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Miscarriage last night 6 months after medical termination feeling rubbish need positive story's

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carls26 Tue 09-Dec-14 15:20:01

Firstly before I say anything we are lucky enough to have a lovely little boy who we both adore. But me and my husband are finding the journey of adding to our family very hard. Just want to know if any one has any similar experiences with happy outcomes in the end. Here is our story we had are son who was born in may 2012 we knew we wanted a small gap between our children so started trying last may and got pregnant that month sadly resulting in a miscarriage in July 2013 we started trying again and became pregnant in January this year. We went to the 12 week scan were all was ok our problems only became apparent at the 20 week scan. It was there after a few more scans MRI tests we found out that our baby girl would be born with serious health problems.her bladder and bowl were both on the outside of her body. Plus other serious complications .we were advised to end the pregnancy due to the pain and suffering she would have suffered. It was the hardest choice and experience we have ever been through. Still we decided that we wanted to try again knowing the next time we would be classed as high risk. We found ourselves pregnant again in October we were delighted but also scared that the next baby could have the same problem. Anyway we went to the 12 week scan last Friday were straight away she couldn't find the baby so did a internal scan! She bluntly told me that the baby was smaller and said she couldn't find a heartbeat and said we were measuring 8 weeks not 12. She told us to come back In a week and would scan me again. We were given no information no contact numbers for anyone in case our situation changed I only found out that maybe we were having a missed carriage after investigating online . As soon as we got home I started spotting resulting in a horrendous miscarriage last night where I was in agony. We are once again really gutted and can't understand why it has happened again to us when everyone else we know seems to sail through. Has anyone else been or going through simular issues would be good to hear how other people are coping or have happy endings to this heartbreak. Sorry if I have gone on abit xx

bakingtins Tue 09-Dec-14 19:49:51

carls so sorry to hear what you've been through. Life is very cruel sometimes. Have you been told if your TFMR 'counts' as a miscarriage for the purposes of testing after 3-in-a-row? I don't know whether you'd get answers from testing, it sounds like your losses have all been quite different, but it might help you to know before contemplating trying again that the testable things had been ruled out? You would be v welcome on the recurrent miscarriage thread - facing up to multiple losses can be a very lonely business.

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