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How do I know when I've passed the sac?

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cherrylola Fri 06-Feb-15 00:58:58

Monday night spitting started.
Tuesday morning heartbreaking 12 week scan. Baby passed at 6 weeks.
Wednesday bleeding like a regular period.
Thursday (today) heavy period. Just got up in the night for the loo and stood up afterwards to go back to bed and did a big cough and (sorry TMI) something literally fell out of me into the pad in my knickers.
I've rescued it because I don't want to flush anything of the foetus but I'm not sure what I saw! It's kind of a greyish gelatinous soft ball with a very thick red tail (?) attached. This tail part it as thick as the ball part is wide and then tapers off at the end where it is bright red.

Im hoping this is it and that's as bad as it's going to get. I've read the practical tips board and have been set up for agony and misery for weeks and stocked up on cocodomol and maternity pads.

cherrylola Fri 06-Feb-15 00:59:31

*spotting not spitting!

Flower29 Fri 06-Feb-15 13:30:51

Hi cherry, so sorry you lost your baby. I had a MMC at 12 weeks in sep but the baby died 8+5. I had medical mgmt and passed it at the hospital. I couldn't face seeing my baby so can't help you there but leading up to it passing I had intense low cramping/contraction pain which almost immediately stopped once it had passed. I also passed this when I coughed. I could definitely feel it was round (compared to the clots I passed afterwards which were massive but they break down easily and were flattish) and I would guess the size of a small tangerine. Sorry for this graphic detail!

From what you have described it sounds very much like it may be the sac. I wonder if the tail but is where it was attached to the wall... I hope you're over the worst of it now. Are you having any pain? Have you been in contact with your mw/epu?

Take care x

cherrylola Fri 06-Feb-15 13:49:19

Thank for your reply Flower, so sorry for you too. It's really is bloody awful.
I only have very light bleeding and mild cramps now so hoping it's pretty much over. I've left a message with the EPU to try and get my second scan moved forward so I can confirm the MC has happened.

I hope you are coping ok since your loss.
All the best x

mollym14 Fri 06-Feb-15 15:48:53

cherry- so sorry flowers I had an mc at 10/11 weeks and although I didn't see the sac as it disappeared down the loo, that does sound like you have passed it. I didn't have very heavy bleeding really- my experience sounds very like yours- and once I passed the sac I felt much better and the bleeding wasn't heavy from then on- like a period with clots for a day or two, followed by a week or so of light bleeding and spotting.

cherrylola Fri 06-Feb-15 16:33:23

Thanks for your reply Molly, yes I'm confident it was the sac and the worst is over. I already feel much better and much less hormonal. DP is struggling, forced back to work today as he was off sick a few days last week when we were all hit by flu. I've managed to get a new scan date for Monday so at least that's a little less time to wait to get hospital visits over with hopefully.
I'm contemplating burying the remains in the garden but not sure if it's a terrible idea.

GoooRooo Fri 06-Feb-15 16:37:02

Cherry I had a MC last year at 10 +4, the baby had died at six weeks and passed exactly as you describe.

We buried it, deeply, in the garden under a new rose bush and I think of it often when I look at that bush. I don't think it's a terribly idea. flowers For you - I'm so sorry for your loss.

cherrylola Fri 06-Feb-15 16:54:17

I think I'll go to the garden centre tomorrow now I'm feeling better and pick something out. I suppose I worry about if we move house eventually. Maybe something in a pot in the garden would be good.
Thanks for telling me your story xx

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