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D and c. Body doing some wierd shit ��

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Tollygunge Mon 15-Dec-14 20:44:03

Hi all. I had a d and c at 14 weeks after a subchorionic hematoma-a massive one- caused my waters to break. It was all quite urgent and docs were worried I'd get an infection. Baby had NO chance. So, I'm still bleeding five weeks later- stopped for a bit then started again last week. Have had a scan and nowt left over, but I do have a 5cm ovarian cyst- nobody seems that bothered by it but will keep an eye apparently. Started bleeding a bit again today- lots of ewcm with blood. Called hospital and lovely midwife insisted it was my period- but I'm having no cramping or anything like I would usually. It's slai bright orangey red- usually my period is darker. Wtf is this?! Docs say I def don't have infection as have no temp and feel fine. Preg tests been negative for a long time now. What the hell is happening?! Had a scan not last thurs but thurs before where the lady told me I didn't yet have a dominant follicle- so she thought I wouldn't ovulate for a while. Could one have become dominant in the last ten days?! I'm going bloody bonkers here. I had a d and c before (congenital issue) and period returned 7.5 weeks later. This bleeding has never really gone away. Advice please! Had a shitty shitty year.

Tollygunge Mon 15-Dec-14 21:03:05


Clangerwoo Mon 15-Dec-14 21:41:44

Poor you sounds like you've had an awful time of it.Did they see any blood clots/thick lining during your last scan? I have noticed that professionals seem to basically put bleeding after loss/d and c down to thick lining or "hormonal issues" (which seems to mean we have no idea what your body is doing but it's had a rough time and is doing some crazy things in its attempts to get back to your normal cycle and chances are it will be back to normal soon).

Sorry not much help...could you try temping or opks to get some indication of where in your cycle you may be.

Sorry things have been so difficult for you-Hope you're being well looked after.

sizethree Tue 16-Dec-14 17:20:04

tolly sorry you're having a shit time.
I hope it is just a slightly weird period, as the timing sounds like it could be. As I reckon 10 days is enough time for the follicle to show up and ovulate.
My year has been shitty too. 2014 can all kinds of f**k right off.
Hoping your 2015 is a lot kinder.

Tollygunge Wed 17-Dec-14 18:23:30

Thanks for that. Shitty crap time. All my friends have babies same age as mine would have been which also makes it hard. Not sure if it is a wierd period. Completely fucking given up now. Bollocks to it and pass the gin. Tempted to get another 'am I ovulating scan' but feels like a total waste of £100

Tollygunge Wed 17-Dec-14 18:24:33

Thought about using ov sticks but can you use them after pregnancy so soon as my cbfm says wait one cycle hmm

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