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Pregnancy symptoms gone at 7 weeks

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Petitesouris1 Fri 13-Feb-15 08:46:38

Hello, this is my first pregnancy and wondered if anyone could help. I came of cerezette back in October and had a positive pregnancy test in January. I was feeling pretty sick, tired and boobs were sore. Then last week, I felt very faint and weird and now all symptoms have gone. Went to gp and he said to wait it out. thought something maybe wrong so paid for private scan where they could see no fetal pole or sac and I only measured 5 weeks + 4 days and supposed to be 7. So worried sad

bakingtins Fri 13-Feb-15 11:39:21

Hi souris sorry you are having this worry. TBH early scans are a double edged sword because they are often inconclusive. At 7 weeks you should see a foetus with a heartbeat, but if your dates are out due to late ovulation or implantation what was seen might be ok. They won't nail their colours to the mast and call it a miscarriage unless there is a bigger foetus seen with no HB, or a subsequent scan a week later shows no development. It is quite common for a physical miscarriage to happen some time after a pregnancy ends (known as a missed miscarriage) sometimes it's only discovered at the 12 week scan.
None of which helps you in this horrible limbo period...I hope they've booked you a rescan in a week or so. Here to hand hold whilst you wait it out flowers

babyangelbean20315 Fri 13-Feb-15 13:31:56

I hope everything is ok, if it isn't you came to the right place, if u do need us we r all here for u xxx

I do hope u don't need us tho xx

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