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Any advice please...

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BethHaze Sat 29-Nov-14 21:39:49

I started getting brownish discharge about a week and half ago, occasionally it would be thicker and reddish but I hadn't passed any clots. I had a scan at the EPU on Wednesday and they told me that they could only see a small, empty sac so it was likely I was having a miscarriage. They said that they don't deal with miscarriages there and I should go to a and e if I have any heavy bleeding. I've had bleeding since then but still no clots so I'm pretty sure I haven't had the full mc yet.

Does anyone have any tips about how I could get things moving along? I have a follow up scan on Wednesday but I have a few really important days on Monday and Tuesday and I'm actually scared to go out in case I end up miscarrying while I'm out somewhere. So far I've just been staying in and hibernating but unfortunately that's not really an option next week. Going for a walk seems to start things up and I'll start getting cramps, but then I'll sit down and take painkillers and it will all stop again.

Also how long can I leave it before going to the hospital about this? Ideally I would like everything to happen naturally but I'm also worried about infection. Does anyone know what the symptoms of infection are?

jodiburak Sun 30-Nov-14 04:01:32

Sorry you are going through this. I have no advice. I am going through an ectopic miscarriage myself right now and not much is happening on its own. Ive had a shot of metho and am waiting for further tests.
A friend of mine stopped by the other day with "clary sage" essential oil. She said it will help things to get going. She told me to use it externally on affected area.
Also another friend who lost her baby farther along used "misoprostal pills" you can get prescribed from a dr. she put them in her vagina and she started cramping right away. Good luck i know how stressful this can be. And big hugs.
Im not sure about the signs of infection. sorry

chubbymummy Sun 30-Nov-14 04:48:41

First of all how far along in the pregnancy are you? Brownish blood is generally old blood so less of something to worry about. Some people bleed all the way through pregnancy without a problem so bleeding doesn't always mean miscarriage.

sizethree Sun 30-Nov-14 20:12:25

Hi bethhaze I'm so sorry you're in this position. It's heartbreaking and scary.
I'm also airry that your EPU was t very helpful. Dismissing you saying they don't deal with miscarriage doesn't seem like good care to me.
As you havingdbtioned how far along you

sizethree Sun 30-Nov-14 20:22:05

Sorry, posted too soon!
As I was saying...
As you haven't mentioned how far along you were, it's hard to know if your prehnancy is definitely over. As they should invite you back in for a further scan in s week to confirm if the oregnancy had definitely stopped developing.
If unfortunately the pregnsncy has ended it can take a while for things to get moving. But there is medication you can take as Jodue mentioned.
There's oral pills and ones that are inserted vagininally. They soften the cervix and start contractions that will release the pregnancy more efficiently than leaving nature to take its course. They work within about 8 hours I think. I had this treatment at my EPU and went home to miscarry but my EPU offered to organise a bed on the day ward as another option. This is called medical management.
Having experienced both medical management and a natural miscarriage, I'd advise that no matter how important this week ahead is, that you postpone your plans and rest up as your body is going through a massive shift. And you need to be somewhere comfortable if things start moving.
I've also had the misfortune to have an infection, which a course of antibiotics sorts out. Signs are temperature, clamminess of skin and pain. Sometimes vaginsl discharges that is different from blood and smells. Yeh, not a lovely experience at all!
I'm so sorry you're in this position. It will get better but just be kind to yourself and battle through this tough bit.

BethHaze Sun 30-Nov-14 22:32:23

Thank you so much for all your advice, everyone has been so sympathetic and it's really great to get some input from some people outside of the situation. I have only told my OH, I chose not to tell my family or friends even though I'm close to them because I feel like that would make it a bigger deal and there would be constant questions about how I'm feeling. I thought I would wait until I definitely know what's happening. I guess this probably does put more pressure on me and the OH, especially as he lives quite far away and works long hours. So this has been a much needed release.

At the scan, I was informed that the sac only measured 5 weeks, but by my calculations I thought I was closer to 7 or 8 weeks so it's possible the sac stopped developing at 5 weeks. I have got a follow up appointment with the EPU on Wednesday, I was told to only attend if I haven't had a full miscarriage before then. I have had some cramping and some red bleeding but still no clots.

Out of curiosity, where would I go in the hospital to find out whether I am definitely having a miscarriage and discuss the options such as dc or medication? Do I need to make an appointment? Or should I just wait until I go to the EPU, even though they have said they can't deal with miscarriages? I get quite anxious about health stuff and I've managed to convince myself it could be ectopic so reassurance that it isn't would be excellent. Even though they scanned me at the EPU, they still gave me a leaflet about ectopic pregnancies. I don't understand why they couldn't see this from the scans they did.

I don't think I have got an infection but I think to might be an idea to just give everyone experiencing a miscarriage some antibiotics just to be on the safe side.

chubbymummy Mon 01-Dec-14 08:04:20

If the pregnancy has stopped progressing the Epau will usually discuss your options (waitinget for nature to take it's course, medical management or operation). They will then refer you the the gyne department. I've had the operation twice and medical management once so can answer questions about both of those options if you have any.

Although it doesn't look great that the development doesn't match your dates it doesn't always mean that it's game over. I'm currently going through the same thing for a fourth time. The first 3 times were all missed miscarriages but this time has worked out differently so far. The scans and my dates are not adding up at all but the baby has up to now been growing each time I'm scanned and now has a heartbeat. My dates can't possibly be wrong because that would mean I'd had positive pregnancy tests before I'd even conceived! I have another scan this afternoon and am desperately hoping that things are continuing to progress. I'm 11 weeks today but scans are measuring 3-4 weeks behind that. The consultant has told me to forget about dates as he's more concerned about the way things progress (are they following the correct sequence) rather than when they do.
When do you go back to the Epau?

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