobs for me, but didn't get that previously either. Sense of smell seems a bit acute though.

Have a job interview tomorrow which includes a 15minute presentation. Just thought I'd apply and find out a bit more about it and now prepping death by PowerPoint. Wasn't going to apply for a full time job, but this is public sector so final salary and 27 days leave was too tempting.

Those work events sound hard Brummie, guessing you can't take DP with you even. When's the next one?

Floweroct Mon 27-Apr-15 13:12:59

Thanks for starting the new thread

Me 34, dh 35, no dc ttc since 2011
Mmc - dec 12 discovered at dating scan but only 5/6 weeks erpc
Mc2 - mar 14 following iui 5/6 weekes
Mc3 - nov 14 7 weeks discovered at 9.5 weeks

All nhs results clear (although they won't do karyotyping), not had any tissue tested so chromosome abnormality not known.

Been to coventry uNK test came back normal so now on protocol of progesterone and heparin after bfp.

Ivf booked in for July and just booked my first acupuncture appt for a couple of weeks in an attempt to throw everything at it!

Floweroct Mon 27-Apr-15 13:18:07

brummie that sound tough hope it goes ok and fingers crossed for Wednesday. I got my coventry results back 4 and a half weeks after appt so hopefully you'll get yours soon

flen I got sore boobs on the progesterone and also a word of warning that it can delay af as well, mine only arrived two days after I'd stopped the progesterone so I spent quite a bit of last week being hopeful. But fingers crossed you'll get lucky!

mrsdiddlydoo Mon 27-Apr-15 13:34:31

Thanks for the new thread monten hope finishing the last one is lucky for you.

Every new thread's status recaps get to me every time. Everyone has been through so much.

Me 34, dh 33, ds 2, uncomplicated pregnancy
2 mc in 2014. Both towards the end of the first trimester. No referral to rmc clinic. Gp tests fine. Went to Coventry in march and no prob with my unk cells. Currently 6+3 and shitting myself on a daily basis. On progesterone and heparin until 12 weeks.

Feeling emotional. Hugs all round.

mrsdiddlydoo Mon 27-Apr-15 13:35:05

I'm 6+2 actually. Can't count.

Jady77 Mon 27-Apr-15 14:02:12

Hugs Diddly

SashaKerr Mon 27-Apr-15 14:23:42

Hi Diddly I hope to be in your situation soon - my DS is also 2.
Wish I'd gone to Coventry after my 2nd MMC - might have prevented no 3 x

TinyTear Mon 27-Apr-15 14:32:05

Thanks for new thread...
From the stats I am no longer pg... Have dd2 born 31st March...

I'm 41, had 3 mc in 2010 and then dd1 after no treatments, but then 2 further MCs led me to Coventry... UNK normal but their protocol worked and had dd2...

Good luck to everyone

Flen Mon 27-Apr-15 14:42:33

Hugs jady, it's so tough isn't it?

Hugs all round in fact.

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