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Not looking good is it?

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Tallulaxx Thu 08-Jan-15 10:20:04

Morning all. I Think I'm 6 weeks today but not sure if im going to lose this pregnancy or not? Went to epu 4+3 bloods taken 100 Iu repeat bloods 48 hours later 153 Iu. Scan done pregnancy of unknown location. Blood repeated 6 days later 453 Iu so not great still pul on ultrasound. Not looking great is it? I'm back on Monday for repeat bloods and scan? I was under e impression you couldn't see anything till at least 1000 Iu? In limbo land so not a great place no pain or blood but had brown discharge at beginning so reason for epu visit. Not really any symptoms apart from metallic taste and tiredness. This would be my 3rd pregnancy 2 healthy girls. This is just shit �� just to add they don't think its ectopic as lining closed and thick and ovarys normal.

bakingtins Thu 08-Jan-15 13:58:44

Hi tallulah sorry you are in limbo land, it's v tough emotionally. Blood HCG rising but not doubling isn't great but isn't conclusive of a problem. Sympathies and a hand to hold while you wait it out, I hope Monday brings clarity and we are here for you either way, to rejoice at good news or sympathise with bad. flowers

CommanderShepard Thu 08-Jan-15 16:23:59

I was right where you are this time last month. It's hideous and I'm so very sorry - until it happened to me I had no idea PUL even existed and there's precious little information out there about it. I felt so, so alone.

I will be thinking of you on Monday and as bakingtins said, we're here for you regardless of the outcome.

Tallulaxx Thu 08-Jan-15 16:51:11

Sorry to hear that commander. It's horrible as don't know what to expect. Do you mind me asking what happened to you? Understand it maybe still very raw ��

CommanderShepard Fri 09-Jan-15 16:36:00

Not at all. Digital BFP confirmed at 4 and a bit weeks; started bleeding very pale brown discharge that weekend. As EPAU not open went to A&E where bHCG was low but there, and cervix was closed. Sent home (was at parents) to have a repeat test and by the Tuesday was bleeding bright red - no pain though. HCG had fallen but GP wanted a retest because I was out of area and the chemicals can be different so get different results. Bleeding lessened considerably, but was seen at EPAU on the Friday and nothing on the scan except something interesting on my ovary. bloods came back even lower so registrar diagnosed PUL (though wrote down possible ectopic because she couldn't rule out that it had 'resolved' of its own accord, and also I'd get more monitoring next time) and asked for repeat bloods to track HCG to 0, which happened by the Monday.

There's a chance I'm pregnant again (good thing about temping is that I know what's going on, usually) - I've got a test here and i can't bring myself to use it. I'm utterly terrified.

I have everything crossed for you flowers - on the off chance, are you in Oxford? I was steeled for a horrible time but the JR were lovely. I mean it was still shit but they were incredibly supportive and sensitive.

Tallulaxx Sat 10-Jan-15 17:15:58

I'm miscarrying sad did you test commander? X

CommanderShepard Sat 10-Jan-15 20:10:58

Oh, Tallulaxx I am so sorry. I hope it's as quick and straightforward as it can be. Be kind to yourself; I personally have self-medicated with lots of episodes of Buffy. Buffy would never put up with this shit.

I did test in the end, and got a pretty definitive BFP at bedtime. I'm absolutely cacking it; it feels very different to last month but I'm second-guessing everything. Fortunately my GP practice does online booking so I've managed to get an appointment for Monday.

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