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Yet another MC!

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Evahopeful39 Sat 24-Jan-15 09:43:50

Hi, I've just had my 4th MC, my 3 pervious were all at 5 1/2 weeks. This latest I was told to take baby aspirin-which I did, but this time I MC at 5 weeks.
I've had numerous tests and all have come out negative. Even my GP says in her words 'You're extremely healthy' which told me nothing!
I'm seeing gynae and have had all the physical tests incl HCG and all return 'normal' results. I'm 39 now and becoming increasingly frustrated as I feel time is rapidly running out for me.
I've asked the gynae about the possibility of progesterone but I get nowhere and even my GP is surprised about this.
Does anyone have a similar story or advice as to what i can ask for next? I'm seeing my gynae in two weeks time and I want to be 'armed' with the right questions to ask.
Any ideas/advice would be great!

bakingtins Sat 24-Jan-15 13:35:35

Hi eva sorry to hear about your losses. Do come join the Recurrent Miscarriage thread for some support.
Such early losses sounds to me like a problem with implantation. Chromosomal losses do happen around that stage too, but it's unlikely you'd have 4 losses in a row due to chromosomes unless you or your DP carry an abnormal gene.
I can't recommend the implantation clinic run by Profs Quenby and Brosens at Coventry University hospital highly enough. They take a uterine biopsy and assess decidualisation (how the lining prepares for pregnancy) and NK cell levels, and perform a 'scratch' which encourages a healing response and improves lining for the next few cycles. It's a self funded Nhs clinic so you can self refer, it costs £360, and you need to be 2 cycles post MC, not pregnant, and 7-10 days post ov. Their protocol is progesterone from day 21 ( they think by BFP it's too late) heparin from an early scan showing intrauterine sac, and steroids if you have raised NK cells. There are now many of us on the thread with babies or progressing pregnancies on that protocol. I had my daughter last summer, aged 39, after 4 losses.

Evahopeful39 Sat 24-Jan-15 22:28:07

Thank you so much for the advice. You've given me hope smile

babyangelbean20315 Sat 07-Feb-15 13:59:37

I haven't experienced this myself but when u had my mc a lady at work told me she had 4 mc also she said she knows one of them was 100% a girl, the others she does not know....she now has 3 sons

Maybe yours were all the same sex and your not able to carry that gender ??

I didn't know this could happen before but a few people have now told me they can only carry a certain sex themselves

I am very sorry for your losses and I get the impression your a strong lady so I wish you the best of luck and hopefully u can carry both sexes !!

I hope none of that upset u as ino it is hard and can't imagine how u must feel as I have only had one but it hurts more than anything So good luck stay positive and we will all be crossing out fingers for you on here x

limon Sun 08-Feb-15 10:07:34

So sorry for your Loss. What dose of aspirin were you on? I had a third Mc on baby aspiring but took two a day on my fourth pregnancy and had a baby at the med of it.

mrsmootoo Mon 09-Feb-15 15:30:04

Very sorry to hear your story. Not sure if this will help. I had 6 miscarriages at all different stages, 4-13 weeks, interspersed with 2 normal pregnancies. After DD2 I had 3 MC in a row. My GP did a blood test and I had an underactive thyroid (which causes MC and gets progressively worse with each pregnancy). Have you been tested for that? I took thyroxine for 6 months and then tried again and we had DS. I have to take it forever, but it's a mild manageable condition and not one that's easily noticed without a blood test. Good luck.

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