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First AF after ERPC - how long? And what's this heavy pressure feeling?

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SashaKerr Sun 18-Jan-15 21:53:54

Having a bad day, sorry.

After my first MMC and ERPC, my period came exactly one calendar month later, and 2 weeks after that I got pregnant again. Not successful.

It's 5 weeks after my second muscarriage and ERPC and no AF in sight. When can I expect it to come? I just want to get back to normal. Hormones all over the place - been sobbing today.

Also feel a very heavy pressure in my uterus and almost like my cervix is open. No bleeding or smell or anything. Could this be leading up to my period?

So wierd I feel so odd. Done 5 pregnancy tests now which obv is not sane but I have not felt like this before.

When did your AF come after erpc? Anything I can do to kick start it?

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