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Pregnant or prolonged miscarriage?

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Xtarnix Wed 10-Dec-14 18:00:35

I miscarried on the 19th November I was 6+5 I had bleeding a little bit since the 14th but when I finally fully miscarried I only bled for three days is that normal? I had a scan on the 20th and the doctor said I had miscarried naturally and not to worry. About a week ago I started feeling sick a lot and sleeping all the time emotional and lower abdominal pains I wondered if I could be pregnant again? It's not exactly the same as last time I don't have sore boobs I took a test but it said negative so now I'm a little worried I could be the aftermath of the miscarriage? If anyone has any advice please because I'm really confused I can never get through to my doctor so do not know if I need to be seen or am just going crazy :-/

bakingtins Wed 10-Dec-14 19:16:28

Your hormones will be all over the place ( it's not called the WTF what the .... cycle for nothing) and it's far too soon to have ovulated and be far enough post ov for a BFP. If you feel unwell or have any offensive discharge then see your GP, otherwise it's a case of sit it out and hope things are more settled and predictable next cycle. Try to see it as a good thing that you got a negative, now you know any future positive is the real thing and not left-over hormones.

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