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How long,test and results

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onefootinthebed Thu 08-Jan-15 10:12:43

On the 22nd of December I had an appointment with a consultant after 3 miscarriages, he mentioned that he could do blood tests and they would send me a letter,I have just rang to see if they have made me an appointment. The receptionist told me I cant ring them I have to wait. From what the consultant said the test take weeks anyway from taking the test to getting the results as they have to cultivate the blood or something.

In your experience how long did they take?

Also with out wanting to upset anyone, after my last miscarriage they were able to send it away for testing,how long was it till you had that result?

I am 39 next month I am feeling abit anxious about my age hence wanting to have the tests done soon.

bakingtins Thu 08-Jan-15 13:47:59

onefoot I'm sorry for your losses. Please come and join the recurrent miscarriage thread on this board if you would like support. I had genetic testing of my 4th miscarriage and it took about a month to come back. IME any bloods are often taken at that first appointment so I would keep hassling. I had blood drawn at my GP practice on the instructions of a consultant, so if the issue is getting a slot but he's ordered the tests that might be a route to get it done more quickly. The only blood tests that take a long time is karyotyping (genetic testing of you and DH) which takes about 8 weeks, the others should be back within a fortnight.
I had a baby this year after 4 losses, just before turning 40. Don't give up hope.

onefootinthebed Thu 08-Jan-15 14:48:24

Baking time thank you for the reply,I read the thread I it just moves to fast for me to keep up with tbh.

I have a good support network in rl just no one to ask the questions which I posted above.

But thankfully one of you lovely ladies always answers. Sorry for your loses,I think it's amazing you have had the strength to go On . I am trying to find mine again .

bakingtins Thu 08-Jan-15 16:16:57

It is a bit madly busy at the moment, which is either sad ( so many in a rotten boat) or brilliant (lots of women getting the support they need). Don't worry about just popping on to ask a question, nobody will mind.

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