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4 weeks(ish)

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RubMyLamp Mon 01-Dec-14 23:14:36

Bfp on Friday. LMP 1st Nov. Had stomach cramp on and off all day, put it down to IBS playing up. Went to the loo an hour ago, wiped and blood. I've continued to bleed. A few rice sized clots.

I was planning to ring the GP tomorrow to get an appointment re pregnancy, should I still do that and tell him about the bleeding? This is my 4th pregnancy but I have no experience re miscarriage. Does it sound like a mc? How will the GP check?

impatientlywaiting14 Mon 01-Dec-14 23:36:06

Hi I'm so sorry your going through this worry, I don't want to say a Mc as I'm hoping there is an explanation for it . I have been through something similar sounding to you I had a chemical pregnancy . I found out I was pregnant at around 1-2 weeks and after 12 days I had some cramps I also have IBS so didn't stress too much however they got worse as the day went on then that evening I started to bleed. It was just like my delayed period picked up from the 2 weeks previous . The hospital weren't much help to be honest as they scanned me two days later and by then it was hard to say what had happened. I had sadly already been to see my doctor a few weeks before.My doctor is wonderful and even they could only speculate it was a chemical pregnancy.

Is your doctor aware your pregnant I imagine if your bfp was Friday youve not contacted them yet. XXX

bakingtins Tue 02-Dec-14 07:42:27

I'd do another pregnancy test. If it's still positive then contact GP, but I'd expect to be told all you can do is wait it out, there is nothing to see on a scan at 4 weeks. GP or early pregnancy unit can potentially do bloods 48 hrs apart to see if the pregnancy is progressing normally. If the test is negative then I'm afraid that's a chemical pregnancy - a positive test followed by your period arriving more or less on time because something went wrong in the very early stages of the pregnancy. You can ask for it to be entered onto your medical record, in the unlikely event that you had any future problems it does count as a miscarriage towards the 3-in-a-row rule for testing. flowers

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