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Has anyone had genetic testing on products of conception?

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Imscarlet Wed 10-Dec-14 15:11:12

I've just had an ERPC after a mmc 12 weeks measuring 7. They are sending away the products of conception for genetic testing. I've done a bit of googling but am really only getting USA experiences. I would really appreciate it any of you have had this and would share your experiences.

inconceivableme Wed 10-Dec-14 18:37:17

Sorry for your loss.thanks

Is this your first miscarriage? Asking as I recently miscarried for the first time, ' naturally' at home at almost 7 weeks and despite collecting the bulk of what I passed and taking it to the IVF clinic with me, they said it wasn't worth paying privately to get it tested and also that local NHS hospital EPU doesn't test products until you're on the 3rd miscarriage. I was told this is because most early losses are due to abnormalities that are unlikely to present in any future pregnancies. was keen for it to be tested due to our circumstances - stress and cost of IVF.

Imscarlet Wed 10-Dec-14 18:40:25

No, it's not my first m/c hence the testing. I'm sorry for your loss too. They do say that it normally the case for a single m/c. So hard when you have been down the IVF road.

inconceivableme Wed 10-Dec-14 18:43:33

Oh, I see. I hope you get some useful replies.


bakingtins Wed 10-Dec-14 19:09:11

Hi scarlet sorry for your losses. My 4th MC I had products tested (already had normal results of the standard RM tests) which took about a month. The baby was genetically normal which prompted us to go to the implantation clinic in Coventry, where we finally got the diagnosis ( high Nk cells) and treatment that allowed us to have our DD in May. the results are not easy to hear either way, make sure you have support there for that appointment.

Imscarlet Wed 10-Dec-14 20:15:48

Thanks for sharing that with me. My understanding is that I will either get a result where there is a chromosomal disorder with the embryo or that there wasn't. I'm just not sure of the purpose of the test if I'm honest.

bakingtins Thu 11-Dec-14 08:34:36

If there's a chromosomal disorder it was likely that which caused the miscarriage. If there was no issue with the embryo, I.e. It was potentially viable, then there's a problem on the maternal side. It was finding out that I was losing normal embryos, and the NHS saying I was also normal which caused me to look harder and go to Coventry.

do you want to share your history of losses? Understand if you don't.

Imscarlet Thu 11-Dec-14 15:56:59

My first was a missed m/c, found out at 14 weeks, had ended at 8 weeks. Second was at 6 weeks, a natural m/c. I conceived my 3rd pregnancy with the help of Femara, HCG injections and progesterone support and that was a successful pregnancy. This was a missed m/c but with progesterone support so I'm not sure what result I'd actually want. We were hoping that all would be ok naturally as my luteal phase had increased to 14 days by itself but I've booked back into the clinic for February. Thanks for your information and support.

bakingtins Thu 11-Dec-14 16:28:14

It's not easy to hear either way Tbh. If there is something like a trisomy that is random but means there's no way the pregnancy could have progressed I guess that's a comfort, at least you have an answer. If you would like to chat to others in a similar boat you'd be made v welcome on the recurrent miscarriage thread.

Imscarlet Thu 11-Dec-14 18:19:32

I may just mosey on over there! Thanks again. Xx

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