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Thought was 7 weeks and misscarrying... But measuring 3-4??

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Andifyoudontfirstsucceed Mon 29-Dec-14 13:42:40

I have been bleed and clothing with cramps since Wednesday. I had a scan today says that clots err trying to leave my uterus and that something measuring I think 3 weeks was at the top... Were my dates wrong? I was asked ... Nope.

Have had blood taken and told to come back in 2 days... Don't know what to think now! Is there any hope?

bakingtins Mon 29-Dec-14 13:56:59

Sorry, Op it is very hard when they are so vague and you are left wondering. From about 6 weeks you expect to see a bean with a definite heartbeat, and it should grow 1mm a day. It's quite possible to measure a few days out if you don't ovulate day 14 of a 28 day cycle, but assuming you had a positive test 3 weeks or so ago you should have a heartbeat by now. The blood test is for HCG levels, a single reading isn't easy to interpret because they can vary a lot in a viable pregnancy, but they should be approximately doubling every 48 hrs, if they are static or falling it's inevitable that you'll miscarry.

Andifyoudontfirstsucceed Tue 30-Dec-14 08:44:22

Thanks for this... It's what I thought... Just made to think somehow I ended up pregnant again?

bakingtins Tue 30-Dec-14 09:33:25

It's called a missed miscarriage - the pregnancy sac stops developing early on (in your case, sounds like that happened before a foetal pole would be visible at about 5 weeks) but your body takes a while to recognise that and continues to think it is pregnant for some weeks afterwards. Because there sometimes is a discrepancy in dates the policy is just to "wait and see" and rescan in 1-2 weeks if a natural MC has not happened, in case it is a viable but much earlier pregnancy. If you are pretty sure from when you ovulated/got a positive test that it's not possible you are only 4 weeks along then you need to prepare for bad news. flowers

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