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Anxiety after miscarriage

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ru27 Mon 08-Dec-14 19:07:56

In june I suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks, I have just had another miscarriage at 5 weeks and my anxiety has gone into overdrive. I am in constant fear, worry and turmoil over ridiculous things in life generally and awful things that could happen. I dont know why this has peaked so much after the miscarriages and wondering if anyone else has felt the same or have I truely lost the plot? I do suffer with depression and am on medication but my anxiety has never been this bad and Im not sure how much this is related to miscarriage hormones etc?
Thank you in advance x

bakingtins Mon 08-Dec-14 21:29:27

sorry to hear you are having such an awful time. My MCs severely dented my basic belief that the world is a good place. Mc2 is very hard to handle, you can just about persuade yourself that you are unlucky first time, and the stats are very reassuring for success in a subsequent pregnancy, when that goes wrong you just want to shout "I've had my share of bad luck, dammit, this one was supposed to be ok" and yet nobody takes you seriously as someone with a medical issue. MC3 is obviously crap but at least the NHS creaks into gear to do something.
If your second MC is v recent it may well be your hormones crashing that are to blame, but if your anxiety doesn't prove don't leave it too long before going back to the GP, different medication or counselling might help.

Jady77 Mon 08-Dec-14 21:55:15

Hi, so sorry to hear you've had to go through it a second time. I've been experiencing something similar, very bad anxiety. I don't think you've lost the plot. My miscarriage was 8 weeks ago and I don't think I really knew it was effecting me so much until over a week later. Last week things felt like they were starting to lift a bit, but I don't want to get my hopes up. Not sure if it's hormones or not, Dr says not. I've also had irrational fears of something bad going to happen and my sex drive has gone out the window completely. I also had a lot of nightmares which left me with feelings of dread and fear.

I was getting really stressed at work and arguing with my OH and then thought to myself, work doesn't usually get to me this much, me & OH have never argued this it really work & OH causing me so much stress or is it the effects of the MC manifesting itself in unexpected ways?

So yeah, I think those feelings have peaked for me too.

StockingFullOfCoal Mon 08-Dec-14 22:22:02


I miscarried last week and have had to double my beta blockers (with GPs permission) to get through the last week, so I would definitely suggest doing that if you are already on meds that you well.

SashaKerr Tue 09-Dec-14 10:41:37

I have just had MC2 (I have a DS of 21 months but trying to get him a sibling is proving impossible) and also find it very hard, not easier.

I also convinced myself MC1 was just unlucky and very common and met lots of people who'd also had one, but know very few people with recurrent miscarriages and it feels very unfair. I feel like something must be wrong and it will never be right again.

patienceisvirtuous Tue 09-Dec-14 10:51:06

sad I have just had MC2 yesterday and today really. I have no DC yet. It's my 37th birthday on Sunday.

I also suffer from awful anxiety, particularly health anxiety. I'm not expecting to fare well after this. Plan to start taking my antidepressants again though.

SashaKerr Tue 09-Dec-14 11:05:40

I'm 37 too x

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