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When will I stop feeling so rubbish?!

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Chuckaluck Sun 07-Dec-14 13:51:45

I miscarried at 11+5 (by my dates) a week and a half ago. It was quite traumatic, I started bleeding at around 5am and around 6am, I passed out and my DH called an ambulance. I was taken to A&E and they had to carry out a manual evacuation as things were stuck. I had to stay in overnight but was allowed home he following day. I have tried to take it easy since but have a 16 month DD so it's been hard. I went back to my GP on Thursday as I was getting bad headaches and breathlessness. I assumed this was to do with blood loss but GP said she would check bloods again. Had a call Thursday night from out of hours doctor and had to be treated for a blood clot as something in my blood test wasn't right. Am know injecting myself with blood thinners until I can get a scan to rule out the blood clot. Just had enough of feeling so rubbish and that's without even thinking about the baby I lost and the friend who had just announced her pregnancy due 3 days after I would have been.
Sorry to rant. Has anyone had a similar experience? How long till you had more energy and went back to work? Feel like I need some normality but not got brain power to go back to work yet! Thought I would feel better (physically at least) by now!

bakingtins Sun 07-Dec-14 19:03:31

So sorry to hear about your loss chuck flowers

2weeks off seems pretty standard GP advice, but your loss does sound particularly traumatic/ complicated. I'd def stay off until the clot issue is resolved and you feel physically better. IME i can't even begin to process the emotional stuff until I feel 'safe' physically. After that whether keeping busy helps, or whether you need some quiet time, is down to personality. I don't think you'd have any difficulty getting signed off for longer if you need it.

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