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Miscarriage of twins

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SALLY32 Wed 10-Dec-14 11:00:58


I had medical management of twins in October, three weeks later found out it failed and I was offered an ERPC. Three weeks on and I am still getting faint BFP's. So fed up of this now.

My question is firstly is it usual for mistoprosotol to fail if its twins? someone has just mentioned this to me but I cant find any info on it. And secondly how long should it take for HCG levels to fall after losing twins??

Any experience or advice very welcome!

Thanks x

Lilybensmum1 Wed 10-Dec-14 11:29:37

Hi Sally, I'm sorry to hear of your loss, I don't see that misoprostol should fail because it's twins, I have personal and professional experience in this area and have never heard of this.

Normally the pregnancy test can still be positive for up to two weeks but of course this is not exact science, why are you still testing? Are you having symptoms that suggest something is wrong? Not to get to personal but is the bleeding settled/settling?

Are you having a follow up or because you had the ERPC it's considered complete? Very rarely a small amout of tissue can be left behind which would still give pos preg tests. That is why I asked about your symptoms, bleeding etc. I hope this helps.

SALLY32 Wed 10-Dec-14 12:17:56

Thanks so much for your reply. I'm sorry you've been through this too.

I was bleeding for 2.5 weeks following the ERPC, and then spotting. No worrying symptoms it just seems to be taking an awfuly long time for the HCG to go to zero..

So thats why im worried I could have not passed everything. Surely this cant be the case though after medical management and an ERPC??

In your experience can it take longer for HCG to reduce with twins? Keen to starting trying again and this seems like its never ending.

Sarah x

Lilybensmum1 Wed 10-Dec-14 12:35:24

I guess you could assume it would take longer its a reasonable assumption. I'm glad your symptoms are ok which suggests everything is as it should be. There really is not much to stop you trying again as soon as you are ready, some suggest you wait for your next period but really that is just to date the pregnancy no medical reason as such. I tried again as soon as I could and was pregnant again within two months, and now proud owner of a 7 yr old SD and 5 yr old DS.

Good luck, it's really tough but you will get there. For you flowers.

Ps it's unlikely you have not passed everything rarely happens but, im reassured by the fact you have no symptoms to suggest anything concerning. By the way if you do have another period before you try again it's likely to be heavier, so don't worry.

SALLY32 Wed 10-Dec-14 13:02:39

Ah thanks so much.. I love hearing these success stories, I'm glad you concieved so quickly afterwards.

As weird as it sounds I think i'd be glad for a period, even a heavy one as at least it means things are moving fowards.

Thanks again, you've put my mind at rest x

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