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Recurrent Miscarriage Support Thread 15 - tests, treatment and trying again

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Justonemoretime Thu 01-Jan-15 09:02:28

Information, support, hand holding, tea, sympathy and a hell of a lot of combined knowledge - all welcome as we try to make sense of the RMC roller coaster of tests, NHS admin, heart ache and (hopefully) happy endings!
Please start with a recap of your stats smile

Justonemoretime Thu 01-Jan-15 09:13:58

Here's my stats:
3x mmcs, #1 and #2 at 6 and a half weeks, both discovered on scans following spotting. This was Nov '11 and May '12. Then some local tests, all clear. Prescribed 400mg progesterone from bfp and baby aspirin 'just in case', investigations for thin lining following repeat ERPCs and complications from MMC#2.
Then conceived #3 and got past danger point, saw a good scan at 9.1 weeks only to discover mmc#3 at routine 13 week scan. Turned out baby had Turner Syndrome after genetic testing. That was June '13.
RMC testing at St Mary's, London all clear, but uterine septum removed October '13.
After no joy for 3 months, went for NK testing at Coventry, all normal there, too, well, thin lining and 'lower end of normal', but normal NK cells.
Took another 7 months to conceive again and was prescribed the protocol I'm on 400mg progesterone twice daily (from bfp - was originally 200mg twice daily, but increased due to some light spotting) and daily heparin injections which I started at 5.5 weeks after 'location' scan.
Now 15 weeks, 12 week scan good, risk factor in screening 1:59000. Naturally totally paranoid about everything even though I am assured that I'm 'normal' now. In the 'limbo' stage where no real bump to speak of, and feeling better. Took my last 200mg progesterone 36 hours ago, stopped heparin at 13 weeks after good scan at 12.6.
I'm 38 and DH is 37 in a couple of days. We have no DC.

bakingtins Thu 01-Jan-15 09:15:23

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2015 brings you all answers, treatment and a baby in your arms.

I had my first MC in 2009 between my 2 sons, then 3 between sept12-June13. NHS tests all normal but then 4th MC (on aspirin and progesterone) proved to be genetically normal. Went to Coventry to see Prof Quenby, diagnosed with high NK cells, next pregnancy successful on progesterone from CD21, heparin and steroids and DD is 7m.

Marchgirl Thu 01-Jan-15 09:59:00

Happy new year everyone!
My stats:
Me 37, dh 44
DD born Aug 12, perfectly normal pg
Mc1: mmc Jan 14. Discovered at 9wks but measured 6, eventually med man twice at 12.3
Mc2: natural mc Jul 14 at 8.1 after scan at 7.1 showed 5wk baby and collapsing sac
mc3: another mmc Oct 14. Scan at 7wks showed hb but baby measured 6wks and again collapsing sac. Failed med man , but several days later mc naturally, so prb brought on by mm. Foetus sent for testing but sample couldn't be tested.
Rmc appointment. Clotting normal, scan normal. still waiting for karyotype results. Prescribed progesterone from bfp but I've started taking it from 7dpo along with higher dose of folic acid. Currently 10dpo but no symptoms so I have a feeling I'm out for the month. But still crossing fingers just in case. Totally shitting myself at the thought of going through this again but going to try to be more positive this time as I'm sure it can't make me feel any worse than last time

barkingtreefrog Thu 01-Jan-15 10:01:34

Happy New Year!

I've been ttc #1 since Jan 2012.
MC #1 Sept 2013 after clomid bfp
MC #2 June 2014 after IUI bfp
Referred to rmc due to not being able to get pg naturally so few chances remaining. Diagnosed with Factor V Leiden thrombophilia but potential blood clotting issues may or may not have been the reason for both mc's.
Trying IUI again as soon as next cycle begins, due within 2 weeks.

tannyLoo Thu 01-Jan-15 10:01:54

Me:42, DH:44

DS1 born in Nov 1999 Uncomplicated pregnancy, previous relationship
DS2 born in Feb 2012 Uncomplicated pregnancy, with DH
MC 1 Dec 2012 - 6 weeks, natural MC
MMC 2 Apr 2013 -11 weeks but measured 6, natural but horrific haemorrhage
MC 3 Oct 2013 - 6 weeks, natural MC, but not much bleeding. Referred for RMC testing but in the meantime got pregnant again.
MC 4 Dec 2013 - 6 weeeks, natural MC but was suspected ectopic. Empty sac finally appeared just before MC started. Thin endometrium seen on scan.
Blood tests and scan all came back normal (lining still on thin side) and healthy. Diagnosed as "super fertile" ( no shit!) and told to keep on trying, as one might stick.
MC 5 Feb 2014 - 6 weeks, natural MC, low bleeding. Was prescribed progesterone and clexane from 5 weeks, but sac was already empty and irregular shape.

After all that, I had a proper melt down and spent days in bed watching reruns of Star Trek. I was signed off long term sick, had fortnightly acupuncture and a massive list of quack medicines to help my lining develop. Went to Coventry in May, following genetic tests, and was pregnant before my NK cell results were back. Was treated with progesterone, clexane and prednisolone as a precaution. Tests came back normal, but I continued on all meds until I was roughly 12 weeks.

I am a complete Coventry protocol convert and wish their research was being followed by other RMC units and clinics as it really feels like there was more than good luck this time round.

Am currently 31 weeks with DC3. Very happy, slightly less convinced that it'll all go horribly wrong, although someone ought to tell my dreams that, and still pinching myself that we have got this far...

tannyLoo Thu 01-Jan-15 10:12:32

And happy New Year everyone.

Weird end to 2014 for me as we attended a funeral of a dear and beloved family friend yesterday. He would have loved it, as there were some true comedy moments, particularly the imam getting him turned the right way for Mecca. Twice. On slippery mud.

Was lovely to see some old faces, but hard going all the same.

Brummiegirl15 Thu 01-Jan-15 10:12:33

Hi all

Marking my place on new thread, and a recap of stats.

Me 38, DP 45
No DC and TTC since April 14
1st mc May 14 at 5 weeks and was natural
2nd mc August 14 at 9 weeks and had ERPC
3rd mc - had 2nd follow up scan yesterday at 8+5 after seeing a hb at 7 weeks and no heartbeat. Sac still intact but baby has died. ERPC now booked for Friday morning.

Have now been referred to Mr John Watts, Clinical Director & Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Worcester Hospital who specialises in early pregnancy and recurrent miscarriage. Hopefully we can start getting answers.

But first I have to get through tomorrow

tannyLoo Thu 01-Jan-15 10:15:51

Brummie I meant to say last night now sorry I was to read your news. I'm glad you have a referral, but I'm sure that feels scant comfort at the moment. Big hugs x

longestlurkerever Thu 01-Jan-15 10:35:43

Happy New Year and New Thread. Me, 34, dh 34. One dd born Aug 11. Ttc dc2 since March 2013. One chemical pregnancy Aug 12, One mmc Jan 14 at 12 weeks (gestation 6 weeks). One mc at 7 weeks (gestation 5 weeks). Tests at St Mary's clear except pcos diagnosis. Suspect hormonal issues causing problems with implantation. Agnus castus while ttc and progesterone from 8 weeks. Now nearly 19 weeks, edd 30 May 15.

MewlingQuim Thu 01-Jan-15 10:48:17

Happy new year all.

Sorry for all your losses, I hope this year will be better for everyone.

DH 41, me also 41. We have been ttc for over 10 years now sad
BFP by IUI mar 2010, MC at 12 weeks
BFP by IUI aug 2010, chemical pregnancy
BFP by ICSI may 2011, one lovely DD smile
BFP by ICSI may 2014, mc 6 weeks
Unexpected natural BFP shock Nov 2014, mc 6 weeks.

Now refered for RMC testing. I've been given a choice of southmead or st michaels in bristol, any one have any recommendations? What tests will they do to me now? Sometimes I feel I've had more complete strangers look at my fanjo than the average porn star hmm

girliesaints Thu 01-Jan-15 10:54:40

Happy new year everyone!

My stats one Dh born Jan 2012 after first attempt and straight forward pregnancy.

Started ttc Jan 14 (year ago today) Suspected chemical MC in Feb after heavy period 5 days after positive test (thought the test was duff until I came on here)

Second MC Apr 15 found at 9 wks, measuring 6 wks. Gone for private scan as symptoms had disappeared but GP wouldn't refer me. EPU

Third MC at 9 wks following good scan at 6.5 wks when HB seen. natural MC whilst waiting for EPU.

Wasn't initially referred after third as local EPU didn't count first, so after GP referral have appointment on 8th Jan. Meantime been focusing on getting myself sorted and staying away from OH as too scared to try again at the moment.

Sorry to hear of your loss Brummie.

Started the year on a bumper note as AF arrived three days early. Used to be a 28 day cycle girl until the first MC and now all over the shot!

TinyTear Thu 01-Jan-15 10:57:58

Hello and here's to a great year for all of us

My stats

Me and DH 41

Mc1 to 3 in 2010 at 10, 6 and 8 weeks
RMC tests in St Marys all normal
DD born Jan 12 with no treatment
Mc4 in 2013 at 8w
Mc 5 in march 14 at 8w again

Went to Coventry and found normal... Now 25w pregnant with 200 cyclogest twice a day from cd21 to 12 weeks and heparin from 6 to 13 weeks daily.

Now scared of what is to come...

And I am a pompom waver for the Coventry team...

barkingtreefrog Thu 01-Jan-15 11:36:54

Every time I hear of the success stories with cyclogest and heparin it gives me so much hope grin. Just got to get the bfp...

bakingtins Thu 01-Jan-15 11:51:03

Welcome mewling I am in Brizzle and saw the wonderfully named Dr Valentine Akande at Southmead. Mixed reviews since the standard NHS tests were all normal, my 4th MC was genetically normal and they basically threw their hands up and said nothing we can do, but when I had been to Coventry and got my diagnosis he was v happy to work to Prof Q's protocol and I felt v well cared for in my next pregnancy. There is a pretty standard set of blood tests and a mid cycle scan, you are unlikely to need any of the more detailed structural tests (HSG Etc) since you've carried to term before. I would have it in mind to go to Coventry if you don't get a clear reason from the NHS tests and before TTC again, but you need to be 2 cycles post MC anyway.

Belleende Thu 01-Jan-15 12:40:47

Me 40 (I am so still in denial) DP 39
MC 1 around the seven week mark, happened when visiting parents in ireland. Ended in erpc.
Second pregnancy, got to 12 weeks, had a crappy scan confirmed at FMC, DS with huge nucal and all soft markers present, issues with heart, liver and kidneys. Risk of late MC higher than 60%, made difficult decision to terminate.
MC 2 MMC at 8week scan, foetal sac seen but no embryo. Waited for it to happen naturally. A thoroughly grim three weeks but the right decision for me.
Had nhs testing, found low TH started thyroxine.
Sep 2014 chemical pregnancy, positive test followed by period three days later.
Oct 2014 BFP and now 15 weeks pregnant. 12 week scan gave a 1 in 2000 chance of genetic issues. Bump beginning to show. Have everything crossed for this one. Don't think I can do this again.

brummie sorry you have had such a crap start to the new year, but hopefully the stories on these pages will give you some hope and some great advice.
girlie think of af as saying goodbye 2014 endometrium and hello new and improved 2015 endometrium.
mewlingquim love the name, sorry have no advice, but I know there are other brizzles on the thread.
bootles thinking about you.

Brummiegirl15 Thu 01-Jan-15 13:00:32

Thanks all Tanny and Cloud always comforting to see familiar peeps.

I guess the only thing is now that due to "testing" is that we are on an enforced break. Been advised to wait until bloods are back and see doc which is fair enough. Been given the forms for the bloods but need to wait until negative hpt first.

They didn't say you had to wait but it was best too. I remember only too well the stress of coming out of the wtf cycle like a greyhound out the traps.

MewlingQuim Thu 01-Jan-15 14:06:16

Hi baking

I saw Dr Akande years ago when I first had infertility investigations, he seemed nice. I am familiar with southmead from many cycles of iui/icsi hmm

I'm not holding out much hope for a diagnosis, I never got one for the infertility, but it's possible that my 'infertility' is actually recurrent early mcs that I didn't know about. Evens if they do find something that can be treated I am getting to old for many more chances sad Still worth a try though.

barkingtreefrog Thu 01-Jan-15 14:54:52

Hi Mewling, my infertility is unexplained (although I think a 7/8 day LP is a pretty obvious sign of a problem) but they did actually find a blood clotting issue with me when we went to the rmc. They do chromosome tests on both of you aswell.

When you had the ICSI were you on cyclogest and clexane anyway?

Catlover2014 Thu 01-Jan-15 16:06:55

Bootles I'm so glad you told your sister. I think reaching out to family and friends is good, it's only by knowing what we're going through that they can truly reach out to us.

Thanks for the good luck message. You're lovely flowers xxxx

Catlover2014 Thu 01-Jan-15 16:12:29

Happy New Year ladies. Here's my story!

Me 34, DH 35. TTC #1 for 5.5 years.
4 years of infertility and TTC with failed fertility treatment.

Successful progesterone support treatment enabled BFP#1 in Nov 13 but scan at 9 weeks on 31 Dec 13 showed empty sac. Same treatment got me BFP again in Feb 14 but I mc'd at 11 weeks despite seeing hb at 6 week scan.

Now 13 weeks pregnant and bricking it. Nuchal / dating scan next week on Tuesday. Had a fertility clinic scan every week up to 11 weeks and all has looked fine. Got a small bump showing now.


Marchgirl Thu 01-Jan-15 17:06:25

Good to see you back cat. Hope you had a lovely peaceful Christmas. Good luck for the scan next week. Fx all will be fine

Brummiegirl15 Thu 01-Jan-15 17:16:00

Well I'm getting ready to be admitted to Worcester hospital tonight. Have washed & dried my hair, shaved my legs and made sure the foof is immaculate and painted toenails too.

All v unnecessary I'm sure but makes me feel a bit more dignified and a bit more in control.

Plus then I know the surgeon will only be saying "poor cow losing her baby" they won't be saying "blimey her legs need shaving..."

Not that they would but in my head I feel better.

Not sure what is worse - being admitted as an emergency in horrendous pain requiring morphine and bleeding everywhere like last time.

Or feeling physically fine with absolutely no pain and bleeding but knowing what is coming and that I will leave Worcester tomorrow no longer being pregnant.

Both options are pretty fucking shitty

Catlover2014 Thu 01-Jan-15 17:28:34

Hugs to you Brummie, I'm always the same. Bit of dignity helps us to feel better.

I had the horrendous blood everywher type mc and I had an ERPC one and found the later to be more bearable.

Hope it all goes ok. Msg when you can and know we're all here for hand holding xxxx

Brummiegirl15 Thu 01-Jan-15 17:42:28

Just spoken to Ward and not going in tonight as no beds. Someone coming up from A&E plus someone who is supposed to be moving wards but is refusing to.

So nothing tonight. Need to phone at 7am to see if a bed is free - or apparently one might become free later in day (so what nil by mouth all day????) otherwise it could be Monday at this rate.

Feel like it's a race against time and frightened the bleeding & pain could literally start at any second

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