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Pregnancy after Miscarriage.

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Starlight9 Mon 29-Dec-14 21:43:55

I have spent 5months rebuilding my life following a missed miscarriage, and have found out today that I am pregnant again. I am now worried that I will experience another miscarriage and doubt that I will have a worry-free pregnancy.
I had one healthy pregnancy in 2012 resulting in my two year old girl but my partner has experienced two missed miscarriages, one with me and one with a previous partner....
Has anybody been in a similar situation?

Thank you for reading, xxx

bakingtins Mon 29-Dec-14 22:28:16

Congratulations starlight I think there is no chance your pregnancy will be worry-free, after a miscarriage you never really get your naïve confidence back, but the odds are very good for everything being ok this time. There are threads for pregnancy after loss on the pregnancy board, where there will be lots of people who share your anxieties to keep you sane. Good luck!

livsmum4 Mon 29-Dec-14 22:32:45

Congratulations. The same happened to me and I didn't start enjoying pregnancy till 24 weeks and I knew baby cud survive I'm not 32 weeks and worrying bout preterm labour (as my first was 6 weeks early) I think it's only natural u will have up and doe days and scans be scary ect but honestly try relax as much as u can I always thought I can't control wat will happen as soon as started gettin movement it helped ease my mind. Hope u have a healthy pregnancy and you enjoy it at some point xx

Starlight9 Tue 30-Dec-14 10:40:17

I think I am about approx. 8weeks and already feel completely different to last time. My first pregnancy was so easy physically! barely any sickness, fully active right through and feeling healthy and well in myself. I knew I was pregnant before I had missed a period with the baby who I lost, and could barely move from the off. I felt so unwell in myself constantly; maybe that was a sign of some sort? As I have only admitted to myself that I am pregnant yesterday, I calculated dates and am surprised I ignored it for this long.. but I feel so well in myself and fully active. I'm hoping that it is a good sign smile Thank you for your lovely messages of support. I should have a scan in only a few weeks so haven't too long to worry before I am hopefully reassured. Thanks again xxxx

CalicoBlue Tue 30-Dec-14 13:46:17

Good luck and congratulations.

I have have 3 mc. I had the first when my DS was two, then a year later went on to have my wonderful healthy DD. Then my other two were 7 years later and I decided to leave it at 2.

You will of course worry, but there is no reason that this pregnancy should not be healthy. You will feel better once you have had your scan.

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