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Today would have been babys due date :'(

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temporaryname2015 Sun 18-Jan-15 19:08:39

I miscarried at 5 weeks . Baby's E.D.D was today . I don't feel I can really talk to anyone (apart from a close family member but its over text) as I feel like they will think I'm going over the top with it being so early on. That being said today is a little easier than i thought it would, although I'm pretty down today. My partner is just acting like its a normal day which is making me feel worse and more alone . I feel kind of angry almost towards him though I know that's not fair. Not sure if anyone else has felt this way? I'm really sorry for all your losses


sizethree Sun 18-Jan-15 19:26:59

It's devastating to lose a baby at any stage of pregancy, I'm so sorry you lost yours.
I remember my due date last year (after miscarrying at 12 weeks, the baby had died at 8 weeks) and it was a difficult day to get through. I've sadly lost 2 other babies since and absolutely dreading March the 15, as not only is it my second lost baby's due date it's also Mothers Day. Life can be very cruel sometimes.
It's normal to feel upset and maybe your partner is trying to normalise things as to not upset you.
On my 1st due date my husband and I bought a beautiful white rose and went down to our local beach at sunset to release it into the tide. It was a very emotional moment and it's the first time I properly saw my husband cry for the baby we lost.
Everyone deals with loss in different ways, and here is a great place to be yourself and have a rant and tell your story.
Wishing you better times in the future.

Brummiegirl15 Sun 18-Jan-15 21:07:26

My first due date is next Tuesday - 27th Jan. My second due date is 25th March.

When I fell pregnant again I thought I'd be ok getting through those dates as my 12 week scan was due on 22nd Jan.

But sadly mc number 3 was over new year so due date number 3 will be. 7th August.

I feel your pain and grief x

SashaKerr Sun 18-Jan-15 21:47:47

My first due date was 15th feb. My second was 28 June. Both will be missed and I just hope I have a baby this year but seems unlikely.

I can't say anything to make it better, just that I know how you feel x

MisForMumNotMaid Sun 18-Jan-15 22:01:33

A friend of mine gave birth prematurely on my first miscarriage due date. She didn't know it was my due date. She knew I'd miscarried but I don't think she'd done the maths. We both had two other DC both also same years at school. She always said I was the only one who always remembered little ones birthday. How could I forget?

We've moved areas now. Time passing means that certain dates also pass with less pain. Still twinges of it and days I'd rather not schedule having to be sociable.

We all handle grief in different ways. You need to grieve too. Be kind to yourself and don't assume guilt for feeling sadness.

If it helps my DH who desperately wanted a baby too didn't and doesn't have a clue what the dates would have been for my miscarriages. We have gone on to have a lovely DD and he struggles to remember her birthday. Its not a reflection of love, for me I believe that its a reflection of how as two maybe we can have a better balance of skills than as individuals.

happycat1990a Mon 19-Jan-15 16:36:28

Awww brummiegirl, we share same due date 7th of august sadly I miscarried too (second mmc) I have my evac surgery tomorrow xxx

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