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Devastated after misscarriage..

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Natashajade2727 Sun 04-Jan-15 07:48:23

Can anybody relate, I was in hospital last night and had it confirmed I was having a misscariage. The pregnancy was planned and I was only 6weeks+6days! I really didn't cope well in the hospital having people messing with me and all the rest. My husband was with me and was a complete rock. Now to be home and still bleeding is sickening to know why. Things seem so surreal right now! I feel like people are going to think I'm a fool for being so distraught when I wasn't far into the pregnancy but already having a daughter of two yr old I had an instant love for another pregnancy and so did my husband. The hardest bit is that I had told all my family and now I have to go threw them all knowing and I have to try and be happy for my sister in law who is 20weeks pregnant and completely over the moon! I just don't know how to feel right now, any advice please ladies x

bakingtins Sun 04-Jan-15 15:24:34

I'm so sorry you lost your baby, natasha
For most women with a wanted pregnancy it is a baby as soon as they see a line on a test, you have hopes and dreams for what a new addition will mean to your family, and there is a process of grieving to go through as you adjust to that not happening in the way you'd envisaged. The vast majority of early miscarriages are due to random chromosome problems in the embryo that mean it couldn't develop past a certain point. The chances of it being an isolated event and you having a successful pregnancy next time are very good, but I know that doesn't help at the moment. Allow yourself time to grieve. In some ways your family knowing may be a good thing, hopefully they'll be supportive, and understand why you might struggle to share pregnancy/baby news with your SIL.

PisforPeter Sun 04-Jan-15 15:25:45

I'm so sorry xxxxxx

kateyes Wed 14-Jan-15 16:45:12

Hi Natashajade2727
firstly im so sorry for you're loss
i can relate hun.its been almost a month since i gave birth to our baby boy who sadly died at 19wks.i was in 7hrs labour to bring him in the world and wasnt able to have the joy of taking him world has been turned upside down.sein babies or pregnant women its heartbreaking for me and this happend a month ago.monday we will have to bury our lil baby and thats the hardest bit.i feel like im going crazy.I always say a loss is a loss.yes some of us go further along and its tormenting but knowing u were carrying something so precious and have it taken unbearable.
I hope ur ok and dont punish ya self.
hugs xflowers

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