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Recurrent Miscarriage Support Thread 19 - tests, treatment, trying again.

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bythesea82 Fri 06-Mar-15 12:07:26

Buckle up, the threads move like lightening! Tea, sympathy, information, support and combined wisdom to guide you through the maze of testing and treatment for recurrent miscarriage. Newbies always most welcome.

Please start with the traditional recap of your stats.

Loopyaboutmy2boys Fri 06-Mar-15 12:11:41

Looks like this bean isn't a sticky one either. I slept well last night and Wed night, which is not normal for me as I get insomnia in pregnancy the whole way through, so I had ordered some tests yesterday from boots, which arrived today, as I was hoping for reassurance as my uterus area is still feeling like it should, but the FRER I have just done has no second line. I know it's not FMU that I used but by now I would expect a strong line at any time of the day as I think I am now 17-19dpo, and 2 weeks after I first felt implantation starting. Had still taken the aspirin and progesterone this morning, but have emailed the consultants secretary to see what I should do now. Just got silly paranoia that it might be ectopic because I have feelings in my uterus area and seem to recall reading something about the hcg levels being low if it's ectopic which is probably crazy talk but just wish I could see what the hell is going on inside my body as to why this doesn't seem to have worked. Unless it's just a bad egg and that the medication I am on will work when we get a good egg. It's the not knowing. And then part of me thinks is this the world and universe telling me I should be glad for the two children I have and that's my lot and I should just accept it instead of keeping on trying. But I really wanted this baby. Have no hope now, unless first response suddenly announce they have had a production issue and the tests are wrong.

Floweroct Fri 06-Mar-15 12:14:34

Thanks by the sea!

My stats:
Me 34 dh 35 no dc ttc since summer 2011
Mmc - dec 2012 found out at dating scan only showing 5/6 weeks
Mc2 after iui march 2014
June 2014 failed iui
Mc3 nov 2014 - hb seen at 7 weeks mc at 10 weeks but likely to have only got just passed 7 weeks - had been on progesterone and aspirin

All standard tests have come back normal, waiting to ov so I can go to coventry then ivf hopefully next month.

Loopyaboutmy2boys Fri 06-Mar-15 12:16:21

Oh and re my stats

Me 38 DH 37

Have 2 ds's by EMCS and ELCS, followed by spontaneous mc sept 13, mmc and ERPC March 14, put ttc on hold until had moved house, then spontaneous mc jan 15 and fell pregnant circa 15-17th Feb but looks like that will be cm number 4 shortly. Was recently tested positive for lupus anticoagulant and was taking a daily baby aspirin and twice daily progesterone.

I get pregnant first time every time, but my body just can't seem to stay pregnant since ds2 born late 2012.

bythesea82 Fri 06-Mar-15 12:22:54

Hi all,

My stats:
Me 32, DH 31, no DC, TTC since Dec 2012
MC 1 - 8+5
MC 2 - 10+6
MC 3 - 10+6
All blood tests clear, MC3 found to be chromosomally abnormal.

Currently 9+1 on no treatment but weekly scans for reassurance.

loopy sorry about the worry, perhaps test again in the morning to be clearer on what is going on?

counting sorry to hear about your gran. I hope your scan brings you a little good news.

longest sorry to hear that you are finding the GD is causing you anxiety. You are doing all the right things with monitoring and diet changes. It will take a while to find what works for you so don't worry about the odd high reading while things settle down. The main thing is that you know about it and are keeping an eye on it. Good luck for your scan.

Good luck for those at/coming up to visiting Coventry. Sorry not to mention more names, just popping in for a quick lunchtime update.

Marchgirl Fri 06-Mar-15 12:24:01

Oh loopy, so sorry to hear this. I really hope it's just a bad test and that things are still ok. I know exactly how you feel as it is what happened to me 3 weeks ago. +ve at 13 and 15 dpo then -ve at 17. Don't know what to say other than giving you a massive hug and hoping you are wrong (in the nicest possible way) flowers

TinyTear Fri 06-Mar-15 12:28:17

Quick stats

me 41 DH 42

2010 - 3 miscarriages at 10w, 6w and 8w
tests at St Mary's London - all normal
2012 - DD born in January
2013 - MC in October at 8w - hit me really hard as I thought my body had learnt what to do
2014 - MC in February - hit me hard again and decided there was just one more shot

Went to Coventry and all tests came back normal, but went on the Progesterone from CD21 protocol plus heparin from scan at 6w and I am now 34+6w pregnant... Eeeeeeeek!!!

Also sometimes wonder if I can't carry boys as this bump is also a girl...

hugs to everyone needing them!

Floweroct Fri 06-Mar-15 12:34:40

Cross post loopy I hope it is just because its not fmu - it's such a stressful time, I really hope it works out ok x

Marchgirl Fri 06-Mar-15 12:37:25

My stats
Me 37, dh 44. Dd born aug 12. Completely normal, näive pg
Mc1, Jan 14: mmc @ 12.1
Mc2, Jul 14: natural mc @ 8.0
Mc3, Oct 14: mmc @ 8.1 (tried to get foetus tested but no result)
Mc4, Feb 15: natural mc @ 4.5
All rmc tests including karyotyping normal
Doing acupuncture to help the anxiety and to shorten my cycle
Waiting to go to Coventry, hopefully mid april. Rmc consultant has also asked to see me again, which is next Friday. Got a list of q's, most of which will probably be redundant when I go to Coventry

bakingtins Fri 06-Mar-15 12:56:44

loopy sorry you are worried. Hope the consultant gets back to you v soon and can offer a scan.

My stats; me 40, DH 39
Ds1 2006, MC1 at 10 weeks 2009, ds2 2010 dodgy pregnancy with lots of bleeding, MC2 9 weeks Sept 2012, MC3 9 weeks March 2013, normal tests, MC4 at 9 weeks on aspirin and progesterone June 2013. Tested positive for NK cells in Coventry, successful pregnancy on steroids, heparin and progesterone resulting in DD may 2014.
DD diagnosed with infantile spasms Jan 2015 (unrelated to any pregnancy/mc issues)

sebsmummy1 Fri 06-Mar-15 13:06:03

Those stats have just made me cry, I'm so sorry for everyone's sadness sad

Loopy hand holding - really hope you are wrong and everything is ok. When you've been TTC for a long time you get very used to what's right and what's wrong so I understand your concern. I will say though with the pregnancy I just lost everything was text book and yet it still failed, so you are still in until you're definitely out (if you see what I mean).

My stats are

Me 40, DP 42
DS born Nov 2012. Brilliant pregnancy, VBAC
Started TTC#2 6 months later whilst still breast feeding.
MC1 - Feb '14 6 weeks
MC2 - May '14 non viable/chemical
MC3 - Feb '15 11+2 MMC, no idea why as yet

Plan of action is recurrent miscarriage clinic and Coventry and I guess keep trying.

sebsmummy1 Fri 06-Mar-15 13:08:28

Oh and I was taking baby aspirin daily and high dose folic acid and it still failed. Gut instinct is the baby had chromosome issues but I am expecting everything to come back ok and be left flailing about for an answer

Sunandrainbow Fri 06-Mar-15 13:13:05

Thanks bythesea! My stats:

Me 38, dh 37
3mc and 1cp:
Mmc April 14 at 11 weeks, baby 7
Mmc July 14 6 weeks, no
Cp oct 14
Mmc jan 15 8 weeks, trisomy 22
All mc erpcs.

All standard tests clear, including karyotyping. High nk cells. Currently ttc #1 for 5th time.

Sunandrainbow Fri 06-Mar-15 13:15:31

loopy - hand holding. Really hoping is just because its not fmu. We will be here for you whatever the result tomorrow. x

Flower29 Fri 06-Mar-15 13:15:47

Thanks for the thread bythesea

Me 29.5 DH 32.5
DS born aug13 lovely naive pregnancy and pg 1st time
MMC sep14 at 11+5 (baby measured 8+5) medical management (pg 1st time)
MMC jan15 passed naturally at7-8wks but scan showed sac only 4.5wks (pg 2nd cycle after mc1)

On enforced ttc break as going to COVENTRY next month (est around 17th April). Positive ovulation test today tho so trying to keep legs closed this weekend! blush

Just had blood test for apl(?) but awaiting results.

Flower29 Fri 06-Mar-15 13:20:13

longest sorry your gd is causing you anxiety and depression. Sorry don't hvw any advice but hope things look up for you so you can relax and feel happier.

loopy sorry this might be looking like another mc. Big hug for you. Hope it's just a faulty test. X

tannyLoo Fri 06-Mar-15 13:22:08

Me 42, DH 44
DS1 born in Nov 1999 Uncomplicated pregnancy, previous relationship
DS2 born in Feb 2012 Uncomplicated pregnancy, with DH
MC 1 Dec 2012 - 6 weeks, natural MC
MMC 2 Apr 2013 -11 weeks but measured 6, natural but horrific haemorrhage
MC 3 Oct 2013 - 6 weeks, natural MC, but not much bleeding. Referred for RMC testing but in the meantime got pregnant again.
MC 4 Dec 2013 - 6 weeeks, natural MC but was suspected ectopic. Empty sac finally appeared just before MC started. Thin endometrium seen on scan.
Blood tests and scan all came back normal (lining still on thin side) and healthy. Diagnosed as "super fertile" ( no shit!) and told to keep on trying, as one might stick.
MC 5 Feb 2014 - 6 weeks, natural MC, low bleeding. Was prescribed progesterone and clexane from 5 weeks, but sac was already empty and irregular shape.

After all that, I had a proper melt down and spent days in bed watching reruns of Star Trek. I was signed off long term sick, had fortnightly acupuncture and a massive list of quack medicines to help my lining develop. Went to Coventry in May, following genetic tests, and was pregnant before my NK cell results were back. Was treated with progesterone, clexane and prednisolone as a precaution. Tests came back normal, but I continued on all meds until I was roughly 12 weeks.

I am a complete Coventry protocol convert and wish their research was being followed by other RMC units and clinics as it really feels like there was more than good luck this time round.

Am currently 40+3 and off for a walk to try and get things shifted. Will update later.

Loopy sorry to hear that. I know that feeling only too well. Holding on to some hope for you none the less...

Brummiegirl15 Fri 06-Mar-15 13:40:36

Me 38, DP 45 been ttc'ing since April 14 - no dc's
Mc 1 at 5 weeks in May 14
Mc 2 at 8.5 weeks in August 14 ERPC
Mc 3 at 9 weeks January 15 after seeing heartbeat at 7 weeks. ERPC. Took baby aspirin for that one, didn't work.

Currently having acupuncture and counselling and desperately drinking Raspberry leaf tea and pomegranate juice to increase lining and taking iron (floradix) royal jelly and l-arginine

Desperately waiting for 2nd AF after last MC and now on day 34 when I traditionally have 24 day cycles. Really thought I'd be ovulating by now and could email Kerri at Coventry for appt. now panicking that AF will take so long that it might fall over Easter weekend when I can go to Cov and that will be yet another month wasted. AF messing about is really upsetting me.

Seeing Mr Watts on Monday so really hope we get something from it.

Sunandrainbow Fri 06-Mar-15 14:18:13

brummie - how frustrating that af still hasn't turned up. So on a 'normal' cycle you'd be cd10ish now I guess. Would it be worth using opks to check just in case you have skipped the last af, but are ovulating per normal cycle??

longestlurkerever Fri 06-Mar-15 14:39:34

Thanks for the new thread bythesea. Here are my stats:

Me 34, dh 35 One dd born 2011. Ttc dc2 since Mar 13. Chm pg Aug 11. Mmc Jan 14 (gestation 6 weeks) Mmc Jun 14 (gestation 5-6 weeks). Tests at St Mary's clear apart from PCOS (42 day cycle). Ttc with agnus castus, bfp first cycle. Now 28 weeks with a girl. Have gestational diabetes which is linked to pcos and increasingly feel this is at the heart of all my issues. Annoying to have had my concerns about my cycle (which I have been raising with my gp for years!) dismissed for so long as feel metformin or low gi diet might have eased pcos symptoms.

Frecklefire Fri 06-Mar-15 14:40:34

Loopy - heck, the dreade. waiting game - hold on in there. xxx

Me- 40, dh - 49
Ds - July 2013, fell easy, all fine (i could actually eat him on a spoon!)
Mc 1 - natural mc, 6 weeks july 14
Mc 2 - natural mc, 7 weeks oct 14
Mc 3 - mmc, 11 weeks, but scan showed didn't progress past 7 weeks. On asprin from conception

Frecklefire Fri 06-Mar-15 14:43:27

Oops. Cont...
Progesterone from week 7 (by whuch point it had given up the ghost anyway.

I get pregnant stupidly easily, just cant seem to get past eight weeks since my son. Just trying to decide whether to try again straight away or wait and go to coventry as so many of my details match others who have had success there.

Brummiegirl15 Fri 06-Mar-15 14:51:14

Sun I am tempted to, but wondering if left a bit late now. I normally ovulate days 9/10 so I could be gone already.

Been checking my cervix and cm regularly and it's defo not EWCM

Anyone else dreading Mother's Day?

I should've been a Mummy by now and it's breaks my heart. Dreading it

sebsmummy1 Fri 06-Mar-15 15:03:18

Mother's Day tends to focus around my Mum not me and I have to say I have no appetite for any celebration at the moment. My sister was trying to organise a whole load of birthdays and other celebrations with me two days after my operation. I honestly couldn't give a shiny shit about any of it. Then she started talking holidays and again seemed surprised that I hadn't organised anything!! confused

I have a card and a gift but I won't be organising a meal or anything. She can take Mum out for a change as last year DP and I spent a fortune.

Brummiegirl15 Fri 06-Mar-15 15:07:07

Likewise it's always been about my Mum too but only because I didn't have a dcs.

My Mum is in Barbados for Mother's Day this year so think I'll just hide away...

Have got a ton of sticks left over for opk so might start today - just in case AF is not going to appear.

Can you randomly just miss one?

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