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HG levels after Misscarriage..

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Notgoodwithwords Tue 06-Jan-15 14:07:01

Hi I'm posting for a friend who is asking for advice..

Sadly her baby died at approx 7-8 weeks gestation & she had surgery to remove it 26 days ago.. All went smoothly & very little pain or bleeding afterwards. This morning she has done a pregnancy test & it's positive... Hospital have told her to retest in 2 weeks & it will be because of HG levels from Misscarriage is this defiantly the case she wonders if she could get pregnant so quickly & before a period too.. Thank you for any experience you have on subject.

bakingtins Tue 06-Jan-15 19:38:31

Has she had a negative test since her surgery? It is possible to ovulate and conceive without having a period, but also not unusual for HCG to linger, so if this is the first test she's done she will have to wait and see. If it's still positive in 2 weeks they will do serial blood HCG to see if it's falling (prob means retained fragments of tissue that will be flushed out by first AF) or rising ( viable new pregnancy or, rarely, molar pregnancy)
It's not ideal to get pregnant immediately following ERPC, it can lead to issues with dating but also uterine lining is likely to be thin and poor quality in that first cycle. Was she not advised to use barrier contraception until she'd had an AF?

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