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july 28th, 2014

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mama2anangel Sun 14-Dec-14 06:26:33

from february-july 16th 2014, i thought i was 5 months because i didn't have my period for 5 months. i took a home pregnancy test a day after my graduation night on may 17th 2014, and 8 tests came out positive. i was so scared to tell my family, especially my brothers and dad. i told my mom a few days after my aunty's party (july 21st or 22nd 2014). my mom told my grandma. they were happy. my boyfriend and i told his mom and she was happy. but everyone wanted me to check how far along i am and check if the baby was okay and if i was okay. so i made a doctors appointment with my doctor for july 25th, friday at 9'o clock in the morning. my doctor checked me, he said "you're pregnant". i called my boyfriend and i told him. he was happy. we went home, told everyone, my uncle didn't sound happy at all, my brothers didnt sound happy at all especially my 2nd oldest brother :'( i was ballin' my eyes out because i know i disappointed him :'( i could see it in his eyes :'( only my emidiate family knew except my dad. i was going to tell my dad after my graduation party which was july 26th 2014, but my mom them didnt want me to tell my dad because he... he is not nice when hes drinking. so yeah.. i was palnning on telling my dad on july 28th 2014 but something didnt seem right at 5'o clock in the morning. i was bleeding the same day after my doctors appointment, but on july 28th 2014 in the morning, blood clots came out. so, my whole body knew something wasn't right because i couldnt go back to sleep. all i did was cry until an hour after. i called my mom and told her and she told me to call my doctor and ask him if we should just go to the emergency instead. he said yeah. so my mom came to pick me and my bf up and took us to the emergency. got there, checked in, they wheeled me into the birth center, changed into the robe, they checked my blood pressure, they checked if they could find the baby's heart beat, but they couldnt find it. all i heard them say was "we see the sac but no baby and heart beat." so they wheeled me into the ultrasound room. she did an vaginal ultrasound and a belly ultrasound. no baby found and no heart beat found. i balled my eyes out right after the doctor told us the baby was gone :'( and the same morning i had a dream that i was having a boy :'( me and my boyfriend was excited because we got to finally come up with names for our own baby and we was about to have our own little family :'( til that day, i have my days when i cry myself to sleep or i cry in my sleep sad

bakingtins Sun 14-Dec-14 08:33:58

I'm so sorry you lost your baby. I hope it has helped a little to write it all down. flowers

babyangelbean20315 Mon 29-Dec-14 08:32:11

Hope u are ok flowers

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